Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 151

Chapter 151 Let Fan Ye play Zhen Huan!!

When Li Mingxuan received a call from Fan Shuangshuang, he knew that she had successfully terminated her contract from Huayi.

The two made an appointment to meet at a Starbucks coffee shop in Sanlitun.

Fan Shuangshuang, who arrived early, and her agent Yang Tianzhen asked for a cup of coffee and sat in the shop.

“Shuangshuang, are you really sure your boyfriend isn’t an old man?”

The round-faced Yang Tianzhen said in surprise.

“Tian Zhen, I have said it several times, my boyfriend is Beijing Dashao!”

Fan Shuangshuang drank coffee and cried and laughed.

“Also, why are you sure I have to find an old man?”

“Uh, professional habits!”

Yang Tianzhen said awkwardly.

Just then, outside Starbucks, a bright black Rolls-Royce Silver Angel drove into the parking lot.

A moment later, out of it came a young man wearing a clearly custom-made blue suit with three or seven cents of hair.

The young man has a straight waist, a handsome face, and a sense of success between his hands and feet.

“Shuangshuang, there’s a super handsome guy there, so handsome!”

As soon as Yang Tian zhen saw the handsome man outside the window, he was intoxicated.

Although she is not beautiful, she likes handsome boys, although there is no concept of male gods in 2002, but because of the popularity of “Blue Life and Death Love” in 2000, the so-called Korean Wave was once brought to the flower growers.

Li Mingxuan from the later generation, the dress style is naturally not comparable to this era, even the most fashionable Hallyu is also a proper gap of an era.

Naturally, for a woman like Xiang Yangtianzhen, it is fatal.

And Fan Shuangshuang watched Li Mingxuan coming, and the corners of his mouth slightly cocked, as if he was quite proud.

“Look, the handsome guy is coming to us, ah… He smiled at me! ”

Yang Tianzhen exclaimed.

“Well, don’t yell, the guests around you are not full, and besides, you used to be Huayi’s agent, haven’t you seen a handsome man?”

Fan Shuangshuang couldn’t help but cover his ears and said.

“How can those men be compared to the handsome guys just now, people drive a Rolls Royce, okay?”

Yang Tianzhen had an expression that you hadn’t seen.

All right! This is called banknote power!

Although she spoke, her eyes never left the handsome man.

I saw the handsome guy enter the coffee shop and walk toward them.

Yang Tianzhen suddenly felt that he was in love, and said in his heart that today was really the day I was in love.

However, the next moment, I heard the handsome man say to Fan Shuangshuang, “Wait a long time!” ”

Fan Shuangshuang immediately smiled and replied, “No, I just arrived!” ”

Yang Tianzhen only felt that his heart clicked and fell into eight petals.

“Sister Fan, who is this?”

Li Mingxuan asked.

“Forgot to introduce you, my agent in Huayi has now jumped ship with me, called Yang Tianzhen!”

Fan Shuangshuang immediately gave an introduction.

“Hello, Miss Yang!”

Li Mingxuan greeted him very politely.

Yang Tianzhen suddenly stood up and bowed, “Hello, Li Shao!” ”

She had heard Li Mingxuan’s name in Huayi’s office.

“Don’t be so nervous, you are Sister Fan’s agent, and you will be your own person in the future!”

After Li Mingxuan finished speaking, he sat down opposite.

Then, Fan Shuangshuang next to him handed over something.

Above is the formal equity contract, ‘Didu Fan Shuangshuang Studio’, registered capital of 10 million, legal person: Fan Shuangshuang, equity information: Li Mingxuan accounted for 99 shares, Fan Shuangshuang shares 1.

“1%? Sister Fan, what are you? ”

Li Mingxuan was a little surprised.

At the beginning, he gave 10 million yuan to Fan Shuangshuang, which was for her to set up a studio by herself, and it is reasonable to say that Fan Shuangshuang did not need to give Li Mingxuan any shares.

“That money is your brother Xuan, so after setting up the studio, the equity is naturally yours!”

Fan Shuangshuang said.

It is said that Li Mingxuan looked at this contract, but he admired this woman a little since he was not greedy in the face of 10 million.

Still, he could probably guess what the woman was thinking.

Compared to that 10 million, this woman seems to want more.

Fan Ye is worthy of Fan Ye, and he has ambitions!

Li Mingxuan is not opposed to women having ambitions, after all, conquering an ambitious woman is more proud.

“Well, I accepted this equity contract!”

Li Mingxuan said without pretense.

Hearing him say this, Fan Shuangshuang had a happy smile on his face.

“Brother Xuan, do you have any arrangements for me next?”

Now she has terminated her contract with Huayi, which means that if there is no arrangement, she will be unemployed tomorrow.

“Well, you’ll know in a minute!”

Li Mingxuan said with a smile.

“When the contract was terminated, that Wang Zhong didn’t embarrass you!”

“I reported your name and said that you are my boyfriend, you will not blame me, Fan Shuangshuang carefully stared at Li Mingxuan’s face, as if he wanted to see the other party’s psychology, but Li Mingxuan had an expression of indifference.”

“Of course not, besides, I was your boyfriend, but did Sister Fan still want to find someone else?”

“Oh, as long as Brother Xuan is good to me, I don’t have this plan!”

Fan Shuangshuang smiled happily.

