Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 166

Chapter 166 Final Assembly Test!!

Two days later, the emperor had a non-ferrous metals research institute.

One carried two xinghui on his shoulders, and the other had a xinghui on his shoulder, one was the head of the General Assembly Department, and the other was Duan Jinwu, the deputy commander of the imperial garrison.

The two stared at the experiment in front of them through the tempered glass.

One of them is the use of an al-31F engine with imported bears to jet a piece of metal.

As the engine was ignited, the color of the tail flame began to change rapidly from pure orange to golden orange and then to white blue, and finally into a sky blue flame, according to the temperature measurement, the temperature of the engine tail flame at this time has approached 2000 degrees Celsius The AL-31F engine can reach the limit.

However, even if it was sprayed at such a high temperature, the silver metal was unscathed, and it was only the beginning to conform to the material of an aero engine.

But the researchers who tested the metal had a feeling that they might be witnessing a metal that was across the ages.

On the other hand, experiments are also underway.

This time outdoors, a latest Type 99 tank used a tungsten alloy tail stabilized shell-piercing shell.

And at the range, as the gunner of the tank aimed the barrel at the target, it was accompanied by a huge tremor.

Tungsten alloy armor-piercing shells flew out of the barrel.

Next up is a loud bang!


In the distance the entire ground was overturned.

However, when the smoke cleared, the tanker was dumbfounded when he looked at the target with the telescope.

The tungsten alloy armor-piercing bullet did not penetrate the mysterious metal that was tested, but only left a palm-sized dent on it.

And an even more magical scene happened, and after more than an hour, the metal that had been hit with a large dent in the palm of the hand magically repaired itself.

In the end, there was no trace of it at all.

The experimenter who watched this scene was stunned.

After realizing the horror of this mysterious metal, the person in charge of this experiment immediately issued the most severe order.

No one can leak out today’s experiment, or else it will be sent directly to a court-martial.

At the same time, he also began to report.

Soon the head of the assembly department received a report that the tungsten alloy armor-piercing bullet could only leave a dent on the 10 mm thick T1 metal, and this dent was automatically restored within an hour.

At this moment, the head of the general assembly department was shocked.

He policed the young man who had brought the metal.

At first, Duan Jinwu, the deputy commander of the imperial garrison, called him and said that a super metal had been studied.

Now you need to test it.

He was also very happy to hear this, so he asked which metal research institute product it was.

As a result, Duan Jinwu, deputy commander of the garrison, said that it was the product of a research institute built by a private enterprise.

Suddenly, the head of the General Assembly Department was not happy, and said in his heart, Duan Jinwu, isn’t this nonsense?

Oh, the state has spent so much money, so many manpower is not as good as a private enterprise to build its own research institute…

Do you drink too much, or do I drink too much!

However, Duan Jinwu repeatedly invited him to come to the test.

In fact, Lao Duan himself was not playing drums in his heart, after being found by Li Mingxuan, he thought it was something, and as a result, Li Mingxuan told him that they produced a cross-era metal.

At that time, the old Duan laughed, and said in his heart, do you boy know what is called cross-era, and yanda students!

However, Li Mingxuan directly vowed, patting his chest to ensure that this metal can surpass all the metal characteristics now, in front of it, what titanium alloy, tungsten alloy, poor shaft alloy are garbage looking at each other is not cheating, plus he is also optimistic about Li Mingxuan This kid, and his two little rabbit cubs are good with each other.

Therefore, Duan Jinwu helped contact the research office.

However, Li Mingxuan was not satisfied, and even had to inform the head of the General Assembly Department.

General Duan, who was in his fifties, finally gritted his teeth at 0.5 and agreed.

That’s why we got this experiment!

However, now it seems that Duan Jinwu is considered to be a great luck.

He also did not expect that the results of this experiment would be so good.

If this can pass the test of high temperature, cold resistance, corrosiveness.

Then, as Li Mingxuan said, this special metal is definitely a cross-era invention.

It is hard to imagine how many applications there will be for a metal that is lighter than aluminum but can resist armor-piercing bullets.

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