Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 199

Chapter 199 Complete Extinction Biology Laboratory!!

Because between 1950 and 1975, pretty countries discussed whether it was possible to experiment with and other insects as biological weapons.

And shortly thereafter, the Fort Detrick Biological Laboratory in the pretty country began a series of appalling experiments.

Among them, in order to study the spread of germs in dense populations, The Pretty Nation once led an experiment in the Yu. A subway station in About Manhattan secretly dropped a colorless and odorless bacterium.

Subsequently, several detection tools were deployed in the city to detect the spread of this bacterium, and they also conducted research on insect-borne pathogens, and in order to study the migration pattern of ticks, they injected radioactive markers into ticks that were about to lay eggs.

These substances can be retained in ticks for three generations before being released into the wild to determine the migration pattern of ticks through radioactive markers.

In the end, all suspicions point to the infamous biological laboratory.

However, because the beautiful country is the world’s largest economy and military power, no matter what it does, it is almost impossible to see the relevant reports of this laboratory.

So, the day after the defeat of the aliens in the beautiful country.

When an experimenter in the lab wearing a white coat and a protective shield is injecting some kind of virus into a mouse.

Suddenly he found that his rubber gloves were decomposing and volatilizing.

At first he thought that the gloves were contaminated with some kind of strong acid and were rotting 150 erosions.

The next moment, however, his face changed dramatically.

Because the decomposition phenomenon is not only his gloves, then his fingers.

Soon his fingers were out of the white bones of his fingertips, and then the hard bones could not escape the fate and began to disappear.

“Oh, God!”

Where the experimenter still cared about the virus in his hand, he was terrified and wanted to ask for help.

The next moment, however, he fell straight to the ground.

It turned out that at some point, his legs had disappeared.

Because the nanoworms nibbled, split, and copied so fast that there wasn’t even a drop of blood on the ground.

In fact, at this time, in the place where the researchers can’t see, the whole laboratory is being eaten up little by little.

It felt like the lab had turned into snow, rapidly evaporating by the heat.

Even the bacterial samples that the experimenters dropped on the ground were not spared.

Strange alien nano-worms, hundreds of them together completely devoured the huge bacteria that were huge to them in an instant.

And this deadly bacteria just adds a material that they can mimic.

“Save… Life! ”

The fallen white experimenter had even forgotten the sharp pain and was trying to reach for the glass door.

However, the raised arm actually disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye and quickly turned into a snow-white arm bone, and then the bone completely disappeared.

The speed is only in the blink of an eye.

After devouring the entire laboratory, countless nano-worms began to spread towards the entire Detrick Fort Biological Laboratory.

The guards who found the anomaly from the surveillance all watched this scene in horror.

Then the whole lab sounded the alarm.

This alarm is only sounded after a major leak in the laboratory.

Although the guards did not know what had happened in that laboratory, they could not think much about it now.

And as soon as you hear this alarm.

Hundreds of people throughout the lab had a look of horror on their faces.

What they studied, they naturally knew, was that the entire lab had countless deadly mutant viruses and bacteria.

Many things, once contaminated, have no specific medicine to cure them.

And even if the body’s own immune system can resist the past, most of them will leave very serious sequelae.

Because this is the data they got through human experiments abroad.

So these people did not have time to clean up, so they left their laboratories and headed for the emergency exit.

However, the next scene made these experimenters almost collapse on the ground one by one.

Their lab was rapidly evaporating like a high temperature, disappearing an experimenter just because he was a few steps slower, and then he simply disappeared, leaving nothing behind.

Looking at the colleague who was still a normal person, the next second just disappeared.


Suddenly, the experimenters screamed in horror, eager to grow two more legs.

“GO! G0! ”

A guard with a gun shouted.

Behind him was an elevator that was already fully loaded.

However, when one of the experimenters was about to approach him, the guard’s pupil disappeared again and instantly turned into a needle eye, and then did not dare to have any hesitation, and rushed directly into the emergency escape elevator.

As the elevator door closed, the eerie force seemed to be intercepted outside.

However, a researcher crowded in the elevator covered his face with his hands in horror: “I know what it is, I know what it is, we are finished, we are finished!” ”

“We’re done, we don’t have a chance to escape, that’s an alien weapon that can devour thousands of troops in a matter of minutes!”

“But why should aliens deal with us, haven’t they always proclaimed themselves as peace-loving races?” Not even the soldiers of those armies were killed! ”

A female researcher said with luck that she would rather have a big leak of some kind of virus in the lab than face a strange alien.

“Maybe, maybe, they define our study of biological weapons as evil!”

Someone gave a reasonable explanation.

As soon as these words came out, the people in the elevator were completely desperate.

For in any respect, the development of lethal biological weapons can never be called a good deed.

But there are still some people who shout in the elevator: “We are innocent, we are only researched by order of the government, Mr. Alien, please let me go, I will resign immediately, and then I will never touch the research of biology for the rest of my life!” ”

“Mr. Alien, I still have children to take care of, please don’t kill me!”

However, at the top of the elevator suddenly appeared a silver face without facial features, and said with a humming voice.

“It’s late, because your research has killed, directly or indirectly, how many people have been killed, do you know it yourself?”

“We can compensate, we repent!”

Someone looked up at the silver face and cried.

“Yes, I have money, I donate all my money to charity, so much money can definitely save a lot of people!” 」

Someone said, however, the silver face could not see any expression, and then simply disappeared.

However, just when many people felt that the aliens had been persuaded, suddenly a person inside the elevator began to evaporate and disappeared.

Then the second, the third.

“Oh, God!”

Someone yelled.

“Ahh… To die, to die, you alien monster,!! ”

The guard was full of horror and was shooting with a gun, and the bullets kept bouncing inside the elevator to wipe out a large amount of orange sparks.

One researcher turned out not to die in the mouth of the nanoworm, but under his gun.

Blood splattered everywhere.

Bite! More than ten seconds later, the escape elevator stopped in the underground space.

There is a train for escape, and in general, biological laboratories if a fatal leak has occurred.

The researchers can escape from the train and go outside to wait for rescue.

However, as the elevator opened, the escape elevator, which had just been full, now had nothing, whether it was cloth, or human tissue, or the blood that had just splashed, the shell of a bullet.

Even the guns were gone.

This happens inside all the escape elevators in the lab.

Half an hour later, the Maryland rescue team arrived at the Fort Detrick Biological Laboratory and found it a beautiful pit.

Whether it is the superstructure or the underground building, it has disappeared cleanly.

Rescue team members came to the edge of a circular pit tens of meters deep, and a piece of rubble fell into the pit.

As soon as he looked at the place, he was afraid that even tiny viruses and bacteria could not escape, which was a terrifying extermination.

This unknown attack doesn’t look like anything earthlings can do.

The only explanation, then, is that this is the work of aliens who have not yet left Earth.

So why are they doing this, or what is this biological laboratory that deserves a lot of extraterrestrial action?

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