Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 232

Chapter 232 Emperor Group Yang Shoucheng!!

Hearing Huo Qigang’s surprised tone.

Li Mingxuan asked curiously, “Do you know him?” ”

“The crown prince of the Emperor Group, Yang Qilong, his father is also a legendary figure Yang Shoucheng, once came to visit my grandfather!”

Huo Qigang then sighed.

“However, this man did not learn any skills, and his father’s power was flying in the air, and he did not expect to run into such a big disaster today!”

“Oh, he’s Yang Shoucheng’s son, so it’s no wonder he can play with that Xie Tingfeng!”

Li Mingxuan secretly said in his heart.

To say that this Yang Shoucheng can also be regarded as a generation of people in Gangjiang.

In the 1960s, with the help of 200,000 yuan given by his father, he opened a watch shop in the heart of the city.

After obtaining the right to act as an agent of famous watches, he became the king of watches before he was thirty years old.

In 1981, he was implicated in one thing, and ate half a year in prison in Stanley Horse Pit, and when he was released from prison, the real estate market he had invested in fell into a state of collapse, and the company was even more in debt, and in the 1980s, when the average salary of the mainland was only a few dozen yuan, his debt was as high as 320 million.

At that time, he fell from the top of the mountain into the abyss, and then without thinking, he re-entered the watch industry, operating jewelry, etc., and in 1986, he became rich again.

At one point, its assets reached HK$1.2 billion.

However, compared to business, he is best known as the owner of Emperor Entertainment.

Its artists include Cheng Long, Xie Tingfeng and others.

At its peak, half of the Hong Kong and Jiang entertainment circles had to give him face.

This explains why Xie Tingfeng was able to play with him.

After all, Xie Tingfeng recognized Yang Shoucheng as a dry father.

The two were like brothers.

And it was precisely because of Yang Shoucheng’s power that Yang Qilong became lawless.

“Come on man, take him to the hospital!”

Huo Qigang asked his bodyguards to send Yang Qilong, who had lost too much blood and was unconscious, to a nearby hospital.

If you continue to bleed like this, this guy will die immediately.

Although Huo Qigang didn’t like this guy very much, he couldn’t see death and not save him, so he let him die here.

But even he couldn’t explain it.

When Yang Qilong was sent to the hospital, Huo Qigang stayed behind to understand the causes and consequences.

Hearing that Yang Qilong was actually upset with seeing the mainlanders, he tied up Ye Jingjing.

He didn’t know what to say anymore.

Fortunately, Ye Jingjing was fine, otherwise, Yang Shoucheng would have burned his years of hard work.

Hearing that it was Ye Jingjing’s gun, Huo Qigang was also slightly surprised.

However, he still said that Yang Qilong was to blame himself for not being able to blame anyone.

Soon, when Yang Qilong was taken to The Ludunzhi Hospital at 266 Queen’s Road East, Yang Shoucheng arrived at the hospital with his family and a Rolls-Royce with the No. 9 license plate, and his son had already completed the operation.

“Doctor, how is my son?”

Yang Shoucheng asked anxiously.

Hearing the rumors, the doctor who had just finished the operation said respectfully: “Fortunately, it was sent in time, it is estimated that a few minutes later, the patient will be saved because of excessive blood loss, and now the bullets have also been taken out, and blood transfusions have also begun, and now Yang Xian can please rest assured!” ”

Suddenly Yang Shoucheng breathed a sigh of relief.


Yang Shoucheng said.

Suddenly, a white-haired old man came out and took out a red envelope of at least tens of thousands of pieces and handed it to the doctor.

The doctor naturally accepted it happily.

As a result, a group of people from the Yang family came to the independent intensive care unit and saw Yang Qilong, who was in a blood transfusion coma: “Lord, you can’t just count it out!” ”

When Mother Yang saw her eldest son like this, her whole body trembled with heartache.

Although the eldest son does not learn any techniques all day long, he likes to linger in the entertainment circle and have fun, but he is also a member of the Yang family.

