Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 205

Chapter 205 We have 20 billion tons of iron ore!!

“What a cow!”

The second generation of Huacheng is full of longing.

“I know, I also begged for a long time, and Master agreed to accept me as an apprentice!”

Wang Long bragged.

In fact, Li Mingxuan did not agree at all, but there was no way to acquiesce to his name.

“In this case, look at Gangjiang’s surname Zhao and surname Zhuang still dare to shout!”

A second generation said.

On the other hand, although he was sure to go to the gangjiang, he was not in a hurry.

Because according to the date he and Wang Long agreed, there was still more than a month to go.

That is, after the National Day in 2003.

During this time he still has to deal with a lot of things – emotions.

One of them is the special state-approved mining permits – certificates.

With this, although the Li family’s Fairview Group is not as deep-rooted as the central enterprises and has no policy support, the basic obstacles do not exist.

Take the gold mines, for example.

Generally speaking, if you find a very large gold mine, private mining is not allowed according to the regulations of the state.

Individuals can only participate in a certain percentage of the shares.

But now it’s different, and the Li family has a special license.

It is possible to mine all kinds of minerals of the flower grower without the approval of the Ministry of Land and Resources.

Therefore, Li Mingxuan returned to Jianghuai and consulted with Li Father.

He didn’t say anything about aliens, only that he had a licensed mineral business.

Two people and one total.

It began to fully enter the fields that had never been entered before, including rare earth mines, gold mines, diamonds, natural gas, manganese ore, bauxite, potash, shaft ore and other fields.

Many of these are lacking as the economy of flower growers takes off.

Although Jinxiu Mining has now fully entered these fields, it seems that there are not many mines in the whole flower grower, but according to Li Mingxuan’s meaning, it is not to be afraid of not much.

As long as there is a mine, it will be enough.

And his father Li Jianguo is now obedient to his son, as long as he follows his son’s instructions, don’t look at the absurdity at the beginning, then he will end up making a lot of money.

It’s magical!

As a result, Fairview Minerals began to attack in September 2003.

It has cooperated with Jianghuai Polytechnic University majoring in mineral resources, University of Geology and other universities.

In the country of the flower grower, prospecting and mining.

Because they have a privileged mining certificate, even the local government cannot stop it, as long as they detect the land on which the mineral is being purchased.

For this matter, it is not that there is no place to report it.

However, the reply was: “Support if necessary!” ”

This makes the local people dumbfounded, what is the bottom line of this splendid group.

As a result, in a very short time, the Fairview Group began to become a large group involving almost all minerals.

Jinxiu Group Natural Gas Company, Jinxiu Group Petroleum Company, Jinxiu Group Rare Earth Development Company, Jinxiu Group Manganese Mine Mining Company, etc. have been established successively.

Although for the time being these branches found minerals are small mines, poor mines.

But no problem, first occupy the place and then circle tens of thousands of square meters.

At the same time, because of state support.

In fact, the last time He went to the Imperial Capital Security Bureau Wang Anning gave him this privileged mining license, then he understood that the country seemed to know that he had obtained the technology from aliens that could upgrade minerals.

Otherwise, the state would never have given him such a certificate of privilege.

That’s actually good! Originally, it was hidden because of fear and being discovered by the state.

Now that the state thinks he got the technology from the aliens, he doesn’t need an explanation.

Where did those mines that got better and more come from!

Backed by the state, it also allows Fairview Group to appear in the world in a bright and bright way.

It is finally time to start a showdown with those foreign companies.

On the morning of September 16, Fairview Group held a press conference in Didu to know that after the Twin Tower incident, Fairview Group and Fairview China $0HO have become famous in the land of flower growers.

Even many Yanda graduates joked privately that after graduation, they would go to Fairview to dig coal.

However, it was established for a short time and was usually too low-key.

The official website of The Fairview Group, which has just been launched, has almost no content.

Basically everything on the site.

On a certain day of a certain year, our company formed a coal worker to go to the team.

Or celebrate a certain day of a certain year, our coal production exceeded 100,000 tons per day.

Or, the company’s boss Li Jianguo comforted the widows and the elderly, laying the foundation for the Hope Project and so on.

There is nothing substantive at all.

Today, however, seems different.

The old newspapers include the “National Daily”, “Didu Evening News”, “Yangcheng Evening News” reporters and so on.

The new type of online media includes Sohu, NetEase reporters and so on, as well as some TV reporters.

About a hundred media outlets from across the country gathered for the press conference.

Apparently, the Fairview Group seems to have some earth-shattering news announcement.

“You said that the Fairview Group was trying to do something!”

The reporter in the audience asked the reporter next to him.

“Who knows, but didn’t you see that the throat of the country has sent people?!”

The reporter nuzzled at the first row.

Sure enough, there was a reporter for the National Daily.

As soon as I saw that the throat of the country had sent people, what else to say.

Moreover, the people’s Fairview Group privately gives a lot of red envelopes, and when the time comes, they have to help others speak.

With this feeling in mind, many reporters began to wait.

However, the next scene is a surprise.

Only to see that on the podium of the hall, three rows of people suddenly came, and some reporters in each row of more than a dozen reporters quickly recognized these people.

Because each of these people is a local celebrity.

The chairman of Wugang Steel, the chairman of Baogang Steel, the chairman of Angang Steel, Pangang, Tisteel, and the basic large state-owned steel companies in the country gathered together.


The entire press corps was shaken, and it was clear that they were not lightly shocked by this lineup.

Because these people on the stage basically control eighty or ninety percent of the steel production of the flower growers.

Most of the rest are private or small steel mills.

“The Fairview Group is going to enlarge the satellite!”

A reporter sighed in his heart.

At this time, as these steel giants stood up, they applauded fiercely.

Li Jianguo, a Chinese character face, broad shoulders, tall figure, wearing a custom suit, walked out.

The chairman of The Portang steel personally smiled and gave Li Jianguo a chair.

This one action alone shows who the protagonist of today is.

Looking at hundreds of reporters and dozens of large state-owned steel companies on the stage, Li Jianguo felt that this was probably the most glorious time in his life.

After sitting down, he smiled and said: “Thank you for the reporters, the media friends’ appreciation, and the CEOs of the steel companies, as the boss of a private enterprise, I am now a little flattered!” ”

Speaking of this, he paused: “More than a year ago, I thought that under the temptation of the so-called friend, I bought the first coal mine of Jinxiu in debt, until now I have a vivid memory, but who can think that in just over a year, our Jinxiu has developed to 110,000 tons of top coal per day, 130,000 tons of iron ore, and 30,000 tons of copper mine with a single-day profit of more than 80 million super enterprises!” ”

As soon as these words came out, there was an uproar in the audience.

A single-day profit of 80 million, that is not a year profit of 28.8 billion reporters who never knew the profit of Fairview, one by one, their eyes widened.

This profit is not to say to the reporters, even those steel bosses on the stage are difficult to be confident.

Taking Huizhou’s Angang Steel as an example, in 2003, it produced 11 million tons of steel and achieved sales of 12 billion, but the profit was only 300 million.

And Splendid, which used to beg them to buy coal, was able to net 28.8 billion yuan in the whole year.

It is basically equal to the profit of 100 ansteel.

However, Li Jianguo, as if feeling that the satellite was not large enough, continued: “Perhaps many foreign ore companies feel that the reserves of our Splendid Iron Ore will soon be depleted according to this amount of excavation, but I am now going to introduce the actual iron ore reserves of our Splendid, with a near-up reserve of 20 billion tons!” ”

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