Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 230

Chapter 230: Kidnapping!?!!

Li Mingxuan immediately asked.

“What’s wrong, you say!”

“I don’t know, but Jingjing is missing, and I only found a rhinestone hair ornament in the back door!”

Wang Long took out his hair ornament with a worried face.

Li Mingxuan immediately thought that this thing should be the one sandwiched between Ye Jingjing’s two horses and tails.

Logically, if no one touches it, the base — ben will not fall off.

Not to mention the suspicious backdoor.

Ye Jingjing had nothing to do there!

So, soon everyone thought of a possibility, she was kidnapped.

“Have you offended anyone in Gangjiang before?”

Li Mingxuan asked with a frown.

Wang Long and the others immediately shook their heads.

“Do you think it’s possible that Xie Tingfeng’s group kidnapped Jingjing because they lost money?”

As soon as Yuan Wang said this, Wang Long was furious.

“I went to fight with the guy with the surname Xie!”

With that, he was about to rush out of the bar, after all, his fiancée was involved.

This will soon be about marriage.

Now that his fiancée had been kidnapped, how could he not be impulsive.

However, Li Mingxuan grabbed him and said, “Don’t be impulsive, the more this time you have to be calm, now I can’t be sure that Xie Tingfeng’s gang did it!” ”

In fact, he was a little incredulous that Xie Tingfeng, as a public figure, would dare to publicly kidnap a person for the sake of the 25 million Hong Kong dollars.

Do you really not want to mix in the harbor?

“So what to do, Master!”

Wang Long was a bit of a six-god and masterless.

As soon as Li Mingxuan’s mind turned, he immediately thought of a person.

They have black eyes in the harbor, but they can find the ground snake.

Therefore, he asked everyone not to quarrel, and dialed Huo Qigang’s phone.

At this time, Huo Qigang was already resting in the Huo family mansion.

Suddenly, the urgent ringtone of the mobile phone rang.


He said with some annoyance.

The next moment, however, his pupils narrowed and his whole body was awake.

“Well, I know, I’ll ask right away!”

After saying that, he panicked and began to rummage through the phone’s address book, finding someone who could help.

As a result, many giants in Xiangjiang were awakened that night.

You must know that this is the concubine of the Ye family of Huacheng, and now it has been kidnapped in Gangjiang.

Although the old master of the Ye family was no longer there, even the four major families of the Gangjiang River did not dare to provoke the ye family’s people.

This is still the world of John’s cow!

If the Ye family’s daughter-in-law cannot be found tomorrow, it is estimated that tomorrow it will be the action of the troops stationed in Jiangsu.

As a result, Xie Tingfeng’s father, Xie Xianju, who was building a new girlfriend at the age of fifty or sixty, was woken up by numerous phone calls.

These phone calls were all questions about his son not kidnapping the Ye family’s daughter.

At first, Xie Xian did not take it seriously, but when he heard the person on the other side of the phone, he was so frightened that he almost threw away the phone.

Don’t look at him now being called by others as a fourth brother, the fourth brother,all day long young girlfriends continue, as if quite imposing.

However, in front of the real giants of Gangjiang, he is nothing.

Being young is just a play, and now being old is a randomly crushed worm.

Now Li Jiacheng’s Li family, Huo family, and Zheng family are calling one by one, all of which are looking for his son’s VIPs.

And when he heard who the kidnapped man was, he almost fainted.

If Xie Tingfeng was beside Xie Xian at this time, he estimated that he would have kicked over with one kick.

“You want to die, don’t bother you old man, I want to live a few more years!”

Therefore, when he received more than ten calls in a row, Xie Xian immediately dialed his son.

At this time, Xie Tingfeng was playing mahjong with Zhang Bozi, and when he heard the phone, he immediately answered it without boredom.

The next moment, he heard his father’s wild roar: “Do you want the troops stationed in Jiangsu to surround our family tomorrow, and immediately release the Ye family woman!” ”

However, Xie Tingfeng was confused and asked.

“What Ye family woman?”

Although the top of Xie Xian’s head was about to smoke, he still said patiently!

