Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 192

Chapter 192 is not good! President, we lost the nuclear bomb!!

As a result, the news was quickly informed to the Wujiao Tower.

Immediately, the military of the beautiful country knew the seriousness of the matter and immediately ordered the major general to block all passages through San Diego.

Including road, sea and aviation, among others.

At the same time, the FBI and the CIA began investigating the matter at home and abroad.

The main responsibility of the CIA in the beautiful country is to gather external intelligence.

So, they started looking for clues about any foreign intelligence on the matter.

The FBI sent agents to investigate domestic ji-side activists who might be involved in the matter.

Meanwhile, an investigative team, made up of the military, the FBI and organizations that prevent nuclear hazards, arrived by helicopter at the San Onofre nuclear power plant.

The organization that prevents nuclear hazards is responsible for investigating the actual situation of nuclear power plants.

The military and the FBI are responsible for interrogating everyone at the plant.

“Really, I’m sure it was aliens, it must have been done by aliens!”

Taken to a makeshift interrogation room, confronted with the FBI interrogation, the head of the nuclear power plant with a lie detector shouted.

“Mr. Smith, why are you so sure that 13 must have been done by aliens, rather than the staff of the power station and others!

The FBI agent asked.

“Oh, are you insulting my intelligence?” Who can get a nuclear fuel stick in a nuclear reactor! ”

The head of the nuclear power plant argued: “And if it is a combination of inside and outside, then why do those people take nuclear waste, they must have super technology that uses nuclear waste as an energy source.” ”

And it may be that the spacecraft was short of energy when passing through Earth, so we took those things, God, we finally proved the existence of an extraterrestrial civilization!!

Hearing this, FBI agents glanced at the professionals connected to the lie detector, who shook his head.

Then he looked at the psychologist next to him, and the other person shook his head.

As a result, FBI agents can only disappoint the person in charge of the power station to send down and then interrogate others.

Unfortunately, these people have passed lie detectors and psychological tests to prove that their words are not false.

And soon the national organization for nuclear hazard prevention also investigated the actual situation of the power station.

The results were astonishing.

In the entire power station, all the radiation materials are gone.

The same is true even in reactors, according to the records of the nuclear power plant operation manual.

The First and Second Nuclear Reactors of the Saint-Onofre Nuclear Power Plant were filled with new nuclear fuel two and four days ago, respectively.

Such a short period of time, it is impossible to consume under any circumstances.

That is, someone really stole the nuclear fuel rods from the reactor.

But this is simply absurd, the radiation in the reactor is not to mention, just the temperature Marvel superheroes are dead and can’t die again.

However, if you push the initiator of all this to the aliens, it may make sense.

In short, the events became more and more confusing.

Originally, the government wanted to cover up all this.

However, there is one thing that the government cannot hide, the fact that the ninety Luo Sanji blackout and the inability to supply electricity for several days to come, the government always has to give an explanation.

The president, who was in the white house at the time, soon received a report from the FBI.

“Suspected aliens did it!”

“And then all kinds of evidence were cited!”

This report made the president look confused, is he going to become the first head of state on Earth to have contact with aliens!

For a moment, he felt that either his subordinates were fooling himself with a low IQ, or a new era was coming.

Although the evidence on the document is very detailed and professional, even many presidents can’t understand it.

However, the president, who had just launched the war against Iraq, still felt that his subordinates must be fooling him.

But no matter what to do, we must first fool the ignorant people of the country.

Soon, the White House spokesperson said to the public: “The Saint-Honoré nuclear power plant is being overhauled, so there will be a power outage!” ”

However, the outside world did not believe it at all.

Instead, the news came from nowhere, and the news that the nuclear power plant was being patronized by aliens spread quickly.

The initiator, Li Mingxuan, had already boarded the plane before the beautiful country blocked San Diego’s air, and arrived in Illinois in the beautiful country a few hours later.

So, a day later, the first thing to do in St. Onofre was the Byron Nuclear Power Plant in Illinois, and the situation was almost exactly the same.

First, the staff of the nuclear power plant found that his control platform first showed a rapid drop in power, then the fuel was in a hurry, and finally there was a knock on the power of the nuclear power plant.

Then came Cleveland, houston, and the big blackout.

Then the military drove the armored vehicle and the plane entered the power station.

However, even if the entire perimeter of the power station was turned over and over again, they still did not find any clues.

So, in the president’s office, there was another report of an alien masterpiece, but it was not over.

Three days later, also in Illinois, this time it was replaced by the Bradwood Nuclear Power Plant.

Four days later, in Binn? Salem Township, Luzern County, Faria, Sasquehanna Nuclear Power Plant.

Five days later, it was located in Binh Nin? West bank of the Sasquehanna River in Fania, Peach Bottom Nuclear Power Plant.

For a time, the nuclear power plants of beautiful countries were like locusts crossing the border, and it was useless to hide nuclear fuel wherever you hid them.

When mysterious visitors come, they disappear completely.

Then there will be a big blackout in the nearby city.

The summer of 2003 was the toughest summer for the whole beautiful countryman.

Because you will find your home, from time to time there will be a big blackout.

The power department will then inform you that it will take a long time to restore power.

The president is even more anxious than the people, and there are now more than a dozen nuclear power plant reports lying on his desk.

But every report, while giving evidence, summarizes that sentence.

“Suspected 020 seems to be done by aliens!!”

“Damn aliens!!”

President Bu is now also a little convinced that this was done by aliens.

After all, you can say that a nuclear power plant is man-made, but the nuclear power plants in the whole beautiful country have one accident after another, which is very abnormal.

Later, in order to cope with this mysterious event, now every nuclear power plant will send a National Guard guard.

But even so, the disappearance of nuclear fuel has not been prevented.

Instead, it was right under the eyes of the National Guard, and it was gone.

Let everyone present look at each other.

Now the president is a little bit complaining about the aliens, you say you want nuclear fuel in front of us, our beautiful country is the most hospitable nation, absolutely will not put you in Area 51, but will give you enough nuclear fuel to let you go back to your home.

Kindness! If we can establish a relationship and send a wai to each other, it will be best for international students.

We eagle sauce that is definitely the most peace-loving country in the world.

Committed to mutual understanding and mutual communication between the planets!

“No, Sir, the 200 nuclear warheads we put at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota are gone!”

The assistant in the president’s office shouted anxiously.

The president, who had just been committed to peace, immediately roared, “FUCK, find me those damn aliens!” ”

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