Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 218

Chapter 218 Penguin Stock!!

Of course, this group of second generations naturally can’t all kill Matt.

In fact, Wang Sheng’s circle is a group of car friends.

How to dress up is their own business, but these people only have one common hobby, and that is to like cars.

Therefore, they said that they had competed with some of the gongzi brothers in Gangjiang.

“Who’s it?”

Li Mingxuan said.

“One was the third generation of the four major ship kings of the Gangjiang River, Zhao Shizeng’s illegitimate son Zhao Zheng, the other was the prince Zhuang Bin of the Gangjiang Zhuang-style Group, and the male star surnamed Xie who participated in the Spring Festival Gala two years ago!”

Wang Long said.

Li Mingxuan heard the words and probably knew who these people were.

He may not know who Zhao Zheng is, but Zhao Shi Zeng Li Mingxuan, who has read countless women in later generations, is incomparably clear.

He was even once idolized.

Zhao Shi was the third son of the late Zhao Chongyan, the late ship king, and is now the chairman and founder of Zhuoneng Group, a listed company in Hong Kong, and a senior real estate developer.

He had three wives in his life, but none of them married, but they all gave birth to children More legendary is that he is said to have more than 10,000 women in his lifetime, almost changing 172 girlfriends every year, and some people even said that he supported the entertainment industry by his own efforts.

At the age of 86, this is still surrounded by beautiful women every day for Zhao Sangongzi, and he is happy to think about it.

It is a legend of a generation of men.

Zhuang Bin, the prince of the Zhuang-style Group, did not know much about Li Mingxuan.

As for Xie Ting bee, since he appeared in the Spring Festival Gala on the mainland three years ago, his handsome appearance can be described as a hit.

Become an idol of mainland girls.

However, in fact, his black history is also quite a lot, crashing the roof of the car, and beating the mainland actors into serious injuries when acting.

But with the influence of his father and daddy, these things have been made small.

Then the ‘gate’ incident that broke out in the Port River also made him lose face.

“How did you get together with them?”

Li Mingxuan asked.

Ye Jingjing on the side said flatteringly: “It was they who came to Huacheng to lose the game, and then asked us if we dared to go to the Gangjiang side to compete again, and my brother Long agreed, but we are not familiar with the Lantau side of the Gangjiang River, so we are ready to ask Master you to go out of the horse!” ”

“Don’t say anything nice, when, how big the bet is!”

Li Mingxuan said.

As soon as he heard the word gamble, Wang Long just wanted to shake his head when he was interrupted by Li Mingxuan.

“Don’t say no, I don’t believe it, otherwise you’ll call me over so hard, to tell the truth, otherwise there would be nothing for me ~~!”

Li Mingxuan said unceremoniously, and he was about to leave, he didn’t like racing, and now he was just returning human feelings.

“Master, I said I said, nine of us have made up a total of 20 million, which is almost all of our pocket money, if we lose, we people will have to eat soil in a year or two!”

Wang Long couldn’t see anything, so he simply admitted it.

In fact, when Li Mingxuan first heard Wang Long invite him to race, he knew that he must have gambled a lot.

Otherwise, this guy wouldn’t have worked so hard to invite him to come.

In the end, he guessed correctly, nine people twenty million, one person more than two million these officials of the second generation, the rich second generation is estimated to have dried up the value.

This also explains why they respect Li Mingxuan so much.

Because it’s all about pocket money.

And 20 million in 2003, basically equivalent to a hundred million gambling funds in the future.

This is not a big deal: “When is it?” ”

Li Mingxuan asked.

“Three days later, at nine o’clock in the evening, the Hong Kong River North Lantau Highway, the race is seventy kilometers!”

Wang Long introduced.

“Okay, I see, I should play this game, but I’m going to reiterate this only once!”

Li Mingxuan said.

He loves cars, but he doesn’t like dangerous underground racing.

To put it bluntly, liking cars is a man’s romance, and liking underground racing is joking with your own life.

