Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 136

Chapter 136 became a dry daddy!!

After Li Mingxuan invited everyone to sit down, he pretended not to know and asked, “Mr. Chen, don’t you want to introduce me to these beautiful sisters!?” ”

Hearing this, Liu Li immediately waved her hand in panic and explained, “I am FeiFei’s mother!” ”


Chen Jin smiled and explained, “This is Madam Liu Li, and this beautiful little beauty is her daughter Liu Feifei!” ”

“Oh, Sister Liu, you are so young, you look like Feifei’s sister!”

Li Mingxuan praised.

“Li Shao, you really love to laugh, I’m old.”

Hearing him say this, although Liu Li said that she was not young, she was still quite happy in her heart.

Even Li Mingxuan didn’t care too much about calling her Sister Liu.

Speaking of which, Comrade Xiao Li is only three years older than Liu Tianxian.

Called sister by such a young, handsome young man, Liu Li’s heart is a little beautiful after all, no one wants to get old, especially she was a big beauty before.

Really Li Mingxuan wants to call her, Aunt Liu, she may not be happy instead.

On the other hand, if the other person calls her sister, then the two are a generation.

At that time, her daughter Feifei would recognize him as a father, which would be logical.

“Don’t call me Li Shao, it seems too angry, just call me Xuan Brother, Xiao Xuan can be!”

After Li Mingxuan finished speaking, without waiting for Liu Li to answer, he looked at Liu Tianxian on the side.

“Fei Fei, yes, you are so beautiful, not worse than Audrey Hepburn, Vivien Leigh!”

Hearing him say this, fifteen-year-old Liu Tianxian immediately said with happiness: “Really?! ”

“Of course, if I had such a beautiful daughter as you, I would definitely hold it in the palm of my hand for fear of falling, and I would be afraid of melting in my mouth, and I would take care of it in every way!”

Li Mingxuan sighed and said.

Seeing that he had all said everything to this point, Chen Jin, who wanted Li Mingxuan to pay for it as soon as possible, immediately interjected: “Li Shao, what is there to envy, wouldn’t it be better to let Fei Fei directly recognize Li Shao as a dry father?” ”

Hearing this, Li Mingxuan pretended to be a little embarrassed.

“It’s not good, I’m not a few years older than Feifei.”

“There is a way that there is a desire not to be high in age, no ambition to be a hundred years old, like Li Shaoyou, a character like you, is worthy to become a flying daddy?”

After Chen Jin finished speaking, he also made a look at Liu Li on the side.

The latter immediately understood and hurriedly said, “Brother Xuan, Fei Fei has been envious of having a father like you since he was a child, Fei Fei, what do you think!” ”

Liu Tianxian immediately and very naturally shouted sweetly to Li Mingxuan.

“Dry… Father! ”

“Well, since Feifei doesn’t dislike me, if I refuse again, it is estimated that I will hurt Feifei’s heart!”

Li Mingxuan paused here, then said again.

“And it’s a beautiful thing to have a daughter like Feifei!”

Hearing that he recognized Liu Tianxian.

Both Chen Jin and Liu Li were relieved.

Then, Li Mingxuan looked at Chen Jin and said, “You bring a lawyer tomorrow, and we will hand over the company’s equity!” ”

Since others were working so hard, Li Mingxuan felt that it was time to give the other party some rewards.

But hearing these words in Chen Jin’s ears seemed to be the most beautiful voice in the world, and he stood up and bowed down in a hurry: “Thank you, Li Shao, thank you Li Shao!” ”

“You’re welcome, this is what you deserve, and through you, I also got to know a beautiful person like Sister Liu and such a cute and beautiful dry daughter as Feifei, and in terms of talking, I still owe you!”

Li Mingxuan said.

Liu Li heard Li Mingxuan call her a beauty, and her face suddenly appeared red.

“Don’t dare, this is what it should be, like Ms. Liu and Fei Fei are destined to get to know Li Shao, and I am just a passer-by in their lives!”

