Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 164

Chapter 164 The International Shock Caused by Minerals!!

After Nicole Kidman washed up at the hotel, she suddenly discovered the fact that her thin black dress last night had been torn to pieces under the madness, and the thought of Nicole, who had not touched a man for nearly two years, was a little commotion.

Unfortunately, the young and handsome oriental man was like a cloud, coming and going in a hurry.

Actually, the reason she went to the nightclub last night.

In fact, it is because of a bad mood.

In 2001, she was seriously injured in a movie.

And it was at that time that she suffered the most painful betrayal of her life.

At that time, she was in a state of grief and could not extricate herself.

Fortunately, a previously filmed “Moulin Rouge” made her fight a turnaround battle.

In 2002, she was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress.

Finally, it turns out that she is not a simple vase.

After winning the Oscar for Best Actress, with the blessing of the title of film queen.

She can be described as a star of frankness, and then starred in the thriller crime movie “Shudder Space”.

The feature film “All the Time” Nicole won the Best Actress Award at the 75th Academy Awards for playing the famous British female writer ‘Virginia Woolf’ in the film.

However, the long-term film shooting made Nicole very tired.

Therefore, she chose to return to the kangaroo country for a while to rest, after all, although she was born in Hawaii, she has been living in the kangaroo country since she was a child.

Yesterday, because she was not in a good mood, she specially put on heavy makeup and went to the nightclub to prepare to relieve her boredom.

No one there would know she was an Oscar queen, and no one would know she was an abandoned wife.

You can dance on the dance floor to the fullest.

It’s also a kind of protest against her own previous life130.

And so it happened.

Nicole walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel, 180cm tall, milky white skin.

Although she is now in her 30s, she is still the most beautiful actress in Hollywood because of her good maintenance.

But now the queen is in trouble.

With such a body, she couldn’t go out at all.

But at this very moment,

“Boom boom boom!”

There was a knock on the hotel door.

Nicole immediately asked nervously, “Who?” ”

She is absolutely invisible to anyone like this.

“Hello, ma’am, in the morning a handsome Asian man gave me a sum of money to send me a set of clothes, I have been here several times!”

A woman’s voice sounded outside the door.


Nicole breathed a sigh of relief this time, then quietly opened a door and held out a hand.

“Give it to me!”

As a result, a high-end Chanel black long dress appeared in front of Nicole because her dress was also Chanel, so Li Mingxuan bought a Chanel from Sydney.

Nicole looked at the dress, and she had to sigh at the man’s carefulness.

So, she hurriedly changed her clothes, and the size was just right.

Almost covering her face, Nicole ran out of the hotel.

For the people cleaning the hotel, they will not have any ideas when they see the money on the ground.

She didn’t care.

However, Nicole kept an eye on her, and she actually took the tag of the Chanel long dress to the nearby Chanel counter.

Said wanted to see the signature of the person who bought the dress.

After all, when buying such an expensive luxury, the average person will not use cash, but choose to swipe the card.

Originally, it was impossible for the Chanel counter to show others the credit card signature receipt.

However, when the cabinet sister found out that the other party was actually an old customer Nicole Kidman, she immediately agreed.

So a slip appeared in Nicole’s hand.

However, the signature left by the Express card used by Li Mingxuan was JACK.Li.

“Jack Lee!”

Looking at the familiar, hellish ugly English, Nicole murmured softly.

It seems to remember the name.

At this time, Li Mingxuan rubbed his nose and took Bai Jie to prepare to leave Sydney for Brisbane.

Bai Jie was already numb to the boss’s night, but she still kindly reminded: “Boss, foreign women are not safe!” ”

“You can take care of yourself!”

Li Mingxuan said, remembering the woman last night, he was still a little unfinished, Bai Jie suddenly stopped talking.

A day later, they came to brisbane’s nearby copper mining area and once again lost 15 million tonnes of copper in the same way as before.

At this point, this trip to Australia, Li Mingxuan is a perfect ending.

Three days later, the two flew back to the imperial capital from the kangaroo country, but he had no idea that after he left, the entire kangaroo country was shaken after all, Li Mingxuan had lost 16.8 billion tons of iron ore wool from the kangaroo country.

So much ore can’t be produced out of thin air.

Then it can only be obtained from many mines that are being mined.

As a result, the first unlucky thing is the Newman Iron Ore, which originally had reserves of up to 1.5 billion iron ore, and suddenly lost nearly 1 billion tons.

So many places were dug and dug up.

You should know that according to the original design, this mineral should be able to dig for 40 years.

However, this is only a little digging, how can it be so much less at once.

In fact, it was not just the Newman Mine, but also in later exploration.

Almost all the large mines in the entire Pilbara iron ore area have been reduced to a greater or lesser extent.

