Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 202

Chapter 202 Mining License! Gun License!!

Li Mingxuan naturally did not know that the alien event was completely fabricated by him and written and directed by himself.

It was actually with the assistance of Wang Anning that such a rich result was achieved.

That is to say, from now on, the mining companies under the Fairview Group will no longer be restrained in planting flowers.

Whenever there was something good, he did not hesitate to hide it.

I’m afraid of being discovered.

On the other hand, although this fabricated alien event satisfies humanity’s desire for contact with the third kind of extraterrestrial civilization.

But, as far as contact itself is concerned, humans do not benefit anything.

On the contrary, the beautiful country itself has suffered great losses.

Because of this incident, various countries have also launched various heated discussions.

Television, the Internet is full of all kinds of arguments.

One of them is, is humanity really ready for an alien civilization?

In particular, the aliens mentioned the cold “Dark Forest Law”, so the beautiful country did not dare to broadcast to the space of the universe anymore, nor did it dare to invest in anything with human information at will.

Even Congress has cut some of its funding for space development.

They are forbidden to contact the aliens again.

Truth be told, they were really scared by the sudden appearance of aliens.

But Hollywood, known for its entertainment, doesn’t care about that.

For example, Twentieth Century Fox Pictures, which once released “Independence Day”, announced that it was preparing for the “Independence Day 2” movie.

For example, LucasFilm Co. is preparing to shoot “Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith”.

For a time, all the movies related to aliens seemed to be on the horse.

Even the earthlings are very bold to print the alien image of the coin on various shirts and dolls.

For a time, the alien image without a face once became a fashion hit.

Many beautiful people, wearing this kind of clothing, walk in the streets and alleys, holding high the sign of an alien hero.

That’s right! Instead of blaming the coin for defeating the army of the beautiful country, they felt that the aliens were the heroes who defeated the evil beautiful country.

In this regard, Li Mingxuan had a feeling of crying and laughing.

However, with the aliens no longer showing up on Earth, this heat is also rapidly fading.

After all, because of the emergence of extraterrestrial life, the people of the earth cannot live.

Therefore, the business that should be discussed continues to talk about business, the work continues to work, and after a short period of chaos, everything returns to normal.

For ordinary people, there is no doubt that nothing has changed in the world.

Only those in power will worry that the aliens will not still be on Earth and have not left.

After Li Mingxuan returned from the beautiful country, he showed that he had a life of in-depth and simple.

Even missed Lavigne’s concert because of this.

It is said that at Lavigne’s San Francisco concert, she dedicated a new song to a friend who did not come to the scene.

For a time, many beautiful people in the country speculated about who Lavigne’s friend really was.

It’s worth our punk princess to write a song.

For a while, many people talked about it.

In early September, Li Mingxuan received a call from Wang Anning of the Imperial Capital’s Security Bureau.

One enters the Security Service.

Wang Anning welcomed him in very warmly: “Come, Mingxuan sit!” ”

“Uncle Wang, if you have anything, just say it!”

Li Mingxuan was a little uncomfortable with his enthusiasm.

“That’s right, the leader asked me to give you something!”

After Wang Anning finished speaking, he directly pulled out several documents.

Li Mingxuan took out a look, and it turned out to be a mining license.

“What is this?”

“This is the mining certificate given to you by the state, with this you Fairview Group can enter the various mining industries in the country, which is specially approved by the leadership!”

Wang Anning stressed.

“How funny is that?”

Li Mingxuan’s heart blossomed.

The heart is not worthy of his self-directed and self-acting hard work to perform such a long play.

“Don’t hide what you boy has, as long as it is beneficial to the flower grower, the state will support you!”

Wang Anning said something in his words.

“Ugh! Uncle Wang, what are you talking about! ”

Li Mingxuan pretended to be stupid and said.

“You don’t want to say it, no one is forcing you!”

Then, he took out another ID card and handed it to Li Mingxuan.

“Have a firearm certificate!”

“Gun license?”

Li Mingxuan said in surprise.

“This is the state’s reward for your credit, but you have to remember not to mess with it!”

Wang Anning sternly admonished.

After speaking, he also handed a black Type 92 pistol to Li Mingxuan.

Suddenly, Li Mingxuan was like touching a baby, stroking the body of the gun.

Every man has a dream of holding a gun, but because of the reason that the flower grower banned guns, he did not dare to get a gun before.

Maybe someone asked, you all have alien robots, but also this kind of gun yu well, in fact, the coin is definitely Li Mingxuan’s bottom card.

To put it bluntly, even the coin is invincible to the earth, and there is no solution.

260 But still can’t change, Li Mingxuan himself is a weak chicken in this world.

A simple bullet could kill him.

And once there is no control from the owner, the robot cannot move.

Until now, the system had not given Li Mingxuan a protection or anything.

And holding a firearm at a flower grower is definitely a status symbol, and there is no specific relationship.

You are the second generation of the provincial level, and you cannot have such a small book.

“Thanks, Uncle Wang!”

Li Mingxuan said gratefully.

Then pick up the gun and snap out the magazine.

“This is not what I gave you, what you really appreciate is the country!”

Wang Anning said.

“Yes, yes, yes, thanks to the trust of the country!”

Li Mingxuan said with a grin.

Even if he behaves majestically in a beautiful country, he is still an ordinary second-generation flower grower.

“Just know, will you play with this thing?”

Wang Anning asked with a smile.

Li Mingxuan shook his head.

“Go, I’ll take you to our security bureau’s range and practice!”

After Wang Anning finished speaking, he pulled Li Mingxuan along to the shooting range outside.

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