Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 231

Chapter 231 Ye Family Tiger Girl!!

After walking for three or four minutes, the little brother suddenly pulled open the iron door of the warehouse next to him and flicked his head.

“Let’s go inside!”

Then, Li Mingxuan took Wang Long into the warehouse.

The whole warehouse is stacked with all kinds of building materials, slates, stone and the like.

It should all be needed for real estate development.

And in the middle of the warehouse, under an incandescent lamp, a group of people with baseball bats, steel pipes and the like are waiting for them.

The leader was probably a young man in his thirties, with a white complexion, short hair attached to his scalp, wearing a black casual suit, and a white shirt without two buttons on it, looking a little wild.

He sat on a chair with a large knife, one hand on the backrest, the other hand holding a cigarette, swallowing clouds and spitting mist.

“Is that you?”

Li Mingxuan immediately recognized this person, he was the owner of the Mazda R-7 at night.

“Oh, boy, good memory!”

The young man at the head said with a smile.

However, at this time, Wang Long asked anxiously, “What about Jingjing?” ”

Only then did the youth wave his hand back.

Suddenly, the two younger brothers walked out with Ye Jingjing, but Ye Jingjing’s mouth was sealed with tape, and he could only whimper when he saw Wang Long and Li Mingxuan’s arrival.

“This woman’s mouth is so indebted, that’s why I closed her mouth!”

The youth said.

Li Mingxuan looked at Ye Jingjing’s clothes and found that they were relatively clean and did not have damage or stains, and he was immediately relieved.

In fact, the youth did not treat Ye Jingjing’s how, it was definitely to save his own life.

Otherwise, the crazy revenge of the four major families of the imperial capital, the Royal Family, and the Huacheng Ye Family, no matter what forces there are behind the youth, it is not worth mentioning.

Wang Long saw that Ye Jingjing’s hanging heart had finally been put down, so he turned his head to the youth and asked, “What do you really want!?” ”

“Rest assured, I’m not interested in this ugly girl!”

The youth smiled.

And Ye Jingjing heard that he actually called himself an ugly girl, although he didn’t speak in his mouth, but he could spew flames from those eyes.

As long as it is a woman, no one likes to be called that by others.

What’s more, Ye Jingjing had never dared to say such a thing about her since she was a child.

If her mouth hadn’t been sealed, she would have started swearing by now.

Damn bastards, your whole family is ugly!

The youth ignored her and continued, “To be honest, I don’t care about the one or two million that just played!” ”

Speaking, the young man unconsciously revealed a Rolex cosmic dethone watch worth at least hundreds of thousands of dollars on his wrist.

Li Mingxuan sneered, “Then what do you want to do!?” ”

“Of course, to see if you are unhappy, a group of mainlanders ran to Hong Kong Island to show off their might, is it really when there is no one in Hong Kong?” Oh, as long as you kneel down today and call me Grandpa, I will let this ugly girl and you go, otherwise! ”

The young man’s words had just been spoken.

Some of the ancient puzzle boys next to them took baseball bats and various steel pipes to the building materials piled up next to them, and knocked neatly.

More than a dozen people knocked on it like this, and there was really some power.

However, Li Mingxuan smiled and sighed, “Unfortunately, I have only knelt my parents and ancestors since I was a child, so naturally I will not kneel to a cat and a dog!” ”

“Oh, then you’re ready to die!”

The youth said the next moment, and the gu confused boys behind him immediately looked at Li Mingxuan and Wang Long with bad eyes.

“Teach a lesson first, and remember not to die!”

The young man smoked a cigarette and commanded.

Suddenly, the ancient puzzle boys rushed up like in the movie, although the machete in their hands was not a machete, but the baseball bat and the iron pipe were enough to kill people.


Just when he rushed over first, Gu Qiuzi, who had Chen Haonan’s hairstyle, was ready to swing the baseball bat in his hand violently.

His movements stopped suddenly.

At some point, the muzzle of a black hole hole was pressed against the door of his head.


The ancient puzzle boys suddenly showed a timid look one by one.