Besides, he now has a lot of things, and he is really not interested in accompanying some second-generation nonsense, in fact, human feelings are on the one hand, this time to Gangjiang, he still has a few serious things to do.

After hearing that Li Mingxuan agreed, Wang Long finally breathed a sigh of relief.

And those second-generation people are also relieved one by one.

After all, Wang Longna had blown Li Mingxuan too much.

The stunt of driving without hands is not comparable to ordinary people.

“Come, Master, drink!”

Wang Long happily opened a bottle of Louis XIII and poured it on Li Mingxuan.

Then he blew to many second-generation people: “My master, in addition to the car skills can be called divine skills, there is also a title, that is, Li Liujin, the stunt is six bottles of Maotai without changing color, and now the entire emperor is no one can compare in terms of alcohol!” ”

Hearing Wang Long blowing, Li Mingxuan thought to himself, how to introduce it was like selling art.

Also stunts!

However, the second generation looked at Li Mingxuan’s eyes even more fiercely.

Fortunately, Wang Long did not say that Li Mingxuan was the prince of the Jinxiu Group, otherwise these people would not be fiery, but would have eaten him.

Even so, the eyes of the two Ye Jingjing’s girlfriends and the second generation of little sisters were also watery.

Soon, the wine was drunk.

Everyone is a good pair of brothers.

Li Mingxuan rarely picked up the microphone and sang about Hiroshima Love with one of his little sisters.

Although it is not Mai Ba, his singing voice is also very good in the future, at least he can score about 90 points.

Two of you a sentence: we walked through the forbidden area of love, I a sentence: enjoy the illusion of happiness to cooperate is quite good.

When the singing was finished, the little sister was moved to sing.

At the end of the song, I don’t know who ordered the explosive disco.

So the crowd jumped up in the box.

To tell the truth, this is the first time that Li Mingxuan has sung in a nightclub normally, and no one has disturbed him.

Every time I went before, it wasn’t this one that was looking for trouble, it was still the one looking for trouble.

Not a single real treat at all!

When they were tired of jumping, everyone went to the sofa while drinking and playing a game At this time, Yuan Wang, the son of Yuan Shi of Huacheng, was a twenty-three-year-old thin man with a slightly bumpy appearance and a black mole on his left chin.

He suddenly answered a call.

Then he yelled into the phone microphone, “, do I want that Yu?” Don’t bother me, I’m in trouble! ”

After saying that, he rudely hung up the phone.

Li Mingxuan was still quite interested in this Yuan Wang.

Don’t look at Huacheng as just a sub-provincial city, but as the external window of the flower grower, Huacheng is far from being comparable to the inland Huizhou, to tell the truth, this Yuan Wang is more fancy and more powerful than the Qian Gongzi in Huizhou.

“What’s wrong?”

Li Mingxuan asked after he hung up the phone.

“One of my investment managers actually said that someone was going to buy penguin stock, and he suggested that I buy it, and I was pitted!”

Yuan Wang said angrily, however, without heart, listening intentionally.

As soon as he heard about the penguin’s stock, he was interested, and he was naturally very interested in the trillion-dollar enterprise in the future market.

However, he was reborn a little late.

In 2002, Penguin stock has been acquired by large institutions.

Even the Penguin Five Tigers didn’t have much on their hands, and at that time, the Fairview Group had not yet developed, and he did not have time to pay attention to Penguin and Ali.

But by 2003, he had his hand free.

Penguins are about to go public, and it is basically impossible for him to buy from the founders.

This time he went to Gangjiang in fact, he was ready to gather a talent from the investment community and take the helm of the future financial investment business of Jinxiu Group.

Unexpectedly, before this arrived at the port river, someone sent it to the door.

Therefore, Li Mingxuan asked quietly.

“Who’s going to sell penguin stock?”

“Master, dare to be interested?” No, you can’t touch that! ”

Then, Yuan Wang said, “It’s not bad to say that the penguin is not bad, but it is too bad to catch the stalk!” ”

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