Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 233

Chapter 233 Forced to Donate Money!!

Even now, Asia’s richest man, Lee Ka Shing, is far less valuable than the Lee family in 2002, when Lee Ka Shing became the richest man in Asia with a net worth of only $10 billion.

Although this money looks like a lot, it is actually a lot of the valuation and assets of Cheung Kong Industrial.

And this year, with the plunge of US stocks and Hong Kong stocks, his assets will shrink a lot.

However, Li Mingxuan had to admit a fact.

That is, like Lee Ka Shing, Yang Shoucheng is an indigenous person on Hong Kong Island and has undoubtedly unparalleled influence.

In the judicial, educational, financial, investment and other aspects, affecting the entire Hong Kong Island.

This is far from the current Li family, but also Li Mingxuan is trying to do and Yang Shoucheng saw that this in front of him was enough to come to his subordinate, when the handsome young man of the star, he actually looked at himself like a boss to his subordinates.

He was a little upset in his heart, how Lao Tzu is also a figure with a head and a face in Gangjiang, even if I came to apologize, and you represent Princess Ye, but you can’t disrespect me.

“I am the Emperor’s Yang Shoucheng!”

Yang Shoucheng said solemnly.

“Tell me what you think about last night!”

Li Mingxuan took out a Dupeng lighter and lit a cigarette for himself, saying that Yang Shoucheng was angry and said, “Yesterday Xiao’er was really reckless and caused a little misunderstanding with Princess Ye, but he was also punished enough, I think this matter can not be made into a big deal, of course, for Princess Ye’s fright, I will give compensation!” ”

As he spoke, he took out a cheque for HSBC for 10 million yuan and handed it to Li Mingxuan.

However, Li Mingxuan took the check and did not look at the authenticity at all, and tore it in half from the middle.


Yang Shoucheng saw this scene and was finally furious and ready to explode.

Thinking that he Yang Shoucheng was dozens of years old, now a young man apologized in such a low voice in front of him.

But the other party seemed to be dismissive of him.

However, the next moment, he was dumbfounded.

It turned out that I didn’t know when, there was already an extra black card on the table in front of the sofa.

He had seen this kind of black card, which was a top credit card issued by the beautiful GuoyunTong company.

It is only distributed to politicians, top billionaires and celebrities.

Theoretically, there is no upper limit to the quota.

Even a billionaire like him, who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, Yuntong Company did not handle it for him.

As for whether this card is fake, just look at the refinement and material to know, it is absolutely impossible.

“Although this black card is a joke, the $1 billion can be easily disbursed,” it says! ”

Li Mingxuan took the Yuntong black card and clipped it in his fingers.

“$1 billion!”

Yang Shoucheng was taken aback.

This card alone can overdraft $1 billion, which is already two or three times worth more than him.

And the black card of Yuntong actually gave the young man in front of him a quota of 1 billion, which means that Yuntong is not worried about the other party at all.

What is the background behind this young man?

Yang Shoucheng was a little unsure.

But he also understood why the other party tore up the 10 million HSBC cheques.

Simple is not to look at, for a young man with a $1 billion bank card.

10 million Hong Kong dollars, more than 1 million US dollars, it was like sending a meal.

Hearing this, Yang Shoucheng gritted his teeth and said, “This…”

“My name is Li Mingxuan!”

Li Mingxuan said.

“Li Sheng, I don’t know how much money I have to pay to calm the anger of the little princess of the Ye family!”

Yang Shoucheng asked.

Li Mingxuan played the soot in the ashtray, and then said: “Originally, according to what your precious son did, the Ye family would definitely not give up, but Jingjing also gave your son enough lessons, this time forgive you Yang family, but… You have to donate this amount to the mainland for charity! ”

Li Mingxuan raised his scissor hand.

“200 million to do charity!?”

Yang Shoucheng’s heart was dripping blood.

Originally this year’s Hong Kong stock market avalanche, he was hit hard, and now let him do charity with 200 million Hong Kong dollars.

His company naturally made matters worse.

But if you don’t do it, you can’t do it, although gangjiang and mainland physiques are different, but if the Ye family really wants to move him.

It’s so simple.

As long as you say hello to the current chief executive, there are ways to rectify him.

Now he finally understands a famous saying: break the wealth and eliminate the disaster.

“Well, I’ll give, and tomorrow I’ll implement it!”

Yang Shoucheng said with pain.

Therefore, Li Mingxuan smiled at him and was much more enthusiastic: “Mr. Yang, this is right, as a flower grower, you should contribute more to the country, on behalf of Jingjing and the children in those mountainous areas, I thank Mr. Yang for his generosity!” ”

“Oh, well said!”

Yang Shoucheng said bitterly.

Through this he understood the importance of choosing a good heir.

If his son had been as decent as Huo Qigang, it is estimated that such a thing would not have happened today.

For the sake of racing that little thing must be compared.

Let him lose 200 million Hong Kong dollars.

Yang Shoucheng had already decided in his heart to cross out his eldest son Yang Qilong from the heir.

He didn’t have only one son anyway.

Therefore, Yang Shoucheng left the Peninsula Hotel with a gloomy face.

Li Mingxuan called Wang Long and others about this matter.

Ye Jingjing was also very happy to hear that, if this money was given to her, she would definitely not receive it.

After all, 200 million Hong Kong dollars is too much for her.

So many that they don’t know how to spend it, and once they are known by the family.

She is expected to be locked up.

Therefore, with 200 million donations for charity, she felt that Li Mingxuan, the master, handled it really well.

“Master, Brother Long and I are going shopping, so we won’t talk to you, we’ll see you again!”

After speaking, Ye Jingjing hung up the phone happily.

Li Mingxuan heard the busy tone of the phone and was suddenly speechless.

However, although he also wants to hang out in the harbor river, today is not the time.

Because Huo Qigang had already helped him make an appointment with Ms. Xu Xin of The Baring Investment Group yesterday.

At ten o’clock in the morning, the lobby of the Peninsula Hotel.

Li Mingxuan looked at the time, it was only eight o’clock now.

So, I googled the information on the hotel’s computer.

In fact, in January 2003, Google opened a branch and regional website in Gangjiang to provide localized search services for Gangjiang network users.

Therefore, Li Mingxuan used its function to check the stock information of some companies in Chagangjiang.

For example, Cheung Kong Industrial, Sun Hung Kai Properties, Henderson Properties, Wharf, Hang Lung Properties, Tsim Sha Tsui Real Estate, Sino Land and other large enterprises in 2003 the market value of these large enterprises is far less than that of the future Gaoli.

Especially after the sharp decline in Hong Kong stocks, the market value of these companies has shrunk significantly.

If you want to bottom out, that’s a great opportunity.

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