Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 20

At the front desk of the hotel is a beautiful woman with a good looking 80 points, wearing a black short-sleeved OL professional suit.

When Li Mingxuan handed over his ID card and reported the number.

Immediately, a hotel waitress respectfully walked up to him and gave him directions.

In the lobby of the VIP building, there is a white jade zodiac fountain, which imitates the fountain zodiac outside the Haiyan Hall in the Yuanmingyuan.

It looks very high-end and atmospheric.

The two took a special elevator to the ninth floor, which is basically not open to ordinary guests

I came all the way to a milky white double-door room.

The hotel waitress bent down and slowly opened the door.

Although he had expected it earlier, Li Mingxuan was still slightly shocked.

Think about it, after a serious change in his family in a previous life, he became a poor dick.

Not to mention the presidential set of the big hotel, even if it is an administrative set, he is reluctant to do it.

However, as the second generation of the mine in this life, even if it is a hotel of 30,000 yuan a night.

Let Old Comrade Li dig up a few more truckloads of coal, and everything will be available.

More than 200 square meters of suite space, huge living room, expensive carpets.

In addition, the whole room has a lot of Chinese-style mahogany furniture, and some of the walls are hung with celebrity calligraphy paintings.

Centered on the living room, there is a separate dining room on the left and a kitchen area on the right.

The restaurant has a six-seat Chinese dining table, the entire table and chairs are made of precious mahogany material, and there is a picture of Qi Baishi interesting shrimp hanging on the wall of the restaurant.

Although the VIP building was established in the 1990s, it has hosted former presidents of the Lighthouse Nation, former Prime Minister Saskoll of John Bull, former General Li Cole of Hans, and so on for more than a decade.

In 2002, before the major hotels stayed in the imperial capital, the presidential suite in the VIP building was sometimes not necessarily bookable even if there was money.

It can only be said that Li Mingxuan was in a hurry.

Just then, a slender young man dressed in a well-dressed dark blue suit walked over and took a fluent sip of Kyokata

“Hello, I am your exclusive housekeeper, Makino, you can call me Komaki, in the future my team and I will provide you with professional service 24 hours a day.”

“Oh!” Li Mingxuan nodded.

After all, as a five-star hotel, it is normal to have a dedicated butler.

The only pity is that it is not a beautiful woman.

In fact, today includes the hotel front desk, the waitress who leads guests to the room, or the exclusive butler.

They were all a little surprised by Li Mingxuan’s youth.

You should know that this is 30,000 presidential sets per night, and you can buy 6 square meters of newly opened buildings in the imperial capital.

Now it’s only for one night.

Of course, this is not to say that such an expensive presidential condom should not be lived, but there are many rich people.

But, Makino swore that among the guests he had ever welcomed, there had never been such a young man.

This has to make people have a deep suspicion of its background.

However, as a housekeeper, he would never inquire about the privacy of his guests, just thinking about it in his heart.

“Show me this room!” Li Mingxuan ordered.

“Yes!” Makino nodded, then said:

“This room has a total area of 225 square meters and has a master room, guest room, living room, side hall, dining room, separate kitchen, and mini bar.”

Then he began to introduce each room.

In about ten minutes or so, he came to a place and pressed a button.

An escape exit was suddenly revealed.

“This is an escape exit, and you can leave from here if there is danger.”

Then he went to the bathroom where the bathroom was.

The curtains are opened in front of a river-view bathtub, and the imperial city is suddenly displayed in front of you at night.

Viewing the Forbidden City from above, the view is extremely vast, and it is almost possible to bring the Forbidden City into the eyes.

While running in the bath, looking at the beautiful scenery of the Forbidden City, the feeling is really beautiful.

After the butler Makino finished his introduction, Li Mingxuan said:

“I heard that the food in the VIP Building Restaurant is good, I am a little hungry, get me some food.”

“Wait a minute!” With that, Makino took out a menu from the bag he was carrying, and if it was twenty years later, it was estimated that the housekeeper would take out a PAD.

Li Mingxuan took the menu and looked at it, the price was not cheap.

But it was nothing to him.

“One Samsung abalone fin (1180 yuan), one Jinhua white jade swallow (2500), ten dried large shrimp (80/piece), and a xiang flavor stir-fried meat (180 yuan), a bowl of rice is enough.”

“Okay!” After the butler wrote it down, he asked:

“I wonder if you’re eating in the restaurant on the ninth floor or in your guest room?”

“Bring it to the room, I’m a little tired!”

“Okay, please rest a lot!”

After saying that, the housekeeper Makino left the room and went to prepare the food.

After all, some of Li Mingxuan’s orders are even state banquet dishes, even if the hotel is ready for guests at any time, it is still very troublesome to make.

Turn on the hotel’s TV, grab a bottle of Sprite from the mini bus and sit on the luxurious leather sofa.

Then he took out his Nokia mobile phone and reported to his parents that he was safe.

Then he watched the TV bored.

After all, after driving for more than ten hours, I was really tired and in the mood to go shopping.

Even wangfujing street, the most famous street in the imperial capital, is close to the hotel.

But the TV was playing the channels of dido.

An expert was talking about children’s education, talking about the Internet café fire that had just occurred in the imperial capital.

This incident that happened in June of this year really shocked the entire imperial capital.

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