Since Chen Jin had already decided to sell Liu Tianxian’s mother and daughter, he naturally didn’t want to have anything to do with it.

For him, there were a whole bunch of beautiful women anyway.

After getting the money, he went to the south to see if he could make a comeback, and at this time, he could not hang the chain and let Li Shao misunderstand.

In fact, Chen Jin, who had just brought back the Heavenly Immortal Mother and Daughter from the Beautiful Country, had exposed the spy case without even touching a finger to the other party.

During that time, his hair was white in order to understand the sealing company, and where there was still time to take care of the Heavenly Immortal Mother and Daughter.

It was said that Li Mingxuan was very satisfied with Chen Jin’s knowledge and did not need him to specifically bring it up.

“In that case, let’s eat first, waiter, serve!”

Li Mingxuan shouted in the box, and the two waiters standing in the box immediately walked out not long ago, and a plate of exquisite food was served.

The private rooms in the Imperial Welfare Club Restaurant in this VIP building are known for their elegance.

Inside there are Chinese-style screens of birds, a round table made of mahogany, a variety of exquisite porcelain porcelain on the decorative table next to it, and landscape paintings by famous artists hanging on the walls.

A round sun lamp on the head is very soft.

Coupled with a wooden carved ceiling on the head, it gives people an atmospheric feeling.

Naturally, its cuisine is also exquisitely made to make people eat their fingers.

Golden garlic abalone, crab yellow cabbage, steamed wild yellow croaker, Alaskan king crab and many more filled the table.

Although Chen Jin was also worth a lot as a rich man before, he rarely ate these things.

Not to mention the two abalones in Australia, one costs thousands of dollars.

As far as wild yellow croaker is concerned, it is not something that can be obtained with money.

Just a few bottles of Pinot Noir from 2000, the dry Romani Conti red wine, each bottle is worth fifty or sixty thousand.

“It’s really worthy of being a rich young master!”

Chen Jin sighed.

On the other hand, Xiao Liu Tianxian, who had never seen so many top delicacies, didn’t know what to eat first.

“Give, eat more abalone, it is very good for physical development!”

Li Mingxuan gave Liu Tianxian an oversized abalone and said with concern,

“Thank you, Daddy Yu!”

Liu Tianxian cried sweetly.

Then shell teeth took a bite of the juicy abalone, and suddenly their eyes narrowed and looked like they liked the taste of abalone very much.

“If you like it, eat more, and if it’s not enough, order it again!”

Li Mingxuan said.


Liu Tianxian nodded happily.

And Li Mingxuan gave Liu Li a piece of Sumei fish sashimi: “This Sumei fish sashimi, which is said to be produced in the deep sea of the Pacific Ocean, is not common in the imperial capital, and today it also happens to be a VIP building to get one!” ”

“Ah, this is the Sumei fish, which is called a national treasure!”

Liu Li was a little surprised because the Sumei fish is basically produced in some countries in Southeast Asia, because the overfishing is extremely rare, which can be called a national treasure fish.

Many people only listen to its name, but never eat it.

Liu Li took a bite and immediately felt that the fish melted in the mouth, and the taste was abnormal.

“Sister Liu, for the sake of our acquaintance today, let’s have a drink!”

Li Mingxuan arrived at a glass of wine, said that after everything was said at the dinner table, Liu Li also became generous and touched Li Mingxuan with the wine glass.

“Brother Xuan, thank you very much, otherwise Mr. Chen would have left, and our mother and son wouldn’t know where to stay!”

“Oh, Sister Liu doesn’t have a house in the imperial capital yet, so at night, you and FeiFei will live in the presidential set of the VIP building, and when we have time, we will go to see the house of the imperial capital!”

Li Mingxuan said.

“Then thank you so much, Brother Xuan!”

Liu Li said movingly.

“It’s too foreign, Feifei is my dry daughter, you’re my sister, that’s what it should be, come, have a drink!”

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