Not everyone can be bullied.

“Yeah, Daddy, you can’t let Aaron just do this.”

However, before Yang Qilong’s sister Yang Nuo could finish speaking, she was directly reprimanded by Yang Shoucheng: “Shut up, didn’t you hear that Ah Long was sent by Grand Duke Huo?” This matter involves the Huo family…”

“What’s wrong with the Huo family, can it be lawless, or our family will find Uncle Li to come forward!”

Yang Qilong’s sister Yang Nuo said.

The Uncle Li she is talking about is Li Jiacheng, the richest man in Asia in Gangjiang.

However, in fact, although Yang Shoucheng and Li Jiacheng did not know each other, after all, they were both Teochew people, but the relationship was far less than that between Li Jiacheng and the big Liu.

Rushing to ask others to preside over justice, if others refuse, then Yang Shoucheng’s loss of face will be great.

In addition, Yang Shoucheng also needs to investigate the cause of this matter.

Grand Duke Huo can’t send someone to send it, it must be his shot.

Hearing that Yang Qilong had been seriously injured, Xie Tingfeng and his father Xie Xian came to Yang Shoucheng’s Deep Water Bay Villa that night.

In the study, the three of them talked about it.

After hearing about the cause and effect, Yang Shoucheng’s anger was thunderous, and instead of feeling that it was bad for Ye Jingjing to shoot his son, he felt that it was right.

Only now did he have a feeling of not being able to raise a godfather.

At the same time, the back ridge was chilling, how big and strong the Huacheng Ye Family was.

Don’t talk about him, even if the Xiangjia of new Yi’an dares to provoke, it is absolutely impossible to eat and walk.

You must know that the Gangjiang River is originally a land of bullets.

Even so, yang Shoucheng could not rank in the Gangjiang River, let alone the entire mainland.

Therefore, he did not dare to pick up the phone without the slightest hesitation, so he called the Huo family to answer the phone, and the huo family’s current head was Huo Qigang’s father.

“I heard about the matter, I only said that the Ye Family Princess is fine, but you are good for yourself, Yang Sheng!”

After speaking, Huo Qigang’s father hung up the phone.

He hasn’t told his father, who is in poor health, about it now.

After all, his father had a very good relationship with the late Ye Jingjing’s grandfather, and if he knew that his niece and granddaughter had been wronged in Gangjiang, it would be another storm.

Therefore, he let Huo Qigang hide it.

But for Yang Qilong and the Yang family, he also did not have a good feeling for 817.

On the other hand, after hearing that Princess Ye was fine, Yang Shoucheng was relieved.

He didn’t know that yesterday’s storm had left many giants in Gangjiang without a good night’s sleep.

The next day, Yang Shoucheng inquired from many sources and learned that Princess Ye and the second-generation partners of the mainland were in the Peninsula Hotel.

So he came to the Peninsula early and asked the hotel attendant to ask the princess if she would like to see him.

At this time, Ye Jingjing had already done nothing, and had once again become a sticky girl who killed Matt.

After hearing the waiter’s good advice, she immediately gave her master Li Mingxuan a phone call, in her opinion, this kind of thing is still left to the master’s all-round talent to solve.

She also wants to go to Hong Kong Island with Longo to play.

Therefore, in the end, it became Li Mingxuan to receive this Yang Shoucheng.

And those second-generation people all went out to play one by one.

Yang Shoucheng was a little disappointed not to see Princess Ye, but he could say more now.

Just looking at the youth in front of him.

And Li Mingxuan also looked at Yang Shoucheng, who was a master of the love field in the later life, not tall, with a dry and thin body, not much hair, and wore black-rimmed glasses.

“You are the Emperor’s Yang Shoucheng!”

Li Mingxuan sat on the hotel sofa with his legs crossed and looked at him.

To tell the truth, now he didn’t put Yang Shoucheng in his eyes at all, and his little wealth in front of the Li family was a drizzle at all.

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