Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 213

Chapter 213 The octopus has bitten the hook! Volkswagen CEO!!

In the future, Fairview Group will take minerals as the core and radiate in the direction of special steel gold, real estate, automobile, luxury manufacturing and financial investment.

Among them, the automotive field is also a top priority.

However, it is said that when the civilian version of the T1 metal was sent to the plaster Toyota Tokyo headquarters to receive a small section member, commonly known as the social animal in the plaster.

He unpacked the courier and found a metal plate with Chinese explanatory documents.

The clerk read the instructions: “Zinc T1 Metal >7 (Splendid T1 Metal Sample)”

So, he handed over this piece of metal, which felt lighter than aluminum of the same volume, to the quality control department of Toyota headquarters——— material testing room.

In front of a middle-aged man with a majestic face, he bowed and said, “Chief, we have received a metal sample from a flower grower!” ”

However, the middle-aged section chief is known for his old-fashioned style, and has always looked down on the flower growers, so he said dismissively: “Now any company dares to send materials to our Toyota, on the metal materials, our big plaster is not as good as the planters, nothing more than alloys with slightly better performance, don’t worry about it!” ”

“But. Chief… It! ”

Originally, the little clerk wanted to say that he had never seen such a light metal.

However, he was waved by the middle-aged section chief and said, “Remember, Kobayashi, you only need to implement what your boss said in the company, you don’t need any rebuttal!” ”


For new recruits, it is good to be able to enter a large company like Toyota with an annual salary of 5 million yen.

He didn’t dare confront his superiors.

So, when it was time to leave work, the clerk took T1 metal back to his rental house.

The same thing happens all over the world.

Similar to the plaster man is the pretty country.

However, the strict Hans people, such as Volkswagen, BMW, and Fiat Group, after getting A sample of the T1 metal, all tested it in their respective material testing rooms when the results came out.

The Hans were shocked.

The Volkswagen CEO couldn’t believe it when he got the report and asked the inspector questions.

“Are you sure this is true?”

“Yes, it has a magical metal structure similar to C60, it is a super alloy, it is top-notch in terms of strength, high temperature resistance, frost resistance, etc., in particular, it is lighter than aluminum in the same volume27, and even more amazing it is the world’s first memory metal, when it does not destroy the basic structure, it will automatically repair its wounded surface!”

Hearing the report from his subordinates, volkswagen’s CEO’s eyes widened: “Is this really a metal that can be developed by a flower grower, not a beautiful national metal research laboratory?” ”

“Sir, I don’t think there’s any doubt about that!”

As he spoke, the researcher also took out a chinese character manual with the LOGO of the latest design of the ‘Fairview Group’, “Splendid Embroidery.” ”

Chinese characters in chinese characters.

Suddenly, volkswagen CEOs were no longer in doubt.

But when you think of the ultra-high performance of this T1 metal, it is lighter than aluminum, but it has the top alloy strength, and more importantly, it is the world’s first memory metal.

Each can be a gimmick.

If this metal is used in their Series of Volkswagen cars, it will undoubtedly be able to upgrade their brand by several notches.

It’s like after carbon fiber came along, they used this new material all over the car.

Originally, an ordinary car was combined with a variety of carbon fiber options, and the price soared.

“Let the person in charge of volkswagen in the flower grower find this special metal company, if you can, it is best to acquire this company, if it is really not possible, you must also get the exclusive right to use this metal!” 」

However, volkswagen CEO thought about it and said.

“No, for the sake of this magical metal, I’ll go to a flower grower myself.”

At the same time, both Hans and The Car Group of Italia took action.

Don’t these car companies want to study T1 metal on their own? In fact, there is nothing they can do.

Because T1 metal is a superalloy, the manufacturing method is also different from ordinary metals.

There are many theories in it that go beyond the current knowledge of chemistry, and if you want to imitate them, you must first discover these theories and then say them.

Then a strange scene appeared.

On national day, the CEOs of world-renowned car companies have begun to visit China.

Volkswagen CEO, martin Wendern, who also manages Audi, contacted the Fairview Group with the volkswagen Hans representative of the magic capital as soon as he got off the plane, and then rushed to the small place of Huizhou Jianghuai.

Almost on his front and back feet are Daimler and Mercedes-Benz CEO Dieter Zetsche.

Then the BMW CEO, the Ferrari CEO.

In fact, even Li Mingxuan did not expect that these samples of the civilian version of T1 would attract so many CEOs of the world’s largest car companies.

However, for car companies, when a piece of metal that spans the era appears, the attraction to them is incredible.

In particular, this metal is still a legendary self-healing memory metal, and it can be said that whoever comes out first may soar.

After all, if you are a consumer, would you rather choose a car that can repair itself after being hit, or buy a car that has to go to the repair shop after being hit?

Once some car companies are one step behind, I am afraid that they will be slow.

It will be difficult to turn over at that time.

When Li Mingxuan, who was in the imperial capital, learned that the CEOs of many large car companies were about to come to Jianghuai, he was also a little stunned.

However, it was obviously the bait that was released, and now it has bitten the hook.

The corners of Li Mingxuan’s mouth were raised, and then he flew straight to Luyang, the capital of Huizhou Province, with Bai Jie, who wanted to be submerged but had always been regarded as a squire.

Then the transfer car went to JAC.

When he had just arrived at the general manager’s office of The Splendid China Steel Plant.

Someone informed Volkswagen CEO Dr. Martin Wendern that he was coming.

In the general manager’s office, Li Mingxuan was the first to receive the bespectacled Dr. Martin Wendern.

Bai Jie directly introduced Li Mingxuan’s position in the steel factory in German.

In fact, Li Mingxuan now has three positions, deputy general manager of Fairview Group, chairman of Fairview China SOHO and general manager, and deputy general manager of Fairview China Iron and Steel Factory.

“Hello, Mr. Deputy General Manager!”

Martin Wendern said in German.

Bai Jie translated it to Li Mingxuan.

“Hello, Dr. Martin Wendern, please sit down!”

Li Mingxuan greeted.

Then the two sat down on a mahogany couch in the office.

On each side stood the translator.

“Mr. Deputy General Manager, I would like to ask whether your steel companies will accept shares or acquisitions, and we in the Volkswagen Group are willing to buy your company or buy T1 metal production technology for $1 billion!”

Dr. Martin Vendern said it directly.

$1 billion, which was indeed a sky-high price in 2003, was the price the CEO had set after examining the current price consumption levels of flower growers.

Obviously, although the other party came in a hurry, it was also fully prepared.

However, he still ignores a fact.

After Bai Jie translated, Li Mingxuan smiled and said, “I think Dr. Wen Deen, you must not have figured out the relationship between Fairview China Iron and Steel Factory and Fairview Group!” ”

When Dr. Martin Wendern’s translator translated the words.

Dr. Winter was surprised.

Therefore, Li Mingxuan talked about the Fairview Group.

When Dr. Winter heard that Fairview Group was valued at more than $200 billion by JPMorgan Chase and had 20 billion tons of iron ore, it was a super large mining company with coal, iron ore, copper ore, diamonds and so on.

He was completely shocked!

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