Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 215

Chapter 215 Investment Attraction!!

In the end, there was no way to watch it continue like this.

Li Mingxuan began to do peace with the elderly, and talked freely with the representatives of these car companies.

If this quarrel continues, no one can get the right to use T1 metal.

So the CEOs stopped arguing and discussed the distribution of rights.

However, at this time, because of the visit of these car giants, the outside world has long been boiling.

After all, the CEOs of these car companies are all planting flowers in the name of business investigation.

However, as soon as they came to the flower grower’s house, they did not go to the political center of the imperial capital, nor did they go to the magic capital, the flower city, and the big city where pengcheng’s economy took off.

Instead, as if they had discussed it, they rushed to the remote city of Jianghuai in Huizhou Province.

Although Jianghuai City is famous throughout the country because of the sudden appearance of the Giant Of Jinxiu Group.

However, this group is mainly based on minerals, and in the perception of many people, it has nothing to do with the car.

As a result, many people are full of questions, what are these car companies going to do – What is Jianghuai doing.

And Feng Shi of Jianghuai, after knowing that the CEOs of so many large enterprises came here.

Originally because of the relationship between Fairview Group, the city’s GDP is expected to soar by 112% this year, reaching a new height of 54.8 billion.

Jianghuai City has also become the second strongest economic city in Huizhou.

Second only to the provincial capital Luyang.

After the Central Mother reported the Fairview Group, Feng City now works every day and knows that a Fairview Group has contributed more than 90% of the city’s GDP growth.

And more than 20,000 employment units have been added.

And it is expected that with the future expansion of Splendid, the city’s GDP in 2004 will increase by at least 300 compared with 2002.

It may even surpass the provincial capital Luyang and become the strongest economically strong city in Huizhou.

You must know that before there was no Fairview Group, Jianghuai City could only rely on the high coal price of the Mining Bureau, Jianghuai GDP would rise, and if the coal price fell, the GDP would fall.

This is the characteristic of a typical resource-based city.

However, no one expected that in just one year, Jianghuai would have such a big thick leg as the Fairview Group.

In September, the tax paid by Guangguang Fairview Group was as high as 560 million.

From January to September, the tax payment reached more than 3.8 billion, and the number of each month was rapidly increasing.

It can be said that the finances of the Jianghuai government have never been so good as they are now.

Since there is a great god of splendid embroidery, there is enough financial support.

As a result, Jianghuai began to vigorously engage in municipal construction, build bridges and pave roads, and control environmental pollution.

Among them, the Huai River is the most important.

Feng City even began to rectify various small paper mills and polluting enterprises before the state issued environmental protection.

For a while, the sky in Jianghuai City turned blue by a few points.

Of course, in addition to municipal construction and environmental protection, the most important thing is to attract investment In fact, in fact, in the whole city of Jianghuai in the future, there are no large enterprises, on the one hand, because of the geographical location of inland cities, on the other hand, the government only relies on the Mining Bureau, and is not active in attracting investment.

As a result, in the future, Jianghuai has become the bottom decline city in Huizhou.

But now it’s different.

When I heard that the international famous car companies came to Jianghuai, and plunged into the Splendid China Iron and Steel Factory.

Feng Shi knew that there must be something in the steel factory that attracted them enough to know that the steel factory was a military-civilian joint construction unit, and the gate and the factory area were guarded by soldiers.

Even Feng Shi only knew that there were special metals produced there.

But what it was, no one told him.

However, whatever it is, since Splendid embroidery, as a plane tree, has attracted so many golden phoenixes.

In any case, as the leader of Jianghuai City, he must leave these foreign businessmen behind and develop in Jianghuai.

As a result, the CEOs of these car companies also began to hold a welcome ceremony with great fanfare when Li Mingxuan discussed the issue of share.

Soon, the news reached Li Mingxuan’s ears.

Even Li Jianguo, who was called to the province for a meeting in the past two days, heard about it.

“Dr. WenDeen, Mr. Zetsche, and all of you, we Parents and Officials of Jianghuai City heard about your arrival and prepared a grand welcome dinner, and now the time is not early, and the problem of the amount of distribution cannot be solved at once, so let’s go to dinner first!”

Li Mingxuan smiled and said the words, everyone looked at me, I looked at you.

In short, on the issue of quotas, there is simply no concession to each other.

After all, if you give way now, if you expand the supply of 1 metal in the future, it is likely that the future will be a big step.

No one is a fool!

