Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 109

Chapter 109: The Feast of the Hongmen?!!

Imagine a bunch of nanoscale robots if they breathe into the body and nibble around in it.

It feels sour to think about.

I’m afraid it can make people miserable.

Li Mingxuan really couldn’t imagine this thing, it was called a mining robot by aliens.

To be honest, there is no special way to deal with it.

Don’t look at the nano-robot with only one coin, but it can easily make a military base in a beautiful country die silently overnight.

If there is a fist the size of this, the number of splits is a little more. This thing can easily destroy a low civilization completely.

And the piece that Li Mingxuan got was only a minimum D-class model.

It’s hard to imagine that if an S-class model existed, it would be possible to destroy the earth.

However, this stuff may be black technology for Earth technology.

But for the Apocalypse, it may be as childish as a child’s toy, and it is not worth mentioning.

After having this kind of mimetic nanorobot, Li Mingxuan’s office has completely become a testing ground.

Brooms, dustpans, tables disappeared, and in an instant they were back to their original state.

From the outside, there is almost no difference.

However, it is actually a complex process of nanorobots that devour these things, divide, and then recombine at the atomic level.

In addition, it can also automatically record the structure of the material that is swallowed.

For example, it can change into coal, steel, wood matter.

It can also become complex such as television, airplanes, cars and other complex structures, and even the human body can be transformed like the Terminator 2’s T-1041700.

In short, after getting the ‘coin’, Li Mingxuan finally had the most powerful bodyguard in the world.

On the other side, Wei Xiaosi and the others went outside to inquire about His Guiye.

However, even some people in the Jin Dynasty had a hard time understanding this Guiye, and it took 20,000 yuan in the end to hear some rumors of Guiye from a boss

When Wei Xiaosi returned, he reported to Li Mingxuan: “I only heard that this Guiye is very powerful in Jin Province, up to the officials and nobles, down to the rich and black boss, as long as he has a certain reputation in Jin Province, he has visited this Guiye!” ”

Speaking of this, he paused: “However, no one knows what this Guiye is really called, and no one knows what Guiye’s industry is, in short, this person is like a mystery, unfathomable!” ”

Hearing Wei Xiaosi finish speaking with a serious face.

Li Mingxuan became more and more interested in this Guiye, anyway, after the system upgrade, the new features have made him invincible.

With the addition of nano-scale robots as protection, safety can be said to be greatly improved.

“Then I’ll see this mysterious Guiye!”

Li Mingxuan said lightly.

“But, Xiao Xuan, will this be a Hongmen banquet or something?”

Wei Xiaosi was a little nervous, after all, Li Jianguo had asked him to protect Li Mingxuan.

If something happened to Li Mingxuan when he went to the banquet, he would not be able to explain it.

“Hongmen Feast? I’d like to see what kind of medicine is sold in this gourd!? Three days after Li Mingxuan said, the strong man who called vipers in the evening also drove five Mercedes-Benz S-class to the Fairview Coal Mine. ”

Li Mingxuan refused Wei Xiaosi’s idea of following, and sat in the vehicle that came to greet him.

It took about 40 minutes to drive all the way.

The vehicle came to a huge mansion in front of two stone lions, gilded handles of the red lacquered wooden door.

All show the unusualness here.

To tell the truth, as far as Li Mingxuan was repairing the Houhai Courtyard in the imperial capital, there were no two lions in front of the door.

And the 45 volumes on this lion are the same as the lions in the Forbidden City.

This was only used by emperors during the Qing Dynasty.

This is what Xia Yuqing introduced to Li Mingxuan when she was touring the Forbidden City as a tour guide.

“Obviously, I don’t have a reputation among ordinary people, but the place where I live is so ostentatious, what is this, low-key luxury?”

Li Mingxuan was smiling in his heart.

He was then introduced into the mansion.

Along the way, Li Mingxuan, who came all the way, had a long cloister, rockery rocks, and pond koi to see.

I walked around inside for about five or six minutes.

He was introduced to a room with an elegant Chinese décor

As soon as I opened the door, a young man with dyed blond hair greeted him with a smile.

“Hello, Li Shao!”

The viper who was in charge of leading the way introduced, “This is Guiye’s grandson!” ”

“My name is Guiyicheng!”

The blonde youth held out his hand as he introduced himself.


Li Mingxuan shook hands with him.

The two immediately came into the room.

However, Li Mingxuan was a little uncomfortable with the fact that the dining table was a low table similar to that of the plaster country, and it was appropriate to kneel.

Obviously, the house is decorated in Chinese style, but the meal is plastered.

This made Li Mingxuan feel a little unhappy.

However, the blonde young man smiled unconsciously and said, “Originally it should have been my grandfather who came to entertain Li Shao, but he is older and his health has not been very good recently, so I have come to replace him to entertain Li Shao!” ”

“Old man, you can understand!”

Li Mingxuan said.

Gui Yicheng smiled, then clapped his palms, and suddenly the door was opened and a group of beautiful women walked in with a dinner plate.

Each one is dressed in a very feminine, revealing way, and even inadvertently being able to see the base of the thigh.

These women are all proper goddesses on the outside.

All of them are above 85 points, and the most beautiful ones even have more than 90 points.

A beauty in a thousand miles.

However, Li Mingxuan is no longer the first brother after all, and there is a top beauty of 97 points like Xia Yuqing as a confidant of red face.

These women are beautiful and beautiful, but they can’t make him lose his attitude.

Just looked at it and returned to normal.

At this time, Gui Yicheng smiled and said, “I don’t know, does Li Shao like this?” ”

As the plates were placed on the low table, the beauties, instead of leaving, lined up on the sides, as if they were being selected for review.

However, Li Mingxuan only glanