Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 17

Probably in late July.

Li Mingxuan returned to the second middle school of the city and began to fill in the volunteer form.

At that time, the college entrance examination was different from that of later generations, and it was necessary to evaluate the score first and then fill in the volunteer form.

Instead of volunteering after the score comes out.

Therefore, at that time, the college entrance examination score was very important, and the average person would be very cautious.

In the hot summer, the sound of cicadas in the trees seems to never stop.

Li Mingxuan wore a cool white Nike T-shirt and a pair of gray Nike vintage sneakers under his feet.

In addition to the three-seven-point stylistic design specially designed by the hair stylist in the provincial capital Luyang, with Li Mingxuan’s inverted triangle face shape,

Looks extremely refreshing and handsome.

At a glance, it is more handsome than Zhou Yumin, who is the face value of the boy in last year’s hit “Meteor Garden”.

Of course, this is mainly because the aesthetic gap between twenty years later and 2001 is too large.

If twenty years later, you go to see the play “Meteor Garden”, the actors in it look like dirt slag,

It’s almost like the urban-rural interface is non-mainstream.

I think I have a very dashing action, but I can’t look at it directly.

Doodle! A brand new Audi A6 appeared in front of the second middle gate

The doorman and security guard looked at the car and thought it was a leader, but in the blink of an eye, the cab was a handsome young man.

Looking at the age, it is estimated that it is eighteen or nineteen years old.

When the car window fell automatically, Li Mingxuan, who was wearing sunglasses, said to the doorman security guard:

“Master, open the door, I am here to fill in the college entrance examination volunteer!”

The doorman listened to his heart, now high school students have to drive a car to fill in the volunteer form? I’ve never seen it before.

But look at this car should be very expensive.

“Which class are you in, and who is the head teacher?!”

Said the security guard in a responsible manner.

“Senior third class, class teacher Zhao Delong!”

With that, Li Mingxuan threw a packet of Yuxi cigarettes to the doorman and said:

“I’m in a hurry, Master!”

“Good smoke!” The doorman was overjoyed as soon as he received the cigarette, and then he opened the fence

“Don’t stop too long on campus, the leader knows, I will take responsibility!”

“Rest assured, I’ll come out immediately after filling in the voluntary, and it won’t make it difficult for you to do it!”

With that, the windows of the Audi A6 slowly rose, and then with the roar of the V6 engine, it drove into the campus.

Parking the car downstairs in the teaching building, when Li Mingxuan stepped out of the car, the new shape immediately attracted the attention of many people in the school.

Although it is summer vacation, there are still some people walking around the campus.

These people are basically notified to volunteer.

When they looked at Li Mingxuan’s beautiful dress like a star, they looked at themselves.

In addition to the bonus of a black car that looks worth a lot.

Boys are jealous and envious, and girls are full of excitement.

When Li Mingxuan walked into the teaching building, some people began to talk about it

“Who is that guy, such a drag!”

“You don’t know? A class of Li Mingxuan, his father is a coal mine, it is said that he is particularly rich, may be the richest man in Jianghuai! ”

“The richest man in Jianghuai!? Wouldn’t this kind of person be in our school? How did I not know? ”

“You don’t know much, look at that car?” The Audi A6, my dad’s friend who did municipal works, also bought one, guess how much it cost! ”

“How about two or three hundred thousand!”

The friend next to him said unconvincedly.

“Two or three hundred thousand is not enough to even buy half a car, the whole office is 530,000, now I know how rich Li Mingxuan’s family is!”

“Depend! My dad couldn’t earn 530,000 in his whole life in the factory, and everyone was equal! ”

In the corner, Lin Weiwei, the school flower of the third year of high school, watched this scene.

She personally saw Li Mingxuan get out of the car in a new shape, which really made her feel like her eyes were shining.

In contrast, the boys of the same level next to her, whether it is temperament or style, are dirty slag.

Especially when Li Mingxuan stepped out of the car, he had a shallow smile on his face, full of confidence and pride.

Even if the other party didn’t say a word to her, Lin Weiwei felt that she was touched in an instant.

“Wei Wei, so handsome, Li Mingxuan is so handsome today, more handsome than those Hong Kong and Taiwan stars!”

Li Jing, who had agreed to fill in the voluntary volunteers together, had her eyes glazed over.

Although the concept of a domineering president has not yet become popular on the Internet, what girl does not want her other half to be a young and golden, handsome-looking man.

There is no doubt that the current Li Mingxuan definitely meets the fantasies of girls.

Hearing the whisper of her girlfriend Li Jing, Lin Weiwei’s eyes were a little confused, and she said as if she had made some decision:

“Quietly, I seem to have forgotten something at Teacher Zhao when I just filled in the volunteer, you wait for me.”

With that, she trotted toward the teaching building.

