Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 146

Chapter 146 Go to the interview site of “Golden Powder Family”!!

The next day, Li Mingxuan woke up and received a call from Liu Li.

He said that today was the first time Feifei had met with the crew and asked him if he wanted to come over.

Li Mingxuan understood that Liu Li’s main purpose was actually to let him help stand on the platform.

After all, Liu Tianxian is a newcomer to the entertainment industry and has never made a TV series before.

Liu Li is worried that her daughter will be bullied.

Hearing this, Li Mingxuan thought about it and agreed.

Therefore, he drove to the crew of “Golden Powder Family” according to the address given by Liu Li.

Before I saw the crew, I saw Liu Tianxian and Liu Mother waiting for themselves at the door of the hotel.

“Daddy, here you are!”

Liu Tianxian shouted intimately.

Seeing her, Li Mingxuan’s eyes lit up, and it turned out that Liu Tianxian had already made Bai Xiuzhu makeup at this time.

A Republic of China’s curly hair and cheongsam really make people’s eyes shine.

“Fei Fei, is this a set makeup?!”

Li Mingxuan asked.

“Yeah, how about my white silk beads, pretty?”

Liu Tianxian turned around in the same place and said.

Li Mingxuan naturally wanted to give encouragement to this young lady.

“Beautiful, fly!”


Liu Tianxian immediately became very happy.

Then, Li Mingxuan looked at Mother Liu and asked, “What, did Director Li Dawei approve it?” ”

In this regard, Liu Mu also proudly said: “Director Li said that he knew that Feifei was so beautiful, and he still had to say hello there, he should go directly to Feifei to play, and he also said that the role of Bai Xiuzhu was almost like being born for Feifei!” ”

“That’s great!”

Li Mingxuan nodded, and then continued:,

“Is the crew still interviewing?”

“Well, now in addition to the female one, the female two, and the male one, there are still many people who need to be interviewed, and many people have come.”

Liu Li said.

“Go up there, I’ve never seen an actor interview!”

Li Mingxuan proposed.

So, the three of them went to the hotel crew interview place together.

Sure enough, on both sides, many young boys and girls were waiting in the aisle, and some of them held line books in their hands and said lines while comparing.

However, when Liu Tianxian appeared, many girls looked over.

The eyes were full of envy, after all, although Liu Tianxian was not the female number one, he was also the female number two.

There are a lot of scenes in this TV series, and some of them even have to work very hard to compete for a role with lines.

However, who made Liu Tianxian too beautiful.

After the director set the makeup on the other side, he only took a glance to set the role of Bai Xiuzhu and many people heard that this Liu Feifei has a large background, lives in a large villa, and there are Mercedes-Benz female drivers driving every day.

Li Mingxuan approached the hall where the interview team was located.

I saw five or six people sitting at a table that looked like a podium.

A girl with makeup is performing.

But at this time, the people on the rostrum looked at each other and shook their heads.

“Okay, you go down now, and we’ll let you know if you need to!”

Sitting in the middle, a young man in his thirties with somewhat short hair said.


The girl was a little dazed, and then she stepped back.

“Next, Grand Young Master!”

Someone shouted.

Sure enough, a young man with glasses walked into the hall.

He should play the role of the young master Jin Fengju, but although this person looks good, it is too decent to wear a suit and glasses.

It was not at all like the great young master of the Gold Powder Family.

Instead, he is more like a teacher.

“You act for a while, Jin Fengju watched the tuberose’s eye performance in the Qinglou!”

On the podium, a young man in his thirties said.

However, the results were disappointing.

Just as the young man on the rostrum shook his head, suddenly he caught sight of Li Mingxuan.

That kind of handsomeness with some evil charm made his eyes light up.

“You. You come and try it, play Jin Fengju! ”

As soon as this remark came out, there was an uproar at the scene.

Li Mingxuan’s face was even more confused, he had seen the Golden Powder Family drama in his previous life, and naturally knew what Jin Fengju was like.

Li Mingxuan may be a bit like this.

However, he is definitely not the kind of man who does not take on the responsibility.

Moreover, Li Mingxuan did not have the idea of acting, so he said.

“Director Li, I’m Li Mingxuan, but I’m not here to play Hua Xin!”

Hearing this, Director Li Dawei was shocked.

Isn’t this what Kun Shao said, Li Shao, who is famous in the imperial circle?

So, he left the rostrum and walked down, trotted over to Li Mingxuan, held out his hand, and said, “Li Shao, forgive me for being clumsy, I didn’t recognize you!” ”

“Director Li, you are too polite, I have delayed your business here!”

“No, no, I’m just a small TV series, and it’s not a big screen, so there’s nothing to delay!”

Lee dawei’s posture was put quite low.

So much so that the countless actors, producers, etc. next to the interview were somewhat stunned in a corner of the hall, sitting a few people.

The head is a young and handsome young man, he is a 96-level Imperial Film graduate, because he acted in “Like Fog Like Rain and Like Wind”, and Cheng Kun, who has a certain reputation in the circle, is next to him is a small family jasper type girl.

She is the female one of this drama, and Dong Jie and several other people have been assigned actors.

“Who is that, the director is so polite!”

Someone asked.

“It’s a bit of a drag!”

Let one person say.

Even Cheng Kun was very curious and said, “It seems that the girl who played Bai Xiuzhu in the inner circle brought it, maybe it was the real big and small in the imperial circle, didn’t you see the director all nodding his head?” Even investors do not have this treatment. ”

Hearing this, Dong Jie murmured, “It seems that the female number two is also a person with a background, ah, called Liu Feifei!” ”

Li Mingxuan and Director Li Dawei said a few words, nothing more than Liu Tianxian is still young in grade, and his acting skills are relatively unfamiliar, if the performance in the crew is not good, leave a little affection.

When the time comes, you director Li finished filming “The Golden Powder Family”, we can also continue to cooperate.

In this regard, Li Dawei patted his chest for the director and promised that he would never let Liu Tianxian suffer any grievances.

As for cooperation, of course, the more the merrier.

Seeing that the director was so interesting, Li Mingxuan felt that it was almost over, and he was ready to leave.

Liu Tianxian still needs to stay here and wait for a while to communicate with the protagonist and other people.

And Mother Liu naturally wanted to follow her daughter.

Li Mingxuan saw the female driver he sent from the real estate company to pick up the mother and daughter of Tianxian downstairs, and asked her to send the mother and daughter back on time.

“Yes, boss!”

The female driver nodded.

And just as Li Mingxuan was preparing to leave the crew, suddenly he saw a familiar figure standing next to his Rolls-Royce Silver Angel.

Isn’t this a long-lost yang honey? How could she be here.

Just when Li Mingxuan saw her, Yang Mi also saw Li Mingxuan.

Suddenly, her eyes lit up and she cried sweetly, “Big brother! ”

“I rub, are we both so familiar?”

Li Mingxuan sighed in his heart.

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