Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 129

Chapter 129 abolished!!

As soon as these people in Gangjiang heard what the black-clad bodyguard said, some of them immediately had a playful look on their faces.

These people, who don’t know what’s going on with Bottle Wei and The Blue Girl.

Many people are still very envious.

But yeah! What’s going on with these black-clad bodyguards.

Blue Girl fans? Looking for trouble?

Although In the hearts of these people, people are not very good, but the identity of the other party is placed there.

My father used to be a black and white character.

Although he is now wanted, he is still alive on treasure island

Many people in Gangjiang still gave him face.

Needless to say, the background is also a famous actor and the gold medal host of the wireless “Happy Tonight”.

At the same time, he also formed one of the helmsmen of StarEast (Oriental Charm) Company with Tan Lin, Chen Baixiang and others in the past few years.

Although last year StarEast (Oriental Charm) company broke rumors of closure and layoffs.

However, people are also bosses.

Even Miss Fang of wireless, Sir Shao, had to give some face.

After Hong Bao felt that the other party was not good, he surrendered his hand and said, “Guys, Bottle Wei and Blue Girl do have a bit of a contradiction on some issues, but please look at my face and go around him once!” ”

If the opposite is a Gangjiang person or really some second-generation bodyguards, it is estimated that it will give Hong Bao a little face.

However, he was ordered by Li Mingxuan to leave the nano-robot bodyguard of the other party’s fifth limb not to eat this set.

They were only five or six years old intelligent, and only 863 had orders in their minds.

Yes, don’t say that hong bao is standing here, even if the president of a beautiful country is standing here

Therefore, the black-clad bodyguards did not speak either, and went directly to the encirclement of Koshiw

Those Gangjiang people immediately protected Yongwei.

At this time, they have left the VIP building, and the security of the VIP building has not been eliminated

Only some of the guests who came to eat were very surprised to see the two groups in front of the door.

Hong Bao couldn’t see it anymore, so he directly attacked with a heavy punch at an approaching black-clad bodyguard.

However, the black-clad bodyguard did not even look at this punch.

Directly with the face door received a punch from Hong Bao.


Hong Bao was still very confident, even if these people were masters, his fists were not vegetarian.

Even the internationally renowned boxer slapped him on the front door.

It is estimated that it is also directly lying down.

Speaking of Hong Bao, he also has real kung fu, and his fists are strong and powerful.

Although it may not be as good as his contemporaries Bruce Lee, it is really much stronger than those who are fangshilong.

However, when Hong Bao punched behind the door of the black-clad bodyguard.

The expected scene of the other party falling directly did not appear at all, but his fist was in a huge pain.

It was as if the punch was not on the flesh at all, but on the steel.

“What road number!?”

Although he had been making movies for decades, Hong Bao dared to swear that he had never seen anyone’s body so hard.

Unbelieving in evil, he tried several times on the black-clad bodyguard in succession, but he could not shake the bodyguard at all.

In the end, he almost cracked his own mouth.

“There really is a golden bell cover on this side of the inland!” Hong Bao couldn’t believe it and held his trembling arm. ”

Fortunately, the black-clad bodyguard received the order to Reve Wei and not him, otherwise the steel and iron bones composed of nano-robot mimesis could make Hong Bao lie on the ground with one punch.

On the other side, the other Gangjiang people could not stop the black-clad bodyguards.

Just trying to escape, Wei Wei was picked up by a bodyguard with one hand by the neck and hung up like a chicken waiting to be slaughtered.

Then, the bodyguard looked at the other person’s lower body.

Seeing the other side of the police officer to his lower body, the almost out of breath of the arrested Kowed suddenly felt a chill in his back and said hard: “No… No! ”

However, the nano-robot bodyguard would not listen to him.

The robot that lifted his whole body jerked his legs up and kicked.

The next moment, some of the male guests who were watching the liveliness subconsciously and closed their hands together

Images of eggs bursting from the inside flashed in their minds.