“Are you racing with a bunch of mainlanders today?”


Xie Tingfeng admitted.

“Is there a green-haired double ponytail girl, her surname is Ye, a member of the Huacheng Ye family, even if you fail the history class in the middle school, the surname Ye should know!”

Xie Xian said.

Suddenly, Xie Tingfeng opened his mouth, and the girl turned out to be the ye family member.

Then, he thought of one thing, Brother Long seemed to be very upset with the group of mainlanders.

Now it seems that he must have been blackmailed.

But then, the problem is big!

Without much time to think about it, he first hung up Xie Xian’s phone, and then dialed Brother Long’s phone.

Unfortunately, the other party’s phone is turned off.

At this time, he couldn’t care less about playing mahjong, so he got dressed and left.

And Li Mingxuan’s side is also waiting for the news.

The whole hong Kong river is looking for it.

Fortunately, at this time, Wang Long’s phone rang.

Wang Long picked up the phone and saw that the number was Ye Jingjing’s.

“Hey, Jingjing!”

“Do you still want your horse?”

On the phone was a man’s voice.

“What happened to Jingjing, if she had one less hair, I would have your whole family buried!”

Wang Long said threateningly.

“I’m so scared, but for the time being, he’s not doing anything, but he won’t be able to say anything later, and you’d better not call the police, otherwise there will be a female corpse floating in Victoria Harbour tomorrow.”

The man said with a smile.

“Say, what do you want?”

Wang Longdao.

“Actually, I don’t lack money, Lao Tzu just can’t get used to you mainland boys!”

The man said this, laughing and making a request: “Give you half an hour, you and the driver who drove the AE86 come to the West End Public Cargo Terminal, and I am waiting for you in warehouse 46 at the dock!” ”

The man hung up the phone when he finished.

As soon as he heard the other party say AE86, Wang Long knew that the kidnapping of Ye Jingjing must be someone tonight.

This made him even more furious, eager to kill those people immediately.

“Master, I!”

Wang Long wanted to say.

“Master, this matter is a drag on you, just let me go alone, you really don’t need to take risks, for Jingjing, no matter what those people let me do!”

However, before the words could be spoken, Li Mingxuan directly interrupted him with a wave of his hand.

“Let’s go, although I can’t teach you and Jingjing’s driving skills, since you call me Master, I can’t let you go!”


Wang Long was moved to tears.

“Well, since the other party doesn’t want money, and let me go with you, it is estimated that it will not be what will happen to Jingjing!”

Li Mingxuan then said, “Time is of the essence, let’s go!” ”

So, in the eyes of many second-generation worries, the two took a taxi from Gangjiang.

In the car, Li Mingxuan was a little curious: “Wang Long, didn’t you and Jingjing, didn’t the Ye family shoot bodyguards?” ”

“There are bodyguards, but because Jingjing thinks those people are too distracting, she cried and let the Ye family get away, because there is no danger in China… Who would have thought… Ay! ”

Wang Long scratched his head and said.

“So, pay attention in the future!”

Li Mingxuan said.

Because they were worried about Ye Jingjing’s safety, Li Mingxuan and others did not call the police.

Since the other party did not ask for ransom, it is now at most an illegal detention, and it is not a major crime at all if it is said by law on this side of the gang river.

If you find another gold barrister, most of these cases can be settled by volunteering in the community.

Therefore, it is useless to call the police, and if the other party is forced to be anxious, what if it hurts Ye Jingjing.

Thinking about it, Li Mingxuan felt that he should personally come to see the development of the situation.

The two men came to the West End Public Cargo Terminal 46 warehouse nearby.

Suddenly, a person who looked like Angu Qiuzai, after confirming that there was no note to follow, sneered at Wang Long and Li Mingxuan and said, “Follow me!” ”

Unexpectedly, however, the two were taken to warehouse 33 instead of number 46 on the phone.

Obviously, this gang is very cunning.

If Li Mingxuan and others choose to call the police, the place where the patrol began to surround was Warehouse 46, and they could calmly escape from Warehouse 33.

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