Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 139

Chapter 139 Imperial Central Villa!!

This morning, Li Mingxuan called makino, the housekeeper of the VIP building, and said that he would come over soon.

Makino received the call and immediately informed Liu Tianxian’s mother and daughter.

Hearing that Li Mingxuan was coming, Liu Tianxian’s mother and daughter, who had not seen him for a week, naturally dressed up.

Liu Tianxian wore a white sweatshirt, looking pure fairy, and the baby’s fat face was covered with light makeup.

Liu Li wore a black knit shirt with a tight collar, which completely set off Wanna’s figure.

When Li Mingxuan walked into the presidential suit, the two of them greeted him with an eager face.

“Daddy, why haven’t you come to see me and Mommy for a long time?”

Liu Tianxian shouted in a sticky voice.

“Sorry, Fei Fei, Daddy Gan has been very busy lately, so he ignored you and Sister Li, this is Daddy’s fault, so how do you say to punish Daddy Gan?”

Li Mingxuan said with a smile.

“I don’t want to punish, I want to Daddy all day with me and Mommy!”

Liu Tianxian said with disgust.

Although she is fifteen years old, she is actually just a little girl who has not been involved in the world.

“Well, Yu Daddy promised to accompany Fei Fei all day!”

After Li Mingxuan finished speaking, she looked at Liu Mu wearing a tight-collared black knit shirt, which simply showed the charm of women to the fullest.

It’s eye-opening.

Liu Li noticed that Li Mingxuan’s eyes were full of appreciation and was also very happy.

After all, a forty-year-old woman can still make a young person feel beautiful, which is a happy thing in itself.

“Sister Li, the company is really busy these days, there is really no way to come!”

Li Mingxuan explained.

“It’s okay, it’s okay, men have to focus on their careers!”

Liu Li said very sympathetically.

“Are you still used to living here these days?”

Li Mingxuan asked.

“Well, after all, it is the presidential suite, of course, there is no problem in life, but the only drawback is that there is no warmth of home!”

Liu Li said regretfully.

The presidential suite is indeed a luxury for her, she can eat the best and drink the best, but after living for a long time, she will miss the daily life at home.

Possibility to clean the house, wipe off furniture, etc.

As a home-type woman, Liu Li felt a little uncomfortable.

“I think it is also, these days I asked someone to ask, did the emperor have any houses for sale, today I want to take you to see!”

Li Mingxuan said.

“Look at the house!”

Liu Li’s face was suddenly happy.

What she really cared about was not the house, but Li Mingxuan’s attitude towards their mother and daughter.

In the past week, they have always suffered a bit from gain and loss, afraid that Li Mingxuan will rebel.

Then they have sold all their family business in the beautiful country, and they don’t know where to go.

Now the other party actually said that he would take them to see the house, which shows that this man is really ready to take care of them.


Li Mingxuan looked at Liu Tianxian and said, “Fei Fei, you will have a new room soon, and you will not be happy!” ”


Liu Tianxian yearned in his mind.

Therefore, after greeting the housekeeper Makino, Li Mingxuan took the two mothers and daughters to drive a Rolls Royce to the earliest villa area in the imperial capital, which was Lijing Garden.

At that time, the Chinese people were still ignorant of the concept of villas, which were inhabited by foreign envoy staff, executives stationed in China and overseas Chinese, which was located in the Tianzhu plot, which had the environment of Wenyu River and the convenience of the airport, which met the living and working needs of foreign home buyers.

At that time, domestic developers had no experience in villas, so they directly held the principle of ‘take-ism’, took the Gangjiang Villa as a template, and ‘air transported’ drawings and building materials, and copied them all.

In the end, this copied building, although ‘original’, is obvious.

“Soil and water”.

For example, the density is too large, the distance between the buildings is too close, and the privacy of the villa cannot be reflected at all.

In the design, there is no ‘local conditions’, the house only has central air conditioning, but no heating, which is very inconsistent with the living habits of the imperial capital, and the style and quality of the decoration are also inconsistent with the identity of the villa.

Later, with the development of the flower grower economy, the developer also changed the ‘air transport’ style copied before, and instead invited foreign architects to combine the characteristics of the imperial capital and design villas according to local conditions to meet the aesthetics and lifestyles of the rich flower growers.

And Li Mingxuan took Liu Tianxian’s mother and daughter to see the villa area that was first designed with this concept.

Central villa area, Lemon Lake Villa, it is located next to Jingshun Road, Wenyu River, here is the earliest development of the imperial capital, the most mature high-end villa area, gathered nearly ten large-scale export villa projects.

The real estate even sacrificed 200 million sales to create the lake surface of Lake Lémon, and broke the convention that the water features in the area must be built around the clubhouse, and dozens of large villas are scattered on the lakeside to give full play to the hydrophilic nature of the project.

When rolls-royce silver angels sail into the Lake Lemon Villa area.

Liu Tianxian was immediately attracted by the scenery outside, the beautiful Lake Lemmon, on both sides of the staggered arrangement of dozens of castle-shaped buildings.

In fact, don’t say that the present is the future, the central villa area, Lake Lemon Villa is also a top luxury villa, are more than 800 square meters of castle-type villas.

In 2002, Lake Lemon Villas were ordered for nearly half of them as soon as they opened.

Li Mingxuan inquired in many ways, only to learn that there were two top villas here that were not sold because the price was too high.

One of them is Villa 1006 and Villa 1008 of phase I.

Originally wanted to see these villas are required to verify the capital, no ten million cash is not allowed to see the house.

However, the developer seems to know Li Liujin, the famous emperor of the imperial capital.

Its boss is even more big, as long as he Li Liujin buys a house, he can give a 20% discount.

That’s the benefit of fame.

Arriving at the sales office, a woman in professional clothes seems to have been waiting for a long time.

It was obvious that this woman had been carefully dressed, but her posture was far worse than that of Liu Tianxian’s mother and daughter.

As soon as she saw Liu Tianxian’s mother and daughter, the female sales manager completely stopped.

Originally, the boss informed her that there was a young distinguished guest who wanted to visit the house, and she was looking forward to having an encounter with this rich man.

Now it seems that there is no shortage of beautiful women around the rich.

“Is it Mr. Lee?”

The saleswoman asked.


Li Mingxuan nodded.

“The boss has informed us in advance and asked me to take Mr. Li directly to the best villas 1006 and 1008!”

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