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Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 125

Chapter 125 Request!!

For the arrival of the tall and beautiful Fan Shuangshuang, these foreigners paid a little attention and looked up.

However, no one came to build the mountain.

Because the beautiful woman has a handsome male companion by her side.

After the two took their seats, the waiter immediately brought the menu.

Li Mingxuan handed it to Fan Shuangshuang, and she did not politely order a few things directly.

Then, Li Mingxuan took the menu and asked, “What beef do you have here?” ”

Hearing this, the waiter immediately explained.

“There is angora beef, samba beef, kangaroo beef in the pretty country!”

“Then come to a Kangaroo country’s sirloin steak, remember I want to cook it all, another salmon shrimp tart, a banjibo cake, order a fruit salad for this lady, and this year’s Rafi!”

“All right, sir, ready for you now!”

After hearing Li Mingxuan’s needs, the waiter immediately put his notes on the book, bent down and left.

After he left, Fan Shuangshuang asked curiously, “Isn’t the steak 30% eaten and 7 mature?” ”

“Oh, in fact, the so-called steak is a few points of ripeness are the sayings of the flower people, foreign countries only use the word rare to express, and do not quantify and actually plant flower people do not adapt to the raw taste of steak, fully cooked is actually the most appropriate, naturally I of course want to be fully cooked!!”

Hearing Li Mingxuan say this, he had not yet touched that kind of high-ranking Fan Shuangshuang, and suddenly realized.

She used to go to a Western restaurant to eat, and most people would pretend to be in front of her and tell the waiter that they wanted to be seven or even three points cooked.

As long as you eat Western food, you must look like you know it very well…

Now look at Li Mingxuan, I can eat whatever I want.

Why care what other people think.

In fact, this is a manifestation of self-confidence.

And confident men are actually the most attractive.

The corners of Fan Shuang’s mouth revealed a smile.

The two began to talk about some recent situations, and Fan Shuangshuang did not know whether it was intentional or not, saying that she had not had the money to buy a house that really belonged to her in the imperial capital until now.

“Don’t you make money making movies and TV series?”

Li Mingxuan is a little curious, he actually knows nothing about the entertainment industry.

“I took 20,000 Hong Kong dollars for the Hedong Lion Roar filmed in Gangjiang, and I got 80,000 yuan for the 25 episodes of the recent TV series!”

Fan Shuangshuang said with a bitter smile.

To say this money, is it too much?

There are not many, a movie in Hong Kong River is only 20,000 Hong Kong dollars, this price is too low.

Even if Fan Shuangshuang is only a supporting role in it, he will not be used as a maid.

And 80,000 of the 25-episode TV series, well, how much money comes from each episode, then don’t count.

But it took more than a month before and after, which was enough to pit it.

Obviously, the current entertainment industry has not yet risen, it should be said that the real capital has not yet entered the market.

Unless it is the two heroines in the pearl, it is estimated that the money earned will be a lot.

But Fan Shuangshuang does not have this kind of coffee position now.

No wonder it was difficult for her to even buy a house in the imperial capital.

After a while, the food was served on the table.

Opening a bottle of more than 30,000 Rafi, Li Mingxuan poured it into a goblet and said to Fan Shuangshuang: “Sister Fan, for the first time to eat alone, make a cup!” ”


Fan Shuang raised his glass.

The two touched each other for a moment, and then they drank it all.

Because of the addition of fine wine, the two quickly opened the conversation box.

Talking about her family, her mother, and her career.

After chatting for a while, Fan Shuangshuang asked with some hesitation, “Brother Xuan, do you have anything to do tonight?” ”


Li Mingxuan was a little dizzy by her words, was this suggesting something?

Play mahjong, or golf!

“Sister Fan, I’m just an idle person now, but there’s nothing wrong with me, if you have something, you can tell me!”

Li Mingxuan said.

“That. Accompany me to a feast in the evening! ”

Fan Shuangshuang said.


Li Mingxuan asked subconsciously.

“That big star of Hong Kong sauce Hong Bao’s!”

Fan Shuangshuang did not hide in the tuck, said directly.

As if afraid that Li Mingxuan would misunderstand, she immediately added: “Although he helped me enter the Gangjiang market, I didn’t promise him anything, Brother Xuan, you have to believe me!” ”


Li Mingxuan nodded.

He didn’t know the situation in the future, but at this time, Fan Shuangshuang should not have yet agreed to Hong Bao’s request, after all, if he did, Fan Shuangshuang would not even have a small nest in the imperial capital.

Even if Hong Bao has no money, he will buy a high-end apartment or villa for Fan Shuangshuang.

And seeing that Fan Shuangshuang was so nervous, I was afraid that he would misunderstand.

Li Mingxuan could trust her.

“What time?” Somewhere! ”

Li Mingxuan asked.

“Half past seven, VIP building!”

Fan double double road.

“That’s really the old place!”

Li Mingxuan secretly said in his heart.

However, considering that there is a stake in Mr. Gang Jiang Huo in the Imperial VIP Building, it is normal for their stars to go there.

Therefore, Li Mingxuan looked at Fan Shuangshuang and suggested, “Sister Fan, if you don’t have dinner and go to Wangfujing to buy something, after all, you are attending the banquet of the Gangjiang people, and you have to dress more formally!” ”


Fan Shuangshuang didn’t know how to answer.

With her money to go to Wangfujing to buy some luxury goods, it is estimated that it will be clean, as for spending Li Mingxuan’s money, the relationship between the two does not seem to have reached that level.

However, Li Mingxuan did not have such scruples.

After lunch, fan shuangshuang was taken directly to Wangfujing.

And those luxury cabinet sisters simply recognized him at first sight.

These people are worthy of the local tycoon who brought a beautiful woman yesterday, and another one today.

And how does this look so familiar!

Isn’t that Ziwei’s mane?

O star!

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