Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 194

Chapter 194 Aliens Appear!!

If Li Jianguo was here, he would have said to Li Mingxuan: “Son, you are drifting, and you actually want to take a shot at the world’s first power.” ”

However, Li Mingxuan estimated that he would say: “My small body that will be knocked down with one shot will definitely not shoot!” ”

In fact, he has done so much, and he is also a little worried about the pursuit of the beautiful country.

There is a saying that never underestimates your enemies.

Although his theft of nuclear fuel is very secretive, if it is well traced, it may not be traceless.

Therefore, when he saw the talk show on TV, he thought of a possibility to completely get rid of suspicion.

At the same time, it is necessary to fiercely educate the arrogant and beautiful Chinese.

That’s really fostering an alien human set-up.

In the coming, alien technology beautiful national science and technology war.

Hasn’t the beautiful country always boasted that it was the first in the century of science and technology, and acted arbitrarily with its own military capabilities?

Li Mingxuan decided to let the country experience what is called true despair.

As a result, the live broadcast of “Oprah Talk Show” to the United States was halfway through.

Oprah Winfrey was asking Mr. Winston about the possible purpose of aliens stealing nuclear fuel.

Suddenly, a humming sound sounded in the scene.

“Earth Homo sapiens, I myself will tell you!”

As soon as the 327 tones fell, a silver liquid flowed down from the TV station, and then transformed into a humanoid creature like a Terminator robot.

He is two meters tall, has slender limbs, and does not even have facial features.

But the whole body radiated a silvery glow.

Upon seeing it, Aunt Oprah Winfrey, a black man, first narrowed her eyes and then put her hands over her mouth: “Oh, God, oh God.”

And the bespectacled Mr. Winston was now blushing with excitement, covering his heart, and there was a feeling that he was about to breathe.

As for the audience on the scene of “Oprah Talk Show”, they can no longer speak.

Among them, the field photographers gave all the shots to “aliens.” ”


At this time, people across the United States watching the “Oprah Talk Show” in front of the TV, one by one, were stunned and then began to scream.

“Mommy, Mommy aliens, aliens have come to Earth!”

The child calls for his mother.

“James, is that really an alien?” They will not invade us! ”

The girl called for a boyfriend.

The old man put on his glasses and stared straight at the TV.

“God, I’m sure this isn’t a new episode of Oprah Talk Show, alien interviews or something!?”

Someone said in disbelief.

“I don’t think Oprah Talk Show would turn out to be such a weird show, and you see Ms. Oprah’s eyes? God, that’s not like a show! ”

Meanwhile, President Boo, who lives in the White House, gasped in his nostrils after seeing aliens on the scene of oprah’s talk show, and then immediately dialed the president’s office phone.

“Quick, get people to Chicago at once, and inform the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of State, and the Global Strategic Advisory Board… Meet now! ”

People think about contacting extraterrestrial civilizations every day, but when extraterrestrial civilizations do occur.

They will be overwhelmed, and any preparation will seem useless.

They can’t even be sure whether the arrival of extraterrestrial civilizations is good or malicious.

On this day, while the whole beautiful country boiled over, the government became chaotic.

Because they don’t know what to do next, whether to contact aliens now or not to go.

What to do in case the aliens misunderstand.

If the other party comes with good intentions, what etiquette should be used to receive it?

If the other party comes with malice, how to fight back.

Beautiful countries, from presidents down to members of the Global Strategic Advisory Board, are now a mess.

Soon, the news spread around the world through embassies.

Although the show “Oprah Talk Show” will certainly not be aimed at flower growers, the flower growers still receive the retransmission of the picture, although it may be a few seconds slower than the live broadcast.

However, the supreme leaders of the entire flower grower gathered to watch, because it was very likely that it would be a major event that would affect the whole world.

However, many of the people present were jealous of the good fortune of the beautiful country, as the first country to contact the extraterrestrial civilization, if the alien civilization came with good intentions, then they were likely to get the favor of the aliens.

Although they also got the problem of aliens from secret sources in pretty holding a lot of energy.

However, this is even more worrying.

In case the aliens listened to the rhetoric of the beautiful country, in order to show gratitude, give the beautiful country some advanced technology.

Even build wai relationships.

At that time, the whole earth was in big trouble.

The beautiful country that originally prides itself on the world patrol is not riding on the top of the flower grower’s head to and pee!

At that time, the flower growers who have a little improvement because of the appearance of T1 metal will inevitably not be rivals with beautiful countries with alien support.

“Hey! How can the rise of a country be so difficult, and why is it that beautiful countries have always been so lucky since the beginning of two world wars! ”

At about the same time, in a very secret room in the Plaster Country, several middle-aged people in suits gathered together, watching aliens on TV.

“Baga, why don’t aliens come to us for plastering, why is the world always so unfair, and let those beautiful guys get a chance, Amaterasu, you open your eyes and look at yamato’s people!”

“Well, shut up, now it’s like the flower grower said that the wood has become a boat, and it won’t help, but it seems that the beautiful country is really blessed.” For a long time they will lead the world, we must continue to endure behind the strong, if one day we can also contact the aliens, perhaps the restoration of the glory of the Yamato nation is just around the corner! ”

“Hey! Your Excellency, Prime Minister, you are right, and we must be patient and continue to follow the beautiful country! ”

“Your Excellency the Prime Minister is so right, and even if a beautiful country is the first to come into contact with aliens, we may not be able to introduce aliens into our country!”

“However, we need to know what aliens like, and this is not something that can be done in the past by means of money and women!”

However, these people soon thought of nuclear fuel.

But because the plaster is a defeated country, it is free of nuclear weapons.

And all the nuclear fuel in its nuclear power plant is monitored by international agencies, and there is no way to do anything about it.

Just when the plaster man was at a loss.

John Bull, Woolly Bear, Hans and other leaders of many countries are all watching a beautiful country talk show at the same time.

It’s unimaginable.

Soon hundreds of millions of people watched it in all the beautiful countries, and the number is still growing rapidly.

If it weren’t for the fact that this show could not be broadcast live to the world, perhaps, the number of viewers at this moment would exceed billions of people in an instant.

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