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Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 187

Chapter 187: A Trip with Lavigne!!

Although Lavigne has always lived in the beautiful national music scene, she is a person from the maple leaf country.

In 2000, she was noticed by star scouts from Alista Records while performing in a bookstore.

She was then taken to a recording studio in New York to record and successfully attracted the attention of record company executives, and Lavigne immediately signed with Alice Records, so she was as unfamiliar with Li Mingxuan as She was to California.

Looking at Avril Lavigne, who is wearing short sleeves in orange, brown slacks and a pair of dark blue canvas shoes, she is greeted by a student atmosphere.

Li Mingxuan smiled and said, “Lavigne, you are not afraid that I am a bad person, and a bad person will not write a bad person on his face!” ”

“Oh, since you ask, then Jack, you are certainly not a bad person, and I am considered a little witch by the outside world!”

Lavigne opened her hands, her dark nails and smoky makeup, and she really had a bit of vampire, demon and other temperament.

“What about the concert?”

Li Mingxuan asked.

“Then there are still 13 days to start, there is no hurry at all!”

Lavigne said.

Since she said so, what else could Li Mingxuan say?

However, at this time, Lavigne showed a hesitant expression.

“What’s wrong?”

Li Mingxuan was a little curious, what happened to our punk princess.

“Jack… Do you have a room there? ”

Lavigne asked directly.

“Ah, hat?”

Li Mingxuan said in amazement.

“Because the company only booked a room for me and my female assistant in The Ritz-Carlton, so.”

Lavigne’s helpless hands.

“Hey, you don’t think anything of me!”

Li Mingxuan revealed a wary look.

Suddenly, Lavigne was stunned for a moment, and then laughed and asked, “Is it okay?” ”

This sentence is a bit ambiguous!

At this time, Lavigne was very amused by this humorous Asian boy.

At first, she thought the boy was an Asian star, because he was really handsome.

Unlike the average Asian, they simply don’t know how to dress themselves.

And that kind of handsomeness, whether it is appearance and clothing, but also that kind of confidence.

The boy was like a mystery.

It’s very tempting to discover his story.

Lavigne also had to sigh that she had lost a relationship that had ended before it had even begun tonight.

And God seemed to not tolerate her sorrow, caressed her forehead, and then gave her another boy.

Therefore, Li Mingxuan brought Lavigne to her own presidential set.

Lavigne was not surprised by Li Mingxuan’s presidential set, for a star like her, the general concert is a high-level executive set of the hotel.

Although it is a little worse than the presidential set, it is actually not as much as imagined.

While washing, Li Mingxuan also asked the housekeeper to send a set of Chanel’s change of clothes to the guest bedroom of the president’s set.

There is a separate bathroom.

That being the case, who would have thought that he had just come to the beautiful country and was now sleeping under the same roof as a girl.

Fate is sometimes so peculiar.

The next day, wearing the Chanel white T-shirt and cropped pants that Li Mingxuan gave last night, it was still the dark blue canvas shoes.

By this time she had tied her long hair into a ponytail and then somehow pulled out a baseball cap and big sunglasses from nowhere.

Dressed like this, even Lavigne’s fans will no longer know her in person, in fact, as she became famous, her straight blonde hair quickly became a symbol of imitation in the United States.

Don’t look at this girl is not tall, but she has her own unique outfit.

No matter at any time it seems to be outdated, it has always been in the foreword of fashion.

“Well, then no one will recognize me!”

Lavigne showed off and said.

“Are you sure you’re going to travel with me and aren’t afraid of being photographed by paparazzi?”

Li Mingxuan finally asked.

Lavigne, on the other hand, said only one word.


Clean and crisp without a little hesitation.

Therefore, Li Mingxuan did not talk nonsense, did not wear that suit again, but a fashionable and versatile series, white crewneck L shirt, blue shorts with an L bag, and then made his hair into a comma head shape.

A fashionable man who is properly at the forefront of fashion.

Avril Lavigne saw Li Mingxuan walking out of the bathroom, and her eyes also lit up.

Without the formality of last night’s suit, there is more youth and fashion.

To be honest, she likes this kind of fan.

“What’s wrong?”

Li Mingxuan looked at her stunned for a moment and asked.

“Nothing, let’s go!”

Lavigne took Li Mingxuan’s arm and dragged him out of the room.

This time, instead of opting for a hotel shuttle service, they prepared to travel through the unknown city on their own.

Because neither of them had ever been to San Francisco.

I bought a map of San Francisco at the roadside newspaper stop, studied where I wanted to go, then walked along the map, and if I couldn’t find it, ask passers-by or gas stations.

Not to mention, Lavigne changed her look and wore a large black sunglasses along the way, and no one recognized her.

The two went to San Francisco’s famous Fishman’s Wharf together, experienced the fishing port culture, and enjoyed a seafood lunch.

Because there are a lot of buses in San Francisco.

After lunch, we went to visit the Beautiful National Palace of Arts to admire the outstanding architecture of the ancient Roman ruins and the snake-like Nine-Curved Flower Street.

Playing until the evening, Lavigne seemed to forget that she was a big star.

Immerse yourself in the joy of travel, especially the two often take the wrong route 483, but enjoy the process of finding a tour target.

Buy two ice creams during the period.

The two are a couple, not a group of people.

Played until late afternoon.

As if not tired at all, Lavigne proposed to go to a nightclub in San Francisco.

So the two followed the map to find a nightclub called Tessel near Union Square in the city center, and according to the rules, men paid $10 and women paid for free.

As soon as he entered it, Li Mingxuan was immediately shocked by the noise inside.

To say, he has not been to the nightclub, he has been to the kangaroo country.

Also picked up a beauty in vain!

However, when he arrived in the beautiful country, he did not know what a nightclub was, and the people here were wild and did not know how many times.

There were even bare-chested men playing electric guitars on stage, and heavy metal music plunged everyone into a frenzy.

In the dazzling lighting, people seem to tirelessly move their bodies in the middle of a large circular bar, surrounded by many seats to sit.

However, before Li Mingxuan could react, he was suddenly pulled into the dance floor by Lavigne.

Here you don’t need to know how to dance at all, you just need to dance to the melody

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