Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 128

Chapter 128 We are fans of the Beautiful Wutai Mountain Blue Girl!!

But now Fan Shuangshuang has Li Mingxuan as a backing, and is no longer a little star who has no background and needs to see other people’s faces.

Think of Li Mingxuan’s feat of spending 140 million yuan to buy the Houhai Courtyard, and the little man’s home is still mining.

That’s the real rich man in Fan’s eyes.

Where are some of the glamorous-looking pseudo-rich people who must have a table can be compared.

Hong Bao did not give his rich little man face so much, and he looked disgusted that Li Mingxuan was obstructing things here.

Fan Shuangshuang naturally does not give a good face.

“Mr. Hong, please respect yourself, this is my boyfriend, Li Mingxuan, for me is not someone else, if Mr. Hong, Mr. Koshi do not welcome us, we can leave directly!”

It is said that Bottle Wei is far from being as harmless as he was in the movie, and said sharply, “Pretty girl, do you know that you are talking about it?” The big brother can afford you, only willing to praise you, you believe or believe as long as you have a word, you have the law to go down the film circle! ”

This guy threatened in Cantonese.

However, the next moment Li Mingxuan said, “I really don’t believe it, Wei Wei, I heard that your father was the former four major inspectors Lu Le’s subordinates, very good, right?” ”

Wei Wei heard the man next to Fan Shuangshuang suddenly mention this, and did not know what the other party was going to say.

Although his father used to be very beautiful, and even served as the chief of the police station, but at that time, when Lu Le was still alive, with the establishment of the Independent Commission Against Corruption, his father could only flee to treasure island, and he is still living in seclusion.

That is to say, some people in Gangjiang looked at the face left by his father and gave him three points.

But his lust is famous in Gangjiang, so some people simply look down on him.

“Boy, what are you trying to say!?”

Kowd said.

“I don’t want to say anything, just let you understand a truth, Gangjiang is just a very small place for flower growers, don’t look up to yourself too high, this is the imperial capital!” Li Mingxuan said directly. ”

Hearing this, Hong Bao frowned, and Li Mingxuan’s words made him wake up from jealousy.

Two years ago, Liu Hua, one of the four heavenly kings at that time, once went to the northeast to perform, but he was slapped and detained, and at that time, he could not even come forward to his home, or was protected by Ren Hua’s brother, and only returned to Gangjiang.

This incident is a relatively big shock to the entertainment circle of Hong Kong and Jiangsu.

And the imperial capital that Li Mingxuan said was not comparable to that in the northeast.

Who knows who this young man full of luxuries is, in case of any real power, if he Hong Bao offends the other party, maybe it may really be very troublesome, if he is also like Liu Hua, his face of the big brother of Hong Kong Jiang can not afford to lose that kind of person.

“Well, here you talk a lot, but if you go to Gangjiang one day, you will not dare to talk about it (do you dare to say it like this)”

Hong Bao said.

“You’ll know when the time comes!”

Li Mingxuan didn’t care about the threat of the other party, just like he said, Gangjiang was just a small place for the flower grower.

However, there are always some people who feel that Gangjiang is special, and when they speak, they say that I am a Gangjiang person, just like a special cow.

Hong Bao took a deep look at Li Mingxuan, then glanced at Fan Shuangshuang, who did not say a word, and shouted at his companions.

“Let’s go!”

Then a group of more than a dozen Gangjiang people left their seats in a hurry.

Each of them had a very bad look in their eyes, and some of them were obviously calloused on the backs of their hands.

I believe that as long as Hong Bao gives an order, even if this is a VIP building, it is estimated that a full martial arts tour will be held.

However, Hong Bao walked quickly.

These people could only look evil and leave.

“Brother Xuan, is this really okay?”

Fan double double road.

“Why don’t you believe in you man?”

Li Mingxuan looked over and smiled.

“No, no, it’s just that Hong Bao’s people are famous figures after all, and if they fall out like this, will it have a bad impact on you?”

Fan Shuangshuang asked.

“It’s just a Hongbao, even if it’s the Xiang family or the four major families of Gangjiang, if I don’t give them face, they won’t have face!”

Li Mingxuan, who has a system and a mimetic nanorobot, has more than a billion tons of high-quality coal under his feet, and if all of it is mined, it will be hundreds of billions of profits.

Don’t look at the Li family seems to be small, even the establishment of a group company has not yet, but even now, the Li family’s monthly profit has reached more than 600 million.

The behemoth that made a profit of 7.2 billion yuan for the whole year.

You must know that this is 2002, and this exaggerated profit margin, which can be compared with the Li family, is now a number of national enterprises.

If in the future, Li Mingxuan can take down a large number of iron ore, copper ore, aluminum ore, lithium ore in the world, and become a giant that can truly shake the world economy.

By then, even if the state wants to move him, it will have to be measured.

At this time, a group of Hong Bao, who had a stomach full of anger, had come to the outside of the VIP building.

“Brother Sanmao, are you really sorry to leave?” Brothers, let out a sigh of relief! ”

The martial master of the famous Hongjia class said hatefully.

At this time, Wei Wei also whispered in Hong Bao’s ear.

“Big brother, did you really just let that north sister go?” Gangjiang people generally discriminate against women in the inland called Beimei, the so-called Beimei is a bit similar to the countryside, the meaning of the countryside, of course, there are also some women who come to Gangjiang to engage in improper work, also called Beimei. ”

Hearing this, Hong Bao looked at Wei Wei and asked, “Then what do you want to do?” ”

“How about we go back and stink her and spend some money on some material for the entertainment tabloids?”

Koshi said with a bad smile.

At this time, it has been several years since the return of the port river, but the inland side still attaches great importance to the port river.

So many Gangjiang newspapers and so on, especially some attractive topics in

It also spreads very fast here

Obviously, bottle Wei is not the first time to do this kind of thing, light car familiar road.

At this moment, he seemed to have seen li Mingxuan’s black face after receiving the news

However, he had only just finished speaking when he suddenly felt the sound of neat footsteps.

In the blink of an eye, these dozen Gangjiang people were surrounded.

The number of people coming was also more than ten people, but they were dressed in black and black sunglasses.

Each Kong Wu is powerful, all are more than 190 in height, and the standard muscular man looks.

And it was as if the muscles were about to explode out of the white shirt.

In contrast, although some of these people are equally muscular, they look like a ragtag bunch of people in terms of height, weight and clothing.

There is simply no comparison.

“Whose bodyguard is this, and how can it have such a shocking power?”

After all, Hong Bao was born as a martial artist, and he also had a good martial value, and ordinary three or four people could not get close to him.

But as soon as he saw the other side, he knew that he probably couldn’t beat it.

Although many gyms can make this kind of muscular man, Hong Bao can see at a glance that the other party is definitely not the kind of fake muscle and meat that eats protein powder.

That expressionless face, cold temperament.

At first glance, it is a real master, and there are more than ten such masters.

The most terrifying of these people are exactly the same in both body type and expression, as if these bodyguards have been carefully selected.

“I’m Hong Bao of Gangjiang, I wonder what you’re looking for us for?”

Hong Bao’s posture is a little low, which will definitely surprise people when it comes to the Gangjiang River.

The first brother of Gangjiang, even The Fangshi Dragon had to call out to Hong Bao, who was a big brother, was so weak in the face of the black-clad bodyguard.

“We are fans of the beautiful Blue Girl of Mount Wutai, well, this time I happened to see someone who wanted to teach him a lesson that he would never forget!”

One of the black-clad bodyguards led by the group said faintly.

Hearing him say this, Koshi wei, who was in the middle of the Gangjiang people’s ranks, immediately tensed up.

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