Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 127

Chapter 127 Jealous GangJiang Star!!

Fan Shuangshuang soon indulged in the joy of mahjong.

It wasn’t until an hour later that the game was over.

Li Mingxuan glanced at the plum blossoms on the bed, and really had a feeling of picking up the treasure.

“Brother Xuan, will you always be nice to me in the future?”

Fan Shuangshuang asked with flattering eyes.

It is said that Li Mingxuan naturally knows that women who play mahjong for the first time always have a feeling of gain and loss.

At this time they are the least safe to dare.

Afraid that men will not want them if they get it.

So, he smiled and touched her beautiful melon face, and comforted: “Of course, Sister Fan is so beautiful, who would be willing to be bad to you, you are my little baby!” ”

Hearing Li Mingxuan talking about love, Fan Shuangshuang finally felt a lot of peace of mind.

In fact, she had no intention of breaking the game today, but she didn’t know what was wrong, so she was picked up by this young man to play mahjong.

If you want to say regret, there really isn’t.

Although playing mahjong for the first time was a bit clumsy, her initial sense of innings was very good under the guidance of someone’s super high card skills.

The only thing she was worried about now was whether the little man would fulfill the promises he had just made, probably seeing Fan Shuangshuang’s thoughts, Li Mingxuan asked.

“Sister Fan, you are signing Huayi now, aren’t you?”


Fan Shuangshuang nodded.

“Listen to my withdrawal, I will pay you the liquidated damages, and then I will invest 10 million yuan to set up a ‘Fan Shuangshuang Studio’, and when the time comes, in the name of an independent studio, I will introduce you to Li Kun’s mother, the famous director Ms. Li Hong, and the gold medal producer Li Wan!”

Hearing Li Mingxuan’s arrangement for himself, Fan Shuangshuang immediately became happy.

If you take the studio approach to co-production instead of signing a contract, it’s really good.

At least in this era, there are few such actors in the mainland, but many famous actors in the Gangjiang River are opening their own companies, and then if they want to cooperate in a play, it is up to the companies to cooperate.

In this way, it is more free for the actor.

Of course, the premise of doing so is that you have to be extremely famous.

Fan Shuangshuang naturally did not have these, but she had Li Mingxuan, a rich and well-connected man.

Isn’t there a saying?

Under the power of capital, even a pig can be packaged as a star.

That is to say, Li Mingxuan did not have the idea of setting up an entertainment company alone, otherwise, he was estimated to be able to become a big man in the entertainment industry.

“Well, I’ll break the contract with Huayi when I get back!”

Fan Shuangshuang nodded Li Mingxuan was naturally very satisfied, and it was really nothing in the entertainment circle now.

Although in 1994, the Wang family brothers established Huayi Company, but it was not until 1998 that they began to invest in Feng Gang’s films, and “Endless” with a total investment of 6 million yuan that year received a total of 30 million at the box office.

Let Huayi make a lot of money.

Since then, Feng Gang, who has been identified by the Wang family brothers, has continuously invested in “Big Names”

More than a dozen films such as “Mobile Phone”.

Feng Gang became a household name director, and Huayi also made a lot of money.

However, in 2002, even the future “Mobile Phone”, which made Fan Shuangshuang fall a big heel, was not released, and Huayi’s volume was tens of millions.

If it were not for the Fact that the Wang Brothers had found a capital partner and owned Huayi’s 55 controlling stake.

Li Mingxuan didn’t even mind buying Huayi and lying down for a while, Li Mingxuan looked at Fan Ye next to him, it was really beautiful and delicious.

If it were not for the promise to Fan Shuangshuang to participate in the banquet of the Gangjiang people.

He would love to have a game of mahjong.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

So, the two took a bath in the president’s set, and the spring light in it was not enough for outsiders.

More than ten minutes later, wearing a Chanel evening dress and wearing a Cartier necklace, Fan Shuangshuang, who was carrying an L bag cross-body, the noblewoman Fan Na was vividly displayed.

The only pity is that she walks from time to time frowning, it seems to be very painful to enter the exclusive elevator is, she also did not forget to roll her eyes at Li Mingxuan, who started the horn.

Blame me! Li Mingxuan was a little amused.

Before the two of them went downstairs, he also packed the sheets and asked the housekeeper Makino to change a new one.

Coming downstairs, Fan Shuang took Li Mingxuan’s arm.

It can be said that it is a golden child and a jade girl, and the appearance of both of them is the kind of lord who carries it.

All the way down the hall, it was the focus of others.

Fortunately, Fan Shuangshuang wore that big sunglasses on her face, and her fame at this time was really not big, so no one recognized her.

According to the agreement, go to the private room of the VIP building.

Li Mingxuan met some movie stars in Gangjiang, smoking cigarettes in the box.

Among them, there is no shortage of a brother in the entertainment circle of Hong Kong River, Hong Bao.

Its Hongjia class has produced many stars.

Even the famous Uncle Jiu later served as a dragon and tiger martial artist in it.

To tell the truth, in the past, Li Mingxuan still liked the movie starring this fat Hong Bao.

But now!

Fan Shuangshuang is his woman, with Li Mingxuan’s perverted possessiveness, Fan Shuangshuang can’t have any contact with Hong Bao, if the other party doesn’t know fun, whether it is inland or Gangjiang, Li Mingxuan has a way to make Hong Bao eat and walk.

In front of the real capital dad, the movie star is nothing, that is, a group of clowns selling songs.

At this time, the Gangjiang people who were swallowing clouds and spitting mist in the box also saw Fan Shuangshuang walk in with a young man very intimately.

Hong Bao’s face suddenly darkened, revealing a look of displeasure.

And the little dwarf next to him, Koshiw, copied the Cantonese and said: “Beauty, how come you still take others!” ”

Hearing the disgust in his words, Li Mingxuan’s face immediately turned cold.

For this little dwarf, He was even more disgusted to the extreme.

Don’t forget what the beautiful blue girl of Wutai Mountain said, although the girl may indeed play the shortcomings of the big name, but some of the words she said are still very credible.

Looking for a woman, Li Mingxuan did not object.

After all, so is he.

But drugging or something is too much.

And how to say that the blue girl is still a junior, a film industry predecessor actually used this means, which is disgraceful.

Therefore, Li Mingxuan did not care about Wei Wei’s words at all, and sat in the box with Fan Shuangshuang’s big horse and golden knife.

Seeing him with a flat face.

Hong Bao and some people who did not know Gangjiang were very dissatisfied.

Hong Bao looked at Fan Shuangshuang and pretended to be very indifferent and asked, “Miss Fan, what is going on, I think this gentleman is not in the ranks of my invitation!” ”

In fact, after Hong Bao met Fan Shuangshuang once, he was shocked that he also introduced Fan Shuangshuang’s plan to star in the Gangjiang movie.

However, what I didn’t expect was that this woman slipped without leaving her hand, and he didn’t get any benefits at all.

On the contrary, it has lost a lot of human feelings.

Originally, he came from Gangjiang today to the imperial capital also wanted to take down this woman, and even The Wei Wei next to him gave him attention, but what he didn’t expect was that he somehow killed a Cheng to bite jin.

Naturally, as a big man in the Entertainment Circle of Hong Kong River, he is very dissatisfied, and his tone is even more aggressive.

In addition, looking at the other party’s intimate behavior with Fan Shuangshuang also made him very jealous.

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