Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 156

Chapter 156 Comes to Bose!!

The plane soon landed at Perth International Airport.

Then, Li Mingxuan got off the plane with her secretary under the eyes of the blonde flight attendant Caroline.

With their checked luggage, the two walked out of the airport.

Soon an extended Lincoln outside the airport caught the attention of the two men.

Because the driver is a Chinese and holds a Chinese sign that says ‘Welcome Mr. Li Mingxuan’.

This is a car for the Presidential Suite at the Hilton Perth Hotel.

After checking the corresponding passport identification, the driver immediately carried the suitcase into the trunk of the extended Lincoln.

Then, Li Mingxuan and Bai Jie sat in this luxurious Lincoln car.

To tell the truth, this kind of nine-meter luxury car is not allowed on the road at all in the flower grower.

There is only this kind of capitalist country, as long as there is money, it does not care about the traffic problem at all.

Throughout the car, the interior is very elaborate.

There is also a Xiaoice box inside, so you can even lie down and rest if you like.

Of course, the best treat for a car like this is about a dozen beach bikini beauties sitting on either side.

Have a party in the car: a feast.

At this time, where did Teacher Bai Jie sit in such a luxury car, and immediately became a little restless.

February in Australia is relatively hot, because she is wearing a trench coat, and she has sweat stains on her forehead.

“Bai Jie, if it’s hot, you can take off your coat!”

Li Mingxuan saw her unnatural and said.

However, Bai Jie shook her head.

Hearing the conversation between the two, the driver in front of him said, “Sir, I can turn on the air conditioner if I need to!” ”

Because the temperature in Perth that day was 26 degrees, which was relatively comfortable, the driver did not drive the air conditioner.


Li Mingxuan said and took out a bottle of locally produced mineral water from the car refrigerator and handed it to Bai Jie.

“Thank you!”

Bai Jie thanked her, then unscrewed the lid and took a sip of it, which made her feel much better.

Li Mingxuan looked at this strange city through the car window.

Perth is the capital of the West Kangaroo, with a population of approximately 1.8 million people, making it the fourth largest city in the Kangaroo nation.

Because Of Australia’s sparsely populated land, people have a wide living space and a high level of quality of life, and in the annual selection of the world’s most livable cities, the name of this city is from the same name as Sugeland.

Long before european immigrants arrived, indigenous people on both sides of the Swan River had settled the area and changed its name to ‘West Kangaroo’ after 1850.

Initially the new colony was slow to develop, but the discovery of gold in Kalgoorlie on the upper Swan River in 1885 attracted a large number of new immigrants and indirectly led to the development of Perth.

As a result, Perth has the opportunity to compete with other major australian cities, making Perth gradually a modern metropolis.

In 1900, after a referendum, the West Kangaroo officially joined the Kangaroo Federation in 1901, and by the way it was also the last colony to agree to join the Federation.

When the Lincoln drive through the streets of Perth, you can see the delicate sandy beaches in the distance, the crystal clear waters, and sometimes you can also see the cute short-tailed kangaroos.

The scenery is very beautiful.

When crossing the streets, there are commercial buildings and busy commercial streets everywhere.

However, there may be some festival today, and many people can be seen performing and cheering all over the streets.

On some open-air stages, there are even singers singing rock ‘n’ roll.

So, Li Mingxuan asked curiously.

“What are these people doing?”

“Oh, sir, you’ve come by coincidence, and it’s the annual Perth International Festival. Every year from February 13th to March 7th, Perth, the capital of the West Kangaroo, is staged to present an unparalleled cultural feast for visitors and local residents from all over the world, so have fun! ”

The driver said with a smile.

“Perth International Arts Festival? But I’m not here for the festival! ”

Li Mingxuan secretly said.

However, at this time, Teacher Bai Jie was completely attracted, only to see a huge doll performing on the street in the evening.

Fortunately, the driver quickly dropped the two off at the Hilton Hotel in Bose.

After showing their passports at the front desk, the two were taken to the Hilton Hotel by the porter with their luggage and the president tipping $10, the porter leaned forward and said.

“Thank you, sir, and have a great stay!”

After taking him away, Li Mingxuan looked at this presidential set that was more expensive than the VIP building and was worth 50,000 yuan.

Typical Italian Venetian decoration style.

Gold and ivory white in the furniture decoration, whether it is cabinets, tables and chairs, or mirrors, walls, gold edge line feet are everywhere.

It looks simple and exuded luxury.

In the living room, through the floor-to-ceiling windows, you can see the night view of Bosi, and you can also see a quiet Swan Lake flowing.

The convivial crowds of the festival walk down the streets, accompanied by a procession of giant statues, puppets.

Because he slept in the first class cabin for a long time, Li Mingxuan sat in the living room, and the president put on the ivory European-style sofa without any drowsiness.

Seeing that Teacher Bai Jie was packing his luggage, he picked up his mobile phone and made a call.

Because in early 2003, the flower grower did not have global business, so when he was at the airport, he bought an Australian temporary telephone card in advance.

On this trip, Li Mingxuan is walking through the channel of beautiful National Express, in fact, Beautiful National Express Company has always had business dealings with ICBC.

There are links in international financial settlement, local currency exchange, etc.

In the future, in October 2012, ICBC and Yuntong jointly issued the ‘ICBC Express Centurion Black Gold Card’, which is the result of cooperation.

Therefore, this time, whether Li Mingxuan booked a hotel or exchanged dollars, he used the account of Express.

He exchanged a total of about $10 million through the beautiful National Express Company to prepare for the operation of Australian minerals.

After Li Mingxuan finished calling, he took Bai Jie with him to have a hearty dinner.

After drinking and eating, I went to the art festival a little.

When it was time to rest in the evening, Bai Jie found that the three flight attendants in the first class of Qantas had actually come to the hotel presidential set.

Bai Jie slept in the independent guest bedroom of the president’s set, and she could hear the sound of mahjong playing in the master bedroom.

Obviously, she should be very sleepy, but at this time she can’t sleep at all, and her mind is full of the sounds of playing mahjong and screaming.

“Doesn’t it mean that the presidential sleeve is very soundproof?” And the boss is really a super big color wolf, as soon as he comes out, he lets himself go? ”

Bai Jie spat on her bed, and then couldn’t help but smash the wall at the head of the bed with her hand.

2.1 means make a little noise and don’t affect your neighbors.

However, I don’t know if it was intentional, she didn’t knock well, a knock was louder.

As a result, Bai Jie could only clamp her legs, did not sleep well all night, and had a big black eye circle in the morning.

Early the next morning, Bai Jie saw three blonde flight attendants dressed in strange costumes and flight attendant costumes leave the room.

Caroline, who was the leader, also directly gave Li Mingxuan a flying kiss and said charmingly.

“Honey, you’re really great Asian man, I found I might be hooked on you!”


Li Mingxuan smiled, still quite proud of his ability.

“Then there will be time to find us again!”

Caroline finished speaking and left with her suitcase in tow.

Apparently, these flight attendants were all asked out just after work.

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