Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 162

Chapter 162 Foreign Nightclub!!

Chinese.laundrv is Sydney’s largest and oldest CLUB.

In 2002, the so-called nightclub culture had not yet become popular among flower growers.

However, there are also some underground dance halls in the imperial capital.

These underground dance halls are called ‘Discotheques’ in French, or “disco” as flower growers.” ”

Origin of the term.

However, ‘disco’ is still a certain gap compared to the nightclubs of later generations, Li Mingxuan took a Sydney taxi to Chinese.


Sydney’s largest nightclub at this time.

He actually came this time just to see the past life of Sydney’s nightlife Li Mingxuan has never been abroad, and now that he has basically completed the purpose of coming to kangaroo country, he is ready to indulge a little.

After handing in his $10 ticket, he came to the most iconic basement nightclub.

The night consists of three rooms and a large outdoor garden with top-of-the-line sound system and musicians’ performances.

According to the taxi driver who came here, there will be a variety of different types of music parties such as HOUSE, TECHO, AND DUB.

In Kangaroo Country 13, there’s a saying: “If I’m not in the office or at home, then in a nightclub, and if not in a nightclub, it’s definitely on the way to a nightclub.” ”

Although this is a bit of an exaggeration, it can also reflect the kangaroo country’s love for nightclub life from the side.

Li Mingxuan walked into this nightclub, the light was very weak, he could only barely see things, but you couldn’t even see the face of the person opposite.

However, not far away, the tuners, singers, and DJ players look very dazzling under the lights.

Set against these lights, the overall atmosphere of the nightclub presents a cool futuristic feel.

Countless women who spend heavy makeup and exude strong hormones, and men with warm eyes dance wildly on the dance floor, but there is a difference between Sydney’s nightclubs and the nightclubs of later generations of flower growers, where it is purely to have fun, or adults to release excess energy instead of the flower family’s kind of gold cave that is forced to punch the face, various atmosphere groups, card seats, and sky-high wines.

So, the whole Chinese.laundry nightclub only has seats at the bar and scattered places.

As for the music in the nightclub, sometimes the resident singers will sing a few songs.

However, most of the music used refers to the Billboard Music Chart (Billboard).

Li Mingxuan came to the bar away from the dance floor, found a high stool to make the bartender of the nightclub, smiled and said: “Hey, boy, do you want to have a drink!” ”

“A cup of green grasshoppers. There should be it here! ”

Li Mingxuan asked.

“No problem!”

The bartender nodded.

Then he began a set of flowing bartending.

Soon, a blue-green cocktail was placed in front of Li Mingxuan.

This green grasshopper is a kind of wine in nightclubs with a low alcohol content.

There are cream cocktails, light cream, mint liqueur and white cocoa liqueur, sprinkled with some cinnamon powder.

In general, this wine is more suitable for women.

However, compared to the very famous Bloody Mary, that salty and spicy taste, according to Li Mingxuan’s later experience, the sweet and sour low-grade wine of green grasshopper is more suitable for him.

If Wang Sheng and others in the imperial capital at this time knew that Li Liujin would order this kind of sweet wine abroad, it was estimated that his glasses would fall to the ground.

Just as he sips a cocktail at the bar and watches the hot men and women dancing on the dance floor.

A seductive woman in a red dress came to his side.

“Hey, would you like to invite me and a cup?”

Li Mingxuan alerted her, looking good, using the words of the flower grower, it was called Pan Liang Tiao Shun.

However, unfortunately, as soon as the nano-worm entered the woman’s body for examination, Li Mingxuan was slightly disappointed.

Inside it’s a mess!

“Sorry, I’m used to being alone!”

Li Mingxuan said.

Suddenly, the woman showed a touch of regret, and before leaving, she also issued a ‘Serte’ curse.

After she left, the bartender grinned.

“Boy, you shouldn’t turn down Dinah, or you’ll have a happy experience at night!”

Although Li Mingxuan’s English was not very clear, he probably understood the meaning and immediately looked disgusted.

That kind of sick woman, you still enjoy it yourself! No, looking at his lewd look, maybe he has already enjoyed it.

Suddenly, he was not interested in drinking the cocktail in front of him.

Paid $20, turned around and went to the dance floor.

In the past life in the magic capital, Li Mingxuan also had the experience of going to nightclubs several times, so he would not be too restrained.

And just 19 years old, he is indeed very handsome and handsome.

In addition, it has recently darkened a little, and it looks more manly.

It wasn’t long before several women danced around him to the music, and these women were painting smoky makeup and their eyes were still teasing.

However, because the environment on the dance floor is really a bit dark, Li Mingxuan can’t see clearly what these women look like.

After about half an hour of writhing, Li Mingxuan left the dance floor and returned to the bar, a woman with blond hair and thick smoke makeup who had just been on the dance floor and sat down next to him.

Although because of the heavy makeup, Li Mingxuan could not even see her true appearance.

However, the white milk-like skin and the height of about 180cm, the beautiful figure made his eyes shine.

“A cup of Long Island Iced Tea!”

The woman said to the bartender, then wiped her own perspiration.

Hearing this, the bartender took a deep look at the smoky woman and did not seem to remember the woman.

But dare to order Long Island Iced Tea alone, huh! It’s basically some love scene frustration, ready to indulge in women.

However, this has nothing to do with him, and he will mix whatever wine the guest needs, provided that money must be given.

Soon a glass of wine with lemons and straws that looked like real iced tea was placed on the bar.

Li Mingxuan only needed a cup of water next to him, but he was slightly surprised to see the woman drinking Long Island iced tea.

This kind of wine, looking at the tea in the name, seems to have a low degree, in fact, it is definitely a high-concentration cocktail.

There are vodka, tequila, rum, gin (basically several spirits are in it), because it is made with white mint, lemon juice, cola and syrup, and when drinking, lemon slices are also added to the mouth of the glass.

It also has a bit of a sweet feeling when you drink it.

However, it is because of this sweetness that the high alcohol content of 447 degrees is hidden.

At first, it seems like drinking Coke water, but once you drink more than a few sips, it is extremely easy to get drunk.

However, it is clear that this woman may not come to the nightclub very often, and has no experience to drink half a cup of Long Island iced tea with a straw in one go.

So, gradually, it may be that the wine has come up, and the woman has become full of red and a little dizzy.

Li Mingxuan obviously saw several kangaroo white who had been staring at her and seemed to be interested in her.

These people smelled of various tattoos, and some wore nose rings.

At first glance, it’s that kind of foreign.

One of them, a jerk with a baseball cap on his head and gold earrings on his ears, came to Li Mingxuan and patted him on the shoulder when the woman was drunk and couldn’t lie down at the bar.

“Hey, yellow-skinned pig, can you please roll over to the side?!”

“Hey, there’s a nice mermaid here today!”

Another looked at the woman lying on the bar and smiled obscenely.

“Hey Bill, I want the first one!”

The third laughed.

During the conversation, these people were ready to drive Li Mingxuan away and take away the woman on the stage.

However, Li Mingxuan did not hurry to drink the water.

The baseball cap who was talking at the beginning asked, “Hey, what did you just call me?” ”

That bastard didn’t expect this yellow race to be so bold, in his opinion, aren’t Asians on the Sydney side all soft eggs? As long as you are frightened, you will run away, never causing trouble?

“Yellow-skinned pig!”

However, before he could finish speaking, he suddenly fell to the ground without a breath.

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