Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 208

Chapter 208: The World’s Three Major Iron Ore Companies!!

In the end, Li Jianguo struggled to convince the bosses of these crazy steel giants.

We will roughly set the output for next year.

However, the demand for iron ore in about thirty state-owned enterprises is still beyond Li Jianguo’s expectations.

Two hundred million tons, graded at 70 fairview iron ore on their share of clean and clean.

That is to say, basically those private steel companies do not use splendid iron ore.

However, these companies already account for 80 or 90% of the production capacity of flower growers.

Many of the remaining businesses are small steel companies that are small and pollute the environment.

Soon the state will formulate corresponding policies, give shutdowns and or rectifications.

However, next year, if you want to supply 200 million tons of iron ore to The Flower Family, it is also a test for the Fairview Group, and now the daily output of Fairview iron ore has exceeded 130,000 tons.

15,000 people are needed to work.

Expanding production to 550,000 tons per day by March next year is not an easy task.

Personnel allocation, equipment, etc. all need to be planned as a whole.

However, regardless of whether we can complete this goal or not, we will fight the first battle that Fairview Group presents to the public.

For the flower grower steel industry, that was a major turning point.

That is to say, from next year, almost all large and medium-sized steel companies will not or rarely need foreign iron ore.

Without the biggest procurement of flower growers, the enterprises that export high-priced international iron ore will have an extremely difficult life.

When The Fairview Group has the spare strength to open up the international market, these companies are really not far from collapse and bankruptcy.

With the Fairview Group released one big satellite after another.

The next day, the “National Daily” was the first to speak out: “Warmly celebrate the discovery of a huge amount of high-quality iron ore in China, this reporter attended the press conference organized by the Fairview Group yesterday, the general manager of the Fairview Group, Chairman Mr. Li Jianguo released the great and important good news, the Fairview Group found more than 20 billion tons of high-quality iron ore minerals.” ”

“This will break the shackles of China’s steel metallurgical industry has always had to use high-priced international iron ore, loosen the shackles for our steel enterprises, it is expected that this alone, the annual flower growers will save 150 billion yuan of funds, and will greatly enhance the international competitiveness of China’s steel industry.”

“Jinxiu Group, founded in 2003, took off from the very beginning of a small coal mine in Jianghuai.”

The report of the “National Daily” began to tell how Fairview cut through thorns in the hands of Chairman Li Jianguo and rode the wind and waves to develop today’s point.

There is not a single bit of negative news in the whole article, almost all praise.

And with the “National Daily” voice. title.

“20 billion tons of iron ore, increase the take-off of the flower family steel industry!” NetEase title.

“What You Don’t Know About The Flower Grower World Mining Giant! 》 listed a new title after praising The Fairview Group.

“Beautiful Chinese Star, Female Friends, Are You Ready?” 》

The article introduced in detail that the Fairview Group excavated a new origin diamond that was better than the best Argyle pink diamond in the land of Qilu.

The Chinese Star, its color is as dazzling as Chinese red.

Sohu even exclusively took pictures of the two China Stars on the scene, pasted them on the portal, and scrolled them.

Obviously, it is going to be made into Sohu’s annual top ten news.

For a time, various forums on the Internet, QQ group discussion.

“Is 20 billion tons of iron ore a lot?”

“Upstairs is an idiot, no rebuttal!”

“20 billion tons of top iron ore, it is estimated that those companies abroad are now crying without tears!”

“Hahaha, I heard that Fairview will expand production immediately, and it is estimated that it will recruit many people, and I am ready to apply for miners!”

“Sorry, we will hold a special job fair for Fairview Group in a few days, undergraduate mining major, basic salary of 3000-,should I go?”

“Is the big guy upstairs starting to show happiness?” Why doesn’t our school have a signboard Fairview Group job fair, I 211, is no one even mining? ”

“I rely on 3000—what a position!”

Weakly asked, didn’t you see the beautiful Chinese Star? Beautiful! ”

“The girl upstairs suddenly exposed her gender, and in the eyes of our men there are only muscles and minerals!”

At this time, Li Jianguo, who was staying at the Imperial Great Wall Hotel, deliberately let his bodyguard buy today’s newspaper.

Almost all newspapers in the imperial capital made the press conference of the Fairview Group a front page headline.

“Son, look at the “National Daily” this take-off is good!”

Li Jianguo said with a smile.

Li Mingxuan sat on the couch and said to his father, who had turned over and read the newspaper.

“I said Father, Yang Mama is going to Jianghuai soon, don’t you go back to prepare first?”

Hearing this, Li Jianguo put down the newspaper, came to Li Mingxuan’s side and said: “Yes, it is true that I need to prepare for it, but son, what should I say about this interview with the Fairview Group by Yang Mama!?” ”

In fact, including the speeches at the last press conference, a large part of them were told to him by Li Mingxuan.

For example, we are preparing to establish a mineral futures market and a diamond processing center at a flower grower.