Yang Tianzhen on the side watched the two people flirting if there was no one around.

Heart Dao Shuangshuang Where did this kind of handsome, rich and powerful top big and small person come across?

How could I not meet it!

Yang Tianzhen sighed.

However, just then, an old-fashioned shell-topped $600 pulled into the parking lot.

Soon a young man with long hair, gold wire glasses, and a bit of a Sven style approached.

The youth seemed to see this side and also smiled and laughed.

Next to the youth was a middle-aged woman with glasses.

The appearance of the two is somewhat similar.

Originally, Yang Tianzhen thought that he was going to fall in love again.

This time met the literary and artistic Fan Sven handsome man.

He Cheng thought that as soon as this handsome man entered the café, he came directly to Li Mingxuan’s side.



Li Mingxuan greeted the visitor.

Then he looked at the middle-aged woman, and the two had not seen each other for the first time.

When Li Kun was in a nursing home after being shot, he had seen this middle-aged woman several times, and she was Li Kun’s mother, Li Hong, the famous director of the imperial capital.

For example, the well-known “Daming Palace Words”, “Orange Red”, and the future new version of “Dream of the Red Chamber” are all her works.

In addition, Li Kun’s father, Koping, is also a famous director.

However, it seems that Li Hong is the dominant force in the family.

Even Li Kun’s surname follows his mother’s surname.

“Aunt Li!”

Li Mingxuan was really to the elders this time, after all, he was almost fifty years old, and he had no intention of prying the corner of his brother’s father.

“Hello, Mingxuan!”

Li Hong also has a kind face, and does not have the arrogance of being a film and television company owner and a famous director.

Then, she looked at Fan Shuangshuang, just like the elders said to the juniors who appreciated: “You are Fan Shuangshuang, I have watched your TV series, very good, we can cooperate more in the future!” ”

As soon as this remark came out, Fan Shuangshuang was happy and broken.

As long as she has Li Hong’s care in the entertainment industry, connections, and resources will not be lacking at all.

“Director Li, it is my honor to be able to cooperate with you!”

Fan Shuangshuang said modestly.

“In the future, don’t call me Li Dao, you just call me Aunt Li like Mingxuan!”

Li Hong has been in the entertainment industry for so many years, and people are so worldly that they are looking at the door Clear.

To put it bluntly, if it weren’t for Li Mingxuan’s face, she would have come here to meet a little star.

If it wasn’t for Li Mingxuan’s face, she would let Fan Shuangshuang call her Aunt Li.

Not at all!

This is the reality, Fan Shuangshuang now has Li Mingxuan behind him who is mixed in the imperial circle, even without her Li Hong.

There will also be people who are willing to hold Fan Shuangshuang’s feet up for her.

Li Hong was naturally willing to sell this human affection to Li Mingxuan.

To tell the truth, when she first heard her son mention Li Mingxuan, a provincial, she was still a little dismissive.

After all, this is the imperial capital circle, even if you have money and no connections, you can’t get a foothold here.

However, the next development was really unexpected by her, and Li Mingxuan gained a foothold in the imperial capital at a very fast speed.

Not only did he become a benefactor of the royal family of the four major families of the imperial capital, but also after the spy case broke out, it can be said that he recovered an unknown amount of losses for the country.

So that in the end, its name reached the Heavenly Hall.

To tell the truth, as long as Li Mingxuan didn’t do anything harmful to heaven and earth in the emperor, almost no one was willing to move him.

In addition, this young man himself also knew a lot about human feelings and sophistication, and had a good relationship with the Duan family brothers of the imperial garrison and the second generation of the imperial capital.

Without seeing Li Mingxuan’s words, there were countless people rushing to send him money to join the real estate company?

Even her son Li Kun raised twenty million to keep up.

Back to the point.

After everyone was seated, Li Mingxuan said the purpose of inviting Li Hong this time.

“Now that Sister Fan has withdrawn from Huayi and set up her studio, I am ready to invite Aunt Li to direct a play specially written for Sister Fan!?”


Li Hong was interested.

And Fan Shuangshuang 4.8 was full of emotions in her heart, she did not expect that she had just come out of Huayi, Li Mingxuan was ready to tailor a step for her.

Obviously, the other party has always had her in mind.


Li Hong asked.

“It’s a Qing Palace drama!”

Li Mingxuan said.

“The Kangxi Dynasty?”

Li Hong was a little surprised, she didn’t think that Li Mingxuan wanted to shoot a historical drama.

In 2001, “Kangxi Dynasty” was broadcast, and indeed the ratings of that year were very good.

However, it is not a simple matter to prepare for the filming of that kind of historical drama.

However, Li Mingxuan immediately shook his head, he knew that it was still two years away from the broadcast of the first TB palace fighting drama “Golden Branch Desire”, and the mainland now had no concept of palace fighting.

So, he explained what a palace fight drama was.

In order to compete for favors, the woman is fierce and fierce, and she uses all kinds of extreme means to repeat it.

Fan Shuangshuang, Li Hong and others were stunned.

Tv dramas can also be filmed in this way, all from the perspective of women to shoot Qing Palace dramas.

“I have thought of the name, it is called “The Biography of Zhen Huan”, which tells the story of Empress Dowager NiuHulu of the Qing Dynasty!”

Li Mingxuan said (the new book is not easy, monthly passes, evaluation votes, your support is the motivation of the author)

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