Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 235

Chapter 235: Meet Again!!

Speaking of Li Jianguo, although he does not appear in any fortune magazine now, with the crazy coverage of the fairview group in the mainland, many media in Gangjiang also regard it as the next richest man in the world.

And it is very likely that he will win this crown at an unprecedented price.

It is a pity that Li Jianguo rarely leaves Jianghuai in a simple way.

Naturally, many of gangjiang’s media only knew about him from the mainland, however, what Xu Xin did not expect was that it was the prince of the Fairview Group who recruited her today.

And it is undeniable that she was indeed moved.

Although she is now doing very well at Barings Investment Group, she has no shares.

That is to say, even if she makes more money for the Barings Investment Group, she will not get anything.

However, the condition that Li Mingxuan said is basically that the more you earn in the prescribed time, the more you can get – the more.

In 5 years, to earn 10 billion to 50 billion, she will have 5% of the shares – that is, 2.5 billion in 10 years, 10 billion to earn 1 trillion, she has 10% of the permanent shares and use 10 billion to earn 1 trillion in 10 years Is it difficult? Xu Xin felt that it was not an intractable task.

Capital is a process of exponential growth, and it is the most difficult and time-consuming to accumulate a certain amount of money at the beginning, for example, the process of earning from penniless to 100 million is much more difficult than making 1 trillion from 10 billion.

Countless entrepreneurs, corpses all over the field fell in the process.

And really when you have 100 million, then you use it to earn 1 billion, it is far less difficult than you think.

However, this matter may be related to her life, although Xu Xin is very moved.

But there is still something to think about.

Therefore, she did not promise Li Mingxuan immediately, but needed to give her a little time to think.

In this regard, Li Mingxuan did not care, but he also understood it very well.

However, he felt that as long as Xu Xin was not a fool, it was absolutely impossible to give up this preferential condition.

And once Xu Xin enters the urn, then she will be completely tied to the Li family’s chariot in the next 10 years, fighting for the 10 shares.

Because only if the land seized is large enough, her 10% stake is worth more and more.

In Li Mingxuan’s view, this is many times stronger than some people coming up and sending shares.

If Li Mingxuan interviewed Xu Xin this time, he came up and said that I want to set up an investment company, from 10 billion, I am willing to give you 10 shares.

Xu Xin heard that he was either treated as a fool or felt that there was a conspiracy.

Otherwise, who would have nothing to send 1 billion shares.

Looking at the back of Xu Xin’s departure, the corners of Li Mingxuan’s mouth were raised.

He knew that the days of the VCs queen he had recruited were not far off.

Then he got up and prepared to leave.

At this moment, however, several familiar figures came to the lobby of the Peninsula Hotel.

One of them is Hong Bao, the big brother of Gangjiang Entertainment, who was very interesting to Fan Shuangshuang in the VIP building last time, and the other has a mole on the right side of his face, which is from Yuan Biao, one of the seven small blessings of Hong Jia’s class.

In the end, it turned out that he had not seen him for a year, and he had been deposed by the golden egg.

Obviously, after a year or so of cultivation, this guy’s body is no longer in serious trouble, by the way, the lobby of the Peninsula Hotel is a very favorite place for Hong Kong River stars.

They are fine, they will come over in the afternoon for coffee, tea and the like, so this place is also called “Shadow Man Cafe.” ”

However, it was rare to come over in the morning, and it should be the same as Li Mingxuan to talk about things.

After Li Mingxuan noticed several of them, Koshi wei also saw him.

After all, in the morning, the number of people in the Peninsula Lobby is very small, only a few scattered guests, which cannot be hidden even if you want to.

After seeing Li Mingxuan, He wei was still smiling and talking to Yuan Biao about things, and then his expression instantly cooled down, and finally his eyes became red.

It was like seeing the enemy who killed his father.

Now that he has lost his momentum, He wei has recuperated for a long time after returning to Gangjiang before recovering his health.

But the health of the body does not mean that the mind can recover.

The media in the Hong Kong circle have reported from many sources that basically many People in Hong Kong are aware that Koshi wei has been castrated in the mainland, although he himself has repeatedly denied it in front of the media.

If there is nothing wrong, I will find some third-rate actresses to go to the hotel and create some gossip.

However, after his family knew about his own affairs, and he really had no use coming back from that incident, he also carefully recalled to Hong Bao that the most important motive at that time was only a certain young man who held a ‘privilege certificate’, but at that time, they were in the imperial capital, quite in other people’s territory.

After questioning the lawyer, all the evidence could not involve the other party.

Therefore, Yong Wei and other talents left the imperial capital to return to the Gangjiang River, choosing to temporarily put an end to the drum Today, Hong Bao was ready to start shooting a new suction, and only then did he pull his disciple Yuan Biao and Yu Wei from HongJiaban to come together.

However, what I did not expect was that the road was narrow.

I met the mainland youth again at the Peninsula Hotel.

On the side, Yuan Biao saw his master brothers Hong Bao and Wei Wei, staring at the young man who was wearing a suit and standing up handsome enough to be a star in the Gangjiang movie.

The look in his eyes is not appreciation, but a kind of anger and jealousy.

Special Wei Wei, it was naked anger, and in an instant, the green tendons on his forehead burst out, and his face turned red.

And Hong Bao was very jealous, as if he had encountered some beast, Yuan Biao had never seen a master brother show such an expression before.

“Brother Master, who is that pretty boy!?”

Yuan Tunnel asked curiously.

“The emperor in the mainland should have a very good background, and it is related to a group of strongmen!”

Hong Bao said cautiously.


Yuan Biao was a little confused.

“A very strange group of people, the body is as hard as steel, hitting these people is very likely to shatter your hand bones, I even suspect that it is the real Shaolin Golden Bell Hood!”

Hong Bao Dao.

“Brother Master, you simply said that the aliens got it!”

Yuan Tunnel said jokingly.

“It’s also possible!”

Hong Bao murmured.

At this time, Li Mingxuan looked at these three people, and he walked over to them coldly.

Prepare to take the elevator back to your room.

After all, with his current status, he really has no interest in having any intersection with some stars.

Sneering, that is really a loss of identity and dignity.

In addition to racing, he came to Gangjiang for business and expanding his connections, and he was not forced to pretend in front of the little stars.

However, Li Mingxuan did not want to provoke them, but some people had to look forward to the muzzle of the gun.

“Boy, you’ve come to Gangjiang!”

Wei Wei couldn’t help but say.

Suddenly, Hong Bao’s face changed.

According to his idea, if you can not provoke the other party, try not to provoke.

Speaking of which, he didn’t have much hatred except for his own amorous competition for women with each other.

Even when he returned to Gangjiang, he did not listen to Wei Wei’s reputation of Fan Shuangshuang.

It is because he understands that the emperor Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, some big and small are really not something he can provoke as a movie star.

However, An unkind remark by Koshi wei seemed to bring the other party to the opposite side again.

Li Mingxuan, who was originally ready to go back, heard the words and turned his head: “Is it that the Gangjiang river was opened by your family, you can come, I can’t come, Koshi Wei is it, I think you should manage your mouth, the disaster comes out of the mouth, you should understand!” ”

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