On January 29, 2011, the world’s third largest iron ore supplier officially launched the world’s first iron ore futures variety in The three countries, namely the Ore Futures (I0F) jointly launched by the A-San Commodity Exchange (ICE8) and the A-San Commodity Exchange with the ore index TSI as the settlement price.

This greatly promotes the circulation and pricing power of iron ore.

In fact, later generations of flower growers have also launched, even the market iron ore futures.

This greatly promotes a more reasonable and transparent iron ore pricing system.

Therefore, Li Mingxuan is ready to establish a multi-mineral trading platform in the future.

In this way, the future of Fairview’s mining industry, on the basis of satisfying the flower growers, can also exercise pricing power internationally.

As for the diamond processing center, the world’s largest diamond processing center, they are Antwerp in Belgium, Mongmai in Asan, Yuyo in the beautiful country, and Tel Aviv in The country.

So the China Star is in the reach, and Li Mingxuan is also preparing to build a diamond processing center in the flower grower.

After all, in the future, more and more diamonds will be produced in his diamond mines.

In later generations, flower growers were the largest consumers of diamond jewelry.

This kind of money is not as good as earning for others.

Of course, Li Mingxuan did not intend to let the diamond processing center set up by the flower grower process those low-grade diamonds be processed.

Instead, it is intended to establish a processing plant for the world’s luxury diamonds.

The market share does not need to be large every year, but every diamond flowing out of the flower grower must be a top diamond that is refined and impeccable.

And now taking the pink diamond of the China Star as an opportunity is a good opportunity.

“Dad, you can rest assured, The interviews of Yang Mama are to give you a notebook in advance, which has questions ready to ask you, you just need to take it back and think about how to answer it!”

Li Mingxuan was nervous about his father because of the interview with his mother, and he was a little crying and laughing.

“But without you around, I have no bottom, what if they don’t follow the script?”

Li Jianguo said.

“That’s Daddy, your problem, I’m not going to be in front of the camera!”

Li Mingxuan actually knew that the state had sent the most elite Zhonghai bodyguards to protect his father’s safety, plus the bodyguards hired by his father himself.

As long as people are growing flowers, there is basically no safety problem.

As for Li Mingxuan himself, he will not appear in any camera, network and interview for the time being.

This is also a kind of protection for him by the state.

However, with the report of the flower grower on the Fairview Group, the hot discussion on the Internet soon reached the ears of the world’s three major iron ore companies.

At the Rio Tinto Group headquarters in John Bull London, CEO Paul Skinner was first disbelieving after receiving the news, and second, he felt that this was a conspiracy of the flower family on iron ore.

By the way, he’s the president who if the flower grower has 70 tastes of iron ore at Buckingham Palace, dancing belly in front of Queen Victoria.

Although the news was later confirmed, the guy clearly had no intention of fulfilling his promise.

However, the news from the flower grower was far more terrifying than the last time, which made Paul Skinner sweat coldly.

Now the stock market is closed, if tomorrow the news is confirmed.

Then there is no doubt that rio Tinto’s market value will plummet.

Originally, because of Li Mingxuan’s trouble in the beautiful country, the US stock market was an avalanche, directly volatilizing more than trillions of dollars.

Affected by this, the London stock market has been miserable for the past half a month.

Countless people went bankrupt and companies went out of business.

It was as if it had entered a cyclical economic crisis.

Now for the bad news, Rio Tinto’s stock is expected to avalanche.

So Paul Skinner called BHP Billiton, Samba Vale, and asked if he had heard from them.

And both families have also received the news of the flower grower, and now they are also not (good Zhao’s) know what to do.

They have no idea now whether the news is true or not.

If this is false, it is better to say that when the truth is revealed, they will make the flower grower pay the price.

But if it is true, it is really a response to the words of the flower grower, and the roof leaks in the overnight rain.

Therefore, the three companies began to discuss countermeasures, at this time, the famous Rio Tinto spy in the later days of the magic capital, Hu Tai, who had joined the kangaroo nationality, was also an ant on the hot pot.

As the chief representative of Rio Tinto in the flower grower Magic Capital, he has always been good friends with the middle and high-level of major steel companies.

As for the steel company, because of the lack of iron ore, it also intentionally or unintentionally maintains a good relationship with him.

Therefore, Hu Tai is in the magic capital, on the one hand, he enjoys the high salary of the Rio Tinto Group, and on the other hand, he can hold the ore quota to blackmail.

Let those steel companies have to obey, give him a filial piety.

At the same time, he was also able to get some confidential information through the middle and senior management of the steel company and send it to Rio Tinto In exchange for rewards.

In later generations, because of this person, the flower grower lost hundreds of billions.

Because he can always get the final reserve price of the planter’s iron ore quotation.

According to later history, he was arrested in 2008 for espionage.

But now, I’m afraid he won’t even have the chance to be a spy.

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