Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 211

Chapter 211 I don’t want to try anymore!!

According to the 2002 Forbes Rich List.

The world’s richest man on the surface is Bill Gates with $52.8 billion.

Second place is Warren Buffett at $35 billion.

However, in 2003 the pretty country suffered from various situations.

The war against Iraq, the comfortable feelings, the theft of nuclear fuel, and the first human war with aliens.

In short, the economic avalanche of the beautiful country in 2003.

Even Bill Gates’ assets have shrunk by tens of billions of dollars.

The 100 shares of Fairview Group held by Li Jianguo are worth at least $200 billion if valued according to JPMorgan Chase.

In terms of wealth, far more than Bill Gates.

However, the editor-in-chief of Forbes also said in a recent interview that it is a very troublesome thing for the valuation of unlisted companies.

Especially like The Fairview Group, the pillar industry is an extractive enterprise.

Because it is impossible to figure out the actual reserves and value, it is difficult for Forbes to give an accurate valuation.

JPMorgan Chase’s valuation can only be used as a reference, but they have no objection to Mr. Li Jianguo’s assets exceeding That of Mr. Bill Gates.

Because anyone who owns 20 billion tons of iron ore, his assets are astronomical.

Obviously, the editor-in-chief of Forbes also recognized Li Jianguo’s wealth.

That is, in November 2003, the name of Li Jianguo is likely to appear on the Forbes list, and it is very likely that the world’s richest man bill Gates will top the world’s richest man for eight consecutive years and become the richest man in the new world.

For this, Li Mingxuan didn’t care at all.

After all, this kind of ranking is for ordinary people to see, like a real consortium, it will not be on the list at all.

His father became the richest man in the world, but apart from some reputation, it did not actually bring about an increase in wealth.

After all, Fairview Group is not ready to go public in the future, Li Mingxuan watched the news broadcast, and then watched “Focus Interview”

The growth process of Fairview Group is played on it.

Don’t look at the splendid embroidery has only been established for more than a year, but Yang Ma is stunned that there is a way to make a series.

Li Jianguo blew ah, wise and divine martial arts, a model for starting a business at the age of forty.

And he put his father’s life, from small to large stories.

For example, his family used to be Caigang District, some old neighbors, relatives.

Describe his father as a prodigy who has been chasing dragons and tigers since he was a child and stepping on seven stars.

Although he didn’t know whether his father felt embarrassed or not, Li Mingxuan looked straight at his face.

Especially Xia Yuqing, who was lying in Li Mingxuan’s arms, couldn’t help but raise his head: “Xiao Xuan, your father is so powerful!” ”

“Uh, sort of!”

Li Mingxuan nodded awkwardly, and then asked while watching TV.

“How are you doing at the Opera and Dance Theatre lately?”

He was a little too busy during this time, and in addition to the rotation in the three small dens, there was not much time to return to Houhai at all.

After Xia Yuqing graduated from the Imperial Dance, because of the fire of Yang Ma’s performance, she smoothly joined the National Opera and Dance Theater.

At this point, people did not let Li Mingxuan help with any help by relying on their real ability.

“It’s okay, it’s going to Xinlan for a while to do an exchange performance for Chinese culture promotion!”

Xia Yuqing said.

“New Lan!?”

Li Mingxuan was confused about this small country, and in his impression, the country seemed to have good milk.

Nothing else is known.

In fact, this is what he is alone.

The new orchid is rich in resources, with more than 600 kinds of identified minerals distributed in 25 different deposits.

Metal ore has gold, silver, iron ore.

Among them, the value of gold ore is about S$200 million per year, and the output and output value of non-metallic ore (including coal) have increased year by year in recent years, with a total output of about 40 million tons and an output value of about S$1 billion.

Although it is true that he does not know much about this country, in his opinion, as long as there is land on the earth, there must be mines.

He swept around the pretty country, almost turning an energy power into an African country with daily blackouts.

It even absorbed the energy contained in 200 atomic bombs.

The energy of the system was so much that it exploded at this time, so even if the resources of the New Lan Kingdom were barren, he was ready to go to Xue a little.

“When to go, I will accompany you when the time comes!”

Li Mingxuan felt a little indebted to this girl, so he said.

Hearing this, Xia Yuqing’s beautiful face showed a happy expression.

“Really, but it’s around December!?”

“So cold. No, New Lan is a country in the southern hemisphere! ”

Therefore, the two made an appointment and went to Xinlan together.

The next day, Li Mingxuan, who had been tossing and turning for half a night, got up early.

Strange to say, he now has a lot of women, but his energy is getting better and better.

For this reason, he was still a little worried, whether there was something wrong with the body, he used the nano worm of the coin to check his body, but he got that he was healthier than the average person…

In the end, Li Mingxuan came to the conclusion that he might be talented.

So, he drove to Dashilar and bought a little bit of dido specialties and put them on the table.

Wait until the summer rain wakes up and you can eat.

Then he went to work at the real estate company.

However, as the Fairview Group was exposed, the employees of the entire real estate company looked at Li Mingxuan’s eyes incorrectly.

In particular, many beautiful female employees have a feeling of wanting to eat him.

For example, Teacher Bai, as soon as he came to the company, put his hands on the desk and said very solemnly: “I don’t work hard!” ”

“Uh, so what do you want to do!?”

Li Mingxuan was stunned by her surprise.

To tell the truth, since Bai Jie became her secretary, in addition to language, many things were done by her instead of Li Mingxuan.

Let Li Mingxuan be able to handle many things even if he does not come to the company, he uses it very smoothly.

In addition this woman looks beautiful and beautiful.

So if it is not necessary, he does not want the other party to resign and change the secretary.

Hearing this, Bai Jie stared at his boss with watery eyes and stopped talking.

God knows how unbelievable Bai Jie reacted when she learned from Yang Mama after understanding the actual situation of The Fairview Group.

Before, she knew that the boss’s family was very rich, and she also learned about some of the internal situation of the Fairview Group.

But only now did she understand how rich the Fairview Group really was.

I’m afraid that in the flower grower’ family, except for the state, the private person has no money more than his boss’s father.

As the prince of the future Splendid Group, sooner or later, Fairview will fall into the hands of the boss.

Then the boss will inherit hundreds of billions of dollars.

Thinking of this, Bai Jie stood up straight.

Li Mingxuan glanced at Bai Jie and said.

“That’s the case, Teacher Bai, you figured it out!”

Bai Jie immediately nodded like a garlic.

Li Mingxuan knew that this woman liked money, and it was the kind of undisguised love.

This can be seen from the two people’s trip to kangaroo country.

Although I don’t know what has cultivated this kind of character of this woman.

But Li Mingxuan does not hate this kind of person who likes money straight up.

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