Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 163

Chapter 163 Nicole Kidman!!

The fall of the baseball cap naturally caused many people to exclaim.

But most people think he’s because of some kind of disease in his body.

Even the fallen companions thought the same thing.

They checked the hairball hat and found that the other was still breathing.

So, these people breathed a sigh of relief, and the nightclub security guard at this time also came over, after asking what really happened.

Someone told the security guard that the man who had fallen to the ground had suddenly fallen ill.

So the security guard called the hospital directly and asked them to send an ambulance.

From beginning to end, no one ever doubted Li Mingxuan next to him.

After all, he hadn’t even touched each other, and the two of them only said two words.

Li Mingxuan looked at this scene coldly, and there was not even a slight change in mood.

To be honest, this was the first time he had controlled the nanoworms to destroy the internal tissues of the human body.

However, it was found that if it was so simple to want a person to die, the nano-machine worm only needed to follow the human breath to enter the human body, and then poured into the human brain and began to destroy the brain tissue rapidly.

In just a few moments, the person will be brain dead.

However, Li Mingxuan only controlled the brain wave control of the nano-machine worm to break the ring of the baseball cap’s cerebellum.

Know that the cerebellum is an important organ that controls the balance of the body, relieves muscle tension and controls the coordination of the body.

Once the cerebellum is destroyed, basically the person will not be able to walk later.

That is to say, this can only spend the rest of his life in bed.

This is the punishment of the yellow-skinned pig that Li Mingxuan said to him.

At this time, because of the sudden illness of their companions, the did not intend to hit the woman again for the time being.

However, there are still many people who look at this side with bad intentions.

Li Mingxuan thought about it or decided to send the drunken woman to the hotel.

So, he struggled to pick up the woman next to him and left the nightclub in the envious eyes of many people.

To be honest, he had heard before that beautiful women could often be picked up in nightclubs.

I didn’t expect to pick up a beautiful mermaid on my first trip to a foreign nightclub as a man to say that he didn’t have ideas about beautiful women.

It must have been fake, but he really wasn’t too interested in a drunken woman.

However, after trying to enter the woman’s body with nanoworms, it was found that the woman’s body was actually very well conditioned.

And it must have been a long time without playing mahjong, which seems very dry.

This could not help but kindly take her away from the bar.

After waving to stop a taxi, the taxi driver is a black brother black brother who does not need to say anything when he looks at the state of the two people, and understands everything.

“Hi, I know, you don’t have to say, the guesthouse is it? God, why have I never had such good luck! ”

Li Mingxuan roughly understood and did not explain.

Soon the taxi was parked next to a very ordinary hotel.

Li Mingxuan immediately put his arm around the woman and got out of the car.

“Hi man, do you want to call a few more chicks, I have a phone here!”

Unexpectedly, the black brother was still pimping part-time, and Li Mingxuan cried and laughed at this, while taking money from his pocket.


After receiving the money, the black brother seemed to be a little sorry because he did not make this business.

Soon drove away.

Li Mingxuan helped the white woman into the hotel.

Because it is close to the Chinese.laundry nightclub, the white middle-aged owner is completely surprised.

“The best room was 100 Australian dollars, the almost 50…”

Li Mingxuan directly handed over a 100 Australian dollar, the boss gave him a bunch of keys, and then did not forget to remind: “Clean up, I don’t want to cause trouble!” ”

Sleeper, treat me like something! Li Mingxuan complained in his heart.

In the end, though, he sent the woman to the room.

Although this hotel is not large, it is like some express hotels of later generations of flower growers, and the environment is quite so-so.

Of course, if you want to compare it with the president, then there is no comparison.

Put the woman who has been dishonest on the body into bed.

Li Mingxuan was ready to leave.

Although this woman seemed to be good, he did not have the idea of taking advantage of the danger of others, but just when he put the woman away, the woman directly wrapped her hands around it.

The next day, the woman woke up slowly.

She found herself lying on a large bed with her whole body clean.

Shaking her head with some pain, she struggled to remember last night’s events and soon she thought about it in the nightclub where she ordered a long island iced tea cocktail, which was very famous in the circle.

Then her memory was a little blurred.

I vaguely remember that a young and handsome Asian had sent her here.

Then there was a night of madness.

The main thing is that in memory, it was she who took the initiative.

“God, what have I done?”

The woman curled up on the bed and scratched her long blonde hair.

But as it happened, she couldn’t help it.

Alarm! Oh, she understands that once she calls the police, no matter what the outcome, her career will be completely ruined.

And from memory, she understood that the other party was leaving last night, and it was she herself who dragged him to the bed.

In any way, it was her fault!

Most of all, thanks to the other party bringing her here drunk, otherwise, if she was put in the bar, I don’t know what would happen.

After all, there are cases of wheels or cutting organs all over the world.

In a sense, a woman actually needs to thank the Asian man.

After curling up on the bed for half an hour, the woman got up and found the note on the table in the room.

“I was very sorry last night, a little heart as compensation!”

I saw that there was still a stack of Australian dollars on the table, at least twenty thousand.

“Schett, fuck!”

The woman saw the ghost-crawling ugly English words, then looked at the stack of Australian dollars and shouted.

What was this when she was, the call girl?

To be honest, two years after divorcing her husband, she had never touched a man once, but now she inexplicably lost her body.

If you lose your body, you will lose it, just as if you were bitten by a dog, but the other party actually gave money.

The woman frantically rubbed her hair and cursed inside the hotel.

After a while, she threw the twenty thousand Australian dollars into the room.

Suddenly, it rained banknotes all over the room.

After the woman finished doing this, she went to the bathroom and washed her face.

The thick smoky makeup immediately disappeared and turned into a beautiful face.

If Li Mingxuan was here, he would definitely be surprised to see this face.

I slot! Isn’t this Atango’s ex-wife, Nicole Kidman? Did I do Cao Cao!?

Unfortunately, Li Mingxuan didn’t know that last night’s affair was just a simple encounter for him.

He is not responsible!

However, he didn’t know that sometimes fate would make a big joke on him!

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