On the other side, Li Mingxuan came to the third-year office on the fifth floor of the school.

Zhao Delong, the class teacher, was surrounded by a circle of students, all filling in the voluntary form.

Zhao Delong looked at these students with satisfaction, and judging from their assessment of volunteers, it was obvious that his teaching indicators this year were completed.

And the school may give him a lot of rewards.

However, when he saw Li Mingxuan, he didn’t recognize who this person was at first, and then he knew it in the blink of an eye.

“Li Mingxuan, are you going to shoot a TV series?”

He said with a smile.

Suddenly, the teachers and students in the office all looked over.

The look in his eyes was full of meanings.

“Old Zhao, you said laughing, I’m not finished with the college entrance examination, is it a new image?”

Li Mingxuan didn’t care about the other people’s eyes and walked over with a smile.

“You boy, how did you do with this exam?”

Zhao Delong asked.

Hearing this, Li Mingxuan shrugged his shoulders and said:


“Oh!” The class teacher naturally knew Li Mingxuan’s usual grades, but he did not expect the other party to be admitted to a good university.

“This is for you, the first wish of the second batch, you have to think about it carefully, if you can’t decide, you can take it back, and give it to me before noon tomorrow at the latest!”

The class teacher handed over a form to fill out the volunteers.

Li Mingxuan looked at it

In this era, there is no parallel volunteer, the so-called first batch is the key universities, referring to the ministry of education directly under the university, “211 project” colleges and universities.

The second batch is an ordinary university except for the first and third batches of undergraduates.

Generally speaking, which batch to fill in, the first choice is the most important

Like a second choice, even if the score is enough, basically those schools will not want it.

Obviously, the class teacher Lao Zhao did not have any hope for Li Mingxuan’s achievements, in his opinion, even if Li Mingxuan played well, he was an ordinary university.

However, Li Mingxuan directly picked up the pen and wrote down the four words “Yenching University” on the first batch.

Then the box for obedience to the adjustment was checked.

As for the second batch, the third batch of options, he didn’t even look at it.

Just as he was about to hand the volunteer to the class teacher, suddenly a crisp voice sounded.

“Teacher Zhao, can you give me another volunteer list?”

“How? Slightly, do you regret just filling it out? It’s okay, you can change it now! ”

Old Zhao said that he had drawn out a new volunteer list and handed it to Lin Weiwei.

And when Lin Weiwei passed by Li Mingxuan’s side, she glanced at it casually and suddenly felt a huge tremor in her heart.

“Yenching University!!”

However, at this time, Li Mingxuan had already handed the volunteer to the class teacher, who did not even look at it and stuffed it into a pile of volunteer lists.

It can be seen that this class teacher does not care about Comrade Xiao Li at all.

If this is in the novel, it is estimated that someone will see the volunteer list and then start a round of forced face punching plot.

In reality, however, in addition to people with hearts who will pay attention to the situation of others.

These students are asking teachers various questions about volunteering for the exam, such as transfers, what will happen.

The second choice is whether you can choose two similar schools.

However, just as Li Mingxuan was preparing to leave the office, Lin Weiwei, who had not spoken to him for two months, suddenly called out to him

“Li Mingxuan, after the scores come out, everyone is ready to hold a dinner, will you come when the time comes?”

“Dinner?!” Li Mingxuan thought about it, he was preparing to go to the field to find the energy source, and he really didn’t have time at that time.

And he wasn’t interested in eating with some of the little farts.

“I’ll talk about it later, but I may not have time!”

“That’s it!” Lin Weiwei was a little dazed, but after a moment she smiled and said

“By the way, you haven’t left a message for my guestbook, the whole class can send you oh, it won’t be you who has an opinion on me.”

When they graduate from high school, many girls will have a guestbook with various blessings from their classmates.

However, Li Mingxuan took a closer look at Lin Weiwei, who was about 167cm tall.

An aqua blue dress, slender white neck like a swan beautiful elegance


On the forehead, the delicate collarbone may be dripping with beads of sweat because it is too hot.

The dark hair swayed slightly with a single ponytail, adding a giant panda that was at least C in sight.

People have to sigh, the beauty of the other party and the vitality of youth.

Even if he has seen all kinds of plastic surgery beauties in the future, Li Mingxuan can also give Lin Weiwei a high score of 95 points.

However, for the time being, Li Mingxuan didn’t have too many ideas, even if the other party was beautiful, it was only a tree, and compared with the whole forest, it was still far behind.

As an unmarried person, it’s okay to play, but it’s definitely not about putting in real feelings.

So, he said perfunctorily:

“Of course not, the next time I come back I’m writing a message to Lin Meinu, I still have something to do, so I’ll go first.”

After saying that, there was hardly any nostalgia, and he turned and left.

And Lin Weiwei looked at his back and bit his cherry-colored lower lip lightly, as if she had been wronged.

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