Some people who recognized it as Bottle Wei were either calling the police or wanting to notify the hotel security.

And Koshi has passed out in pain.

There was a burst of blood red underneath.

After doing these things, the black-clad bodyguards were like the members of the olive team, and they rushed out of the VIP building with their height and horsepower, and almost did not stop at all.

Then, in the corner where no one was, the security guards melted away like snowflakes coming out of the sun.

In the microscopic world, many nano-insects flapping their black wings quickly blend into a black Rolls-Royce silver angel.

Some of them were integrated into the Rolex on Li Mingxuan’s wrist.

Because it is so small, no human can find it.

And those belated VIP building security doors, as soon as they reach the door, they immediately chased outside.

But there were still those black-clad bodyguards on the street

Although it is said a lot, the whole process actually takes less than five minutes.

In about ten minutes, 120 ambulances and patrol cars arrived.

After all, two well-known Gangjiang people were injured in the imperial capital, and the patrols also needed to bear responsibility.

First, the unconscious Koshi was carried to the ambulance.

The patrols began to make temporary notes for Hong Bao and the others to understand what had just happened.

“According to mr. Hong, those people have committed premeditated crimes!”

“Yes, they say they are fans of the Blue Girl, in retaliation!”

The Blue Girl is famous in the inland for “Journey to the West”, and some young patrols are still very familiar with it.

“That is to say, Mr. Koshiwy has really bullied the Blue Girl. The famous patrol asked. ”

“Sir, is this related to the beating case?”

Hong Bao asked.

“Well, we’re also understanding each other’s motives for hitting people, so that we can better find people!”

A patrolman said.

“Mr. Hong, have you offended anyone recently?!”

Another patrol investigated the scene and asked in conjunction with eyewitness testimony

As soon as these words came out, Hong Bao suddenly had a figure in his mind.

Could it be him!

Then, Hong Bao did not ignore the patrol in the Hui Continent and rushed towards the box of the VIP building.

At this time, although there was a lot of noise outside.

But in the other private room, Li Mingxuan was eating a delicious meal with Fan Shuangshuang

Because of playing mahjong for an hour, Li Mingxuan ordered a lot of oysters, two-headed abalone, Australian lobster, bird’s nest and other delicacies.

Fan Shuangshuang was holding a large oyster for Comrade Xiao Li, and he also ate a large abalone with 780,000 bottles of Romani Conde.

This ton of rice had never dared to think of before.

A meal eats more than 100,000, is the second generation of mines so luxurious? Fan Shuangshuang really opened his eyes at this time.

At the same time, she was glad of her choice, otherwise, how could she, who was born in an ordinary family, have the opportunity to eat these.

However, at this time, Hong Bao rushed in.

“Mr. Li, did you just do that?”

Hearing this, Li Mingxuan, who was eating a mouthful of garlic oysters, asked doubtfully, “Mr. Hong, what are you talking about, how can I not understand it?” ”

At this time, Fan Shuangshuang frowned and made a sound.

“Mr. Hong, thank you for the help you have given me, but please stop messing around, my boyfriend has always been here and I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“Really? Koshi has just been attacked outside the hotel, and I don’t know what the situation is now, but someone needs to be responsible for this matter! ”

Hong Bao said sharply.

“Mr. Koshiwy was attacked!”

Fan Shuangshuang narrowed his mouth in surprise, in disbelief.

Li Mingxuan, on the other hand, wiped his mouth with a tissue very calmly, and said unhurriedly: “He was attacked by someone to shut me up, just because he just clashed?” I’m not going to do that yet! ”

Seeing his sincere look, Hong Bao wondered if he really thought too much.

But those bodyguards were all masters, and besides Li Mingxuan, he could hardly imagine that anyone else would attack Wei Wei.

After all, they only came to the imperial capital yesterday, and as for what they said about avenging the blue girl, he didn’t believe a word.

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