Detailed reports are summarized on the side of Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, and the Plaster Consortium.

Immediately caused an uproar, because according to the aggregated data, the iron ore they controlled was suddenly reduced by nearly tens of billions of tons.

They can control almost half of the iron ore.

In fact, at this time, the iron ore of the entire kangaroo country is considered to be only 40 billion tons.

Instead of the 150 billion that Li Mingxuan probed.

That said, many iron ore mines have not yet been discovered, or are hidden deeper.

And what Li Mingxuan did almost caused Rio Tinto, BHP Billiton, and the Plaster Consortium to lose half of their iron ore property.

Upon hearing the news, plaster Sumitomo, Mitsui, Mitsubishi and other established consortiums could not sit still.

Although the Australian side has begun to investigate the reasons for the disappearance of minerals, in any case, loss is loss.

Whether it was due to geological changes or for other reasons, these consortiums lost a lot of gains.

“Eight Gags!!”

In the plaster Kyoto economic, political Chiyoda district an ancient plaster Japanese garden.

An old man with a white beard and a black kimono was furious when he heard the news.

Suddenly, in front of the old man, a group of people in suits knelt on the tatami, their heads against the floor, trembling.

To say that these people are well-known figures in the outside world.

One of them was Fuji Hirata, president of Sumitomo Bank, one was Daisuke Moribe, president of Nippon Steel, and the other was Takaichiro Tatsuno, president of Sumitomo Metal Mine Management, but when they saw the old man, these people were all well-behaved like grandchildren.

No way, who let this old man be in control of hundreds of billions of dollars, the actual controller of the Sumitomo Foundation, Sumitomo and Yuki.

Don’t say it’s them, even the current emperor must give him face.

However, the current Sumitomo and Kazuyuki are extremely angry.

The espionage case of the flower growers made him all the layout of the flower growers, and some of them were arrested, and now they have all gone to the international level.

The plaster nation naturally did not recognize those caught plasterers as spies.

The two sides are fighting.

However, in a short period of time, those people will definitely not be able to put it back.

In addition, Ueno Katsurataro, the katsura line, has also been broken, and now Sumitomo can’t get cheaper coal from the flower grower.

However, coal is a good thing to say, and it is a big deal that it can be bought from somewhere else.

However, the weather is unpredictable, and the kangaroo country has suddenly exploded the disappearance of iron ore, as a sumitomo consortium that has long laid out Australia.

This time at least more than half a billion dollars was lost.

This is not the dollar that will be like waste paper 20 years later, but the dollar in 2003.

The entire Sumitomo Consortium is now only hundreds of billions of dollars in size.

The loss of more than five billion dollars, even he was heartbroken.

However, just as the presidents were trembling, a sweet voice sounded.


Suddenly, Sumitomo and Hiroshi had a smile on their faces.

“Hanako, are you back?”

In the courtyard, a round-faced girl in a short skirt ran over.

Sumitomo Hanako, Sumitomo and Yuki’s favorite granddaughter.

Sumitomo and Yu happily hugged their granddaughter.

“Did you have fun going to Gaul this time?”

However, Sumitomo Hanako frowned and said, “That Keitaro Honda, no, it’s The Shiina Katsura Eki Castle is very annoying, oh, obviously I didn’t promise him anything, he always sticks to me when he goes!” ”

“GuiYiCheng?” Forget it, that kid is useless anyway! ”

Sumitomo and Kazumi thought about it and summoned a subordinate.

After a few moments, the next person withdrew.

Half an hour later, Gui Ye’s grandson Gui Yicheng was thrown out of his sumitomo’s mansion.

In fact, although gui ye’s grandson Gui Yicheng was taught a lesson by Li Mingxuan in Jindi, it was not a big problem.

Later, he returned to the plaster in the name of recuperation to escape the disaster.

By the time the security bureau arrested him, this guy was still plastering and happy.

However, without Guiye’s financial support, this guy soon ran out of money and eventually had to live in a sumitomo’s house.

Sumitomo and Kazumi looked at Guiye’s previous face and took him in.

Unexpectedly, however, Miss Hanako, the sumitomo who had been good to him before, may have been tired of playing and is now very disgusted with him.

Finally, after this trip to Gaul.

Gui Yicheng was directly swept out of the house.

Although he graduated from Waseda University, he went through the back door.

In fact, without his grandfather in Jindi, he didn’t even have basic survival skills.

Moreover, he has not really been naturalized as a plaster, and his name can only be called Guiyicheng.

Ironically, the plaster man did not treat him as a native at all, even if his grandfather was a plaster man.

It is said that after a few years this person was able to see this person in some low-level nightclubs of plaster.

Later, there was no news of the apricot.

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