Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 111

Chapter 111 War Begins!!

In fact, Li Mingxuan can completely let the ‘coin’ disperse into nano-robots to drill into the bodies of those bodyguards.

The resulting effect may be even more shocking.

However, in that case, it would seem a little too supernatural to pass it out.

Originally, he had a reputation for mastering the Thai head lowering technique outside, and if he came back, it would be more and more bizarre.

It is not as good as it is now, although the strength value of these nano-robots is indeed a little high, but it is still acceptable.

However, Li Mingxuan was also very shocked by the alien technology, who could imagine that something the size of a coin could turn into this human form.

The only pity is that ‘coins’ have limits to self-replication and cannot become too big.

Otherwise, Li Mingxuan really wanted to turn it into an aircraft carrier or something like that.

In addition, the energy required for these robots to act comes from the energy stored in the system, and it cannot be used randomly.

Li Mingxuan, under the protection of more than a dozen machine bodyguards, looked at Gui Yicheng, who had just looked proud.

At this time, Gui Yicheng’s eyes widened, as if he couldn’t believe it, he looked at the room where the ‘corpses were strewn across the field’.

With Li Mingxuan’s control, a strong man in black and sunglasses walked towards Guiyi City with heavy steps.

Before the other party did not react at all, he grabbed his throat and lifted it with one arm.

“Mr. Lu, do you still think you’re sure of me now?!”

Li Mingxuan said with a smile.


Because of the robot’s steely hands grasping the neck, Gui Yicheng frantically stomped two feet on the robot’s chest, and after a moment, this guy’s face turned blue-purple, and the whites of his eyes began to turn up.

Apparently he was severely deprived of oxygen, and it was estimated that this guy would die after being caught.


Then an old voice rang out.

Hearing this voice, Li Mingxuan looked to the side only to see an old man appear in the room at some point.

“Finally, the Lord gave it up!”

Li Mingxuan said with a smile.

Then, he controlled the robot to casually put Gui Yicheng down.

“Cough cough cough!”

As soon as Gui Yicheng landed on the ground, he coughed frantically and breathed in the air.

He had just almost felt like he was going to die.

At this time, Gui Ye looked at his grandson and breathed a sigh of relief.

As for the waste men who had broken their hands and feet, he didn’t even look at them.

“Young man, I underestimated you!”

Gui Ye said solemnly.

“No, maybe you’re looking up to yourself too highly, old man!”

Li Mingxuan said unceremoniously that after seeing Gui Yicheng’s disgusting work, he did not have any good feelings for this old man.

After all, dragons give birth to dragons, phoenixes give birth to phoenixes, and the sons of rats will punch holes, and what kind of elders teach what kind of people, although this cannot be said to be 100%, it is also a reasonable saying.

“Young people, don’t think that with these thugs, you can talk to me like this, after all, these people are just some brainless fools!”

Gui Ye seemed to be completely dismissive of Li Mingxuan’s nanobots.

“Oh, don’t speculate more than half a sentence, old man, since you think you are very good, then let’s fight!”

After speaking, Li Mingxuan controlled a robot, holding the coal mine transfer contract that had just been prepared for him on the table, and in the horrified eyes of Gui Yicheng, who had not yet recovered, he shoved the contract into the other party’s mouth.

Whining!! Gui Yicheng did not open his mouth in time, and his mouth was covered with blood by the steely palm.

“Stop. Stop, I’ll let you stop! ”

Gui Ye could no longer maintain the calm and unhurried temperament he had just had, and shouted in horror.


Li Mingxuan let out a villain-like laugh.

If people who don’t know see this scene, they probably think that he is the evil boy and bullying the widow and the elderly.

The nano-robot forcibly shoved a large ball of contracts into Gui Yicheng’s stomach, and the other party’s teeth were broken.

Then the bloody hand was drawn out.

When the viper on the side saw this scene, his back was chilling.

He suddenly felt that Gui Ye’s decision to provoke that young man was absolutely very stupid, he had never seen a person under the age of twenty who did things so hot…

It’s more like they’re on the road.

And those black-clad bodyguards, so many things have happened, and everyone’s face has not changed a bit from beginning to end.

I didn’t even blink my eyes.

“What a pervert this is!”

As the person in charge of security in the mansion, Viper is deeply trusted by Guiye, and his strength is naturally not weak.

Much stronger than those on earth.

But such a person did not dare to shoot from beginning to end.

Because he had just been looked at by a strong man in black with sunglasses, the whole person was like falling into an ice cellar, and by the time he returned to god’s hands, he had already fallen.

Less than a minute back and forth.

According to this estimate, his viper may not last more than ten seconds in the hands of these cold-skinned men in black.

But it is said that after Li Mingxuan left with the nano-robot bodyguard, Gui Ye held his miserable grandson Gui Yicheng, and the old man’s face was full of viciousness.

“Good, good, good, Jianghuai Li family is it, Li Mingxuan, old man, I have seen it, the back wave of the Yangtze River pushes the front wave, great, but this matter will not be counted like this!”

Gui Ye Qingjian said violently.

In fact, the viper on the side wanted to persuade this grandfather, after knowing that the other party was obviously not good, there was no need to die.

However, as a horse boy, he also knows Guiye’s personality, and the standard is that if he tries to persuade now, instead of getting benefits, the result may be that even he will be punished.

If that was the case, he would not say a word.

On the other side, Li Mingxuan walked out of Guiye’s manor intact.

Coming to a corner where no one was there, the black-clad bodyguards immediately began to liquefy, and then all connected together to reshape their forms.

Instantly, it turned into a Rolls-Royce Silver Angel car.

This is actually the form of the nanobot that changed after swallowing his Rolls-Royce Silver Angel record data.

Amazingly, even gasoline is made of nanorobot mimicry.

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