Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 161

Chapter 161 The Last Trip!!

However, this pile of diamonds is beautiful and pleasing to the eye.

But it’s a hassle to deal with.

After thinking about it, Li Mingxuan let the Rolex on his wrist divide a part of the nano-machine worm to eat this pile of Argyle pink diamonds.

These mimetic nanomachines were originally intended to mine.

It was just used indiscriminately by Li Mingxuan.

They are able to eat the ore and then split it.

The minerals are encased inside the split body, and when they are collected, the nano-machine worms re-fuse together.

And according to the splitting procedure, the minerals are combined intact.

So they don’t have a purification function.

What it was originally, what it was after it was collected.

The disadvantage is that after the engulfment split, these nano-worms can no longer re-mimic and return to the Rolex watch.

That’s to say, these mechanical nanoworms are now in a working state.

Fortunately, these mechanical bugs are all nanoscale, even if they are all over the space, ordinary people cannot see them with the naked eye.

However, in this way, Li Mingxuan also has a way to carry items that are not checked.

After doing this, Li Mingxuan was ready to take a temporary break for two days.

At this point, it had been more than a month since he had come to Kangaroo Country.

It’s late March.

So Li Mingxuan and Bai Jie flew from Kimberley to Sydney, the largest city of kangaroos, as for the copper mine, Sydney is not far from Brisbane, where the copper mine is located.

After playing for a while, when it is time to take down the copper mine, this trip to the kangaroo can be regarded as perfect.

It was only at this time that Bai Jie felt that she was not busy desperately rushing, but traveling.

Truth be told, both were like ascetics during the month.

After all, the kangaroo country is sparsely populated, unlike flower growers who have people everywhere they go, who can talk and stay.

Here sometimes hundreds of kilometers are deserted.

If it were not for the change in the mimetic nano-machine used by Li Mingxuan’s car, ordinary cars are estimated to be lying down.

Even so, on several occasions the two had to sleep in the car.

Once Li Mingxuan also beat two hares in the wild and roasted them to eat.

However, in the process, I have encountered many creatures endemic to kangaroo countries, koalas, platypus, Australian ostriches, and even once saw two black swans in a wetland.

Can only lament the magic of the kangaroo country.

In fact, compared with minerals, the plant resources of the kangaroo country are not bad at all.

There are 70 animals and plants that are not available to the outside world, and many animals and plants are very valuable for medical research.

It can only be said that this country is blessed.

However, there was a little Bai Jie who did not pay attention, and they did not seem to encounter any danger along the way.

Poisonous insects, giant mosquitoes, poisonous snakes, these things all over the kangaroo country have not appeared in front of them.

In fact, they have encountered many along the way.

In particular, giant mosquitoes and poisonous snakes, the three most poisonous snakes in the world, are in the kangaroo country, and it is not wrong to call it the ‘kingdom of poisonous snakes’.

If it wasn’t for Li Mingxuan letting the nano-mechanical insects protect them at all times, it is estimated that they would not be tired now, but thinking about how to survive.

Got off the plane from Sydney.

The two chartered a three-day taxi, starting from the Sydney Harbour Bridge, on the bridge they had a clear panoramic view of the Sydney Opera House and the prosperous harbour scene, and from the Harbour Bridge, the two went to the Rocks.

Had a cup of genuine kangaroo coffee here.

Sitting in the coffee house, miss ‘Black Clean’, whose whole body was tanned, began to complain.

What kind of work expenses to travel abroad, she can immediately stage a wilderness to survive.

In this regard, Li Mingxuan could only apologize.

“Yes, White Secretary, you have suffered, and I will double my compensation for you when I go back!”

“I’m going to rest at home for a week and go to work!”

Bai Jie muttered.

“No problem!”

Li Mingxuan nodded.

Hearing this, Bai Jie nodded satisfactorily.

Although she was a little tired, the owner promised her a good tour of Sydney for the next few days.

In addition to the subsidy of 30,000 yuan and a week of vacation.

She was still satisfied.

Seeing that the boss also lost a circle and became a lot darker, Bai Jie’s heart was more balanced.

But the owner who turned darker, is not more mature man temperament? After drinking coffee in the Rocks, the two began a three-day Sydney tour and they went to the most literary shop in Sydney and the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

Then we went to the most exclusive Michelin-starred Quar restaurant in the Rocks, in a mysterious room full of star-like lights…

The two ate the craft of the restaurant’s most prestigious chef, Robert.

Large-hole cheese soufflé with spinach juice and bacon crisps, artichoke duck liver soup, Australian lobster pasta…

Bai Jie, who had never eaten in such a high-end place, almost bit her tongue off.

On this meal, she felt that the suffering she had suffered before was worth the money.

At the same time, she also saw the life of a truly wealthy person.

A meal costs $3,000 per person, or about 13,000 pieces.

This money is enough for Bai Jie to eat in the imperial capital for a year.

However, Li Mingxuan felt that it was worth it, after all, if there were more than 10,000 in the imperial capital, if you wanted to eat abalone or the like, it was the price of a dish.

But in the kangaroo country, abalone is very cheap, and two abalones are equivalent to two or three hundred Chinese dollars.

And once this thing reaches the flower grower, it is several thousand.

I don’t know how many times it has doubled.

After a delicious meal, chef Robert came to ask Li Mingxuan and two foreigners to comment on his new dishes.

Bai Jie only spoke to him in English.

“Your dish is too expensive!”

Suddenly, the middle-aged chef looked embarrassed.

After a good meal, we walked out of the Rocks and went for a walk at the Royal Botanic Gardens next to it, to Mrs. Macaulay’s Stone Chair, looking out at the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge in the distance.

Or sit on the lawn and soak up the Sydney afternoon sun.

During these days, they travel to the Sydney Opera House to punch in and walk around the Opera House in a 4.2 lap to see it differently from different locations.

Li Mingxuan even bought a camera locally, leaving many marks on the two of them.

Then, head to the famous local Sydney Fish Market.

There are many super seafood, oysters, Australian lobsters, sea crabs and everything you need.

Ordering a ventilated set menu, seafood and beer, and a good bite to eat in the open-air restaurant by the harbor is also a treat.

Two days later, Bai Jie, who followed Li Mingxuan, was feasting.

I ate almost all the seafood on this side, and I didn’t want her to pay for it anyway.

However, on the last night of the tour, he left Bai Jie alone to go to one of the most lively bars, ready to experience the nightlife abroad

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