So until the quota issue is solved, no matter how many things the company has to deal with, they will not go back for the time being.

So Dr. Martin Wendern and Dieter Zetsche both nodded.

When the crowd came to the outside of the steel mill.

Many red banners have been unfurled to warmly welcome Volkswagen CEO Dr. Martin Wendern to visit JAC.

Warmly welcome Mercedes-Benz CEO Mr. Dieter Zetsche to visit Jianghuai City.

Li Mingxuan thought that thanks to Feng City being able to know so many people, in fact, he knew that Feng City had specifically found the Entry and Exit Administration Bureau to understand the list of all visiting entrepreneurs.

So, the crowd got on a domestic bus.

Li Mingxuan gave Feng Shi a thumbs up here, if you get some Mercedes-Benz, BMW to pick up, then things will be big.

For example, the CEO of Mercedes-Benz definitely does not ride a BMW, and it is common for two companies to hack each other in advertisements.

If Dieter Zetsche went to get in a BMW, for whatever reason, it would be an absolute scandal to spread to Europe.

BMW is not expected to miss this opportunity.

And again, Porsche representatives would never do Volkswagen.

The two are in the same situation.

A domestic bus, that is easy to solve this trouble.

So Li Mingxuan took his secretary Bai Jie and boarded the bus with these CEOs.

Soon the vehicle went to the banquet hall on the fifth floor of the Tianbao Building in the downtown area.

Because Tianbao Building has not been open for a long time, the decoration is magnificent, and now it will be used as a municipal guest place to entertain guests when it is important, of course, it does not entertain ordinary guests here.

In the banquet hall, Feng Shi smiled and shook hands with representatives of major car companies ———.

He also praised and Li Mingxuan exchanged a few words of greeting.

The participants in this banquet are all the main leaders of Jianghuai, with a total of hundreds of people.

And Li Mingxuan was arranged to the CEO of the car company at the same table.

Of course, before large banquets, flower growers have a tradition that leaders speak.

The first to speak was Feng Shi, who began to talk about it.

In the beginning, the CEOs asked the translators to translate it for him.

After all, many of these people have not come to plant flowers before, and even Brands such as Ferrari and Porsche have not been officially sold in China.

Although a mayor is not a big official, they also want to understand the characteristics of flower growers from the side.

However, after hearing half of it, they really couldn’t listen.

All of them are some non-nutritious words, all of which introduce the development and achievements of JAC, and then look forward to the future.

This made the Hans, who were known for their efficiency, stunned to hear it.

This is not to mention, when Feng Shi finished speaking, it was Wan Vice City, who was in charge of the economy, and he began a speech again, this time he also enthusiastically mentioned that the car companies CE0 followed by fierce applause.

Foreigners began to applaud without knowing anything.

This made Li Mingxuan almost laugh out loud, and the Wan Vice City people on the stage warmly welcomed these CEOs.

As a result, before waiting for the translation to be translated, these foreigners also applauded.

Then, the whole presentation took place two hours later.

Dr. Martin Wendern, who had not even touched a drop of water, was so hungry that he thought he would soon be able to eat a meal of flower growers.

As a result, I waited for more than two hours, and the most infuriating thing was that there was exquisite flower food on the table, but I couldn’t eat it.

Not far away, Mr. Zetsche kept looking at his watch.

Finally, he couldn’t help it, so he said to Li Mingxuan, who was sitting at the same table: “Manager Li, do you all need to carry out this troublesome ritual before you plant flowers and eat?” ”

“Ritual? Belch… It’s okay! ”

Li Mingxuan was worried about what he could say, was he going to stand up and tell the enthusiastic leader on the stage, don’t say anything about the meal.

If he did anything, he would definitely offend the leaders of the entire Jianghuai City.

Fortunately, after two hours, Mayor Wan finally finished speaking.

The feast has officially begun!

Because Tianbao Lou has eight chefs of major cuisines, the dishes are also exquisite.

Let some foreigners who have never seen the real Chinese cuisine, eat extremely addictive and just wait for the little resentment, but also gradually dissipated.

After a while, Feng Shi began to toast to the foreigners.

To tell the truth, these foreigners really can’t drink the flowers and liquor, and a few cups of belly have become red-faced Guan Gong one by one.

By the end of the banquet, many of them were confused and did not know the southeast, south, and northwest.

In fact, these leaders in Jianghuai City have no experience, and you have made them dizzy and how to talk about this investment promotion!

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