At this moment, even the young man was shocked to see that Li Mingxuan, a mainlander, had actually taken a pistol.

“Rush, didn’t you just rush in?”

Li Mingxuan smiled at Gu Qiuzai, who had Chen Haonan’s hairstyle, and said.

“That… That one… Eldest brother… There is something to discuss, we just got a little impulsive! ”

Chen Haonan’s hairstyle of Gu Qiuzi said carefully.

He was afraid that if the other party went off the fire, he would shoot him and collapse.

Although they are gangsters, there are few opportunities to use guns.

Before adding that it was not 97 now, the major gangs were in a hurry to wash it, and that dared to fight with guns!

I don’t see that even the double-flowered red sticks in the previous gangs are not popular now, because the gang people are in a hurry to wash white.

Who wants to carry a double red stick on their body to swagger through the market.

Therefore, Li Mingxuan alone shocked a group of them with a gun.

Look at the rich young man who said he didn’t care about a million or two million.

As soon as he thought of getting up, Li Mingxuan said with a sneer, “Come here!” ”

Then, he glanced at Wang Long.

The latter immediately understood in seconds and immediately ran to Ye Jingjing’s side.

And this group of ancient puzzle boys just wanted to stop it, but Li Mingxuan directly pulled the trigger upwards from the muzzle of the gun.


A gunshot rang out.

Those ancient puzzle boys immediately raised their hands and hugged their heads in fright.

The weapons in his hands were even more scattered.

And Wang Long’s side, because of Li Mingxuan’s shock, very smoothly untied Ye Jingjing’s hemp rope on his wrist and tore off the tape on his mouth…

Then, she hugged Wang Long tightly.


“All right, it’s all right, Crystal Baby, I’ll definitely make them pay!”

Wang Long patted her on the back, letting her relax.

However, he didn’t say that it was okay, ye Jingjing gritted her teeth and looked at the youth as soon as she heard it.

Then, she did something that shocked Li Mingxuan and everyone present.

Ye Jingjing ran directly to Li Mingxuan, grabbed the Type 92 pistol, and then slammed two shots at the youth in a row.

The youth suddenly howled bitterly, covered his thighs, and rolled on the ground.


Li Mingxuan looked at the empty hand, and then looked at Ye Jingjing, who was still not relieved after shooting.

Even turn the gun at those ancient puzzle boys.

Those ancient puzzle boys were scared to pee at this time, and they thought how Hellokitty suddenly turned into a crocodile.

In particular, the two bastards who stunned the young lady with ether were really afraid that this young lady would give them two shots.

As for whether he dared to dare or not, brother Long, who did not see such a big background, could not escape the hands of this young lady.

Where do they know who this Miss Ye is, they all say that the tiger father has no dogs.

For the Ye family is the same, don’t look at Ye Jingjing’s usual silly look of killing Matt girl.

But if you really think of her as a fool, then you are a fool.

I didn’t see the other party’s two consecutive shots, directly parallel to the young man’s thigh.

It’s unbelievable.

Apparently, this girl may have grown up playing with guns.

Li Mingxuan, who has only practiced hundreds of bullets, is a super weak chicken for others.

However, this has the style of a tiger girl.

When it comes time to take revenge, never be soft.

If it weren’t for Ye Jingjing not being harmed, the youth would not have died.

It is estimated that this big lady really dared to shoot him a headshot.

So, this guy picked up a life.

Venting his mood for a moment, Ye Jingjing returned the pistol to Li Mingxuan with apologies.

“Sorry, Master, I!”

“It’s okay, understandably, this guy deserves it anyway!”

With that, Li Mingxuan let the rest of the Gu Qiao boys hold their heads and squat.

As for the young man who is now shouting with his legs torn in his heart.

Li Mingxuan did not pay attention to him, but then dialed a phone: “Qi Gang, Jingjing found, well, there is a little trouble, you come here!” ”

Therefore, after waiting for about 15 minutes in warehouse No. 33, Huo Qigang rushed over with many bodyguards.

However, when he saw the young man who was bleeding profusely on the ground, he frowned and said to Li Mingxuan, “How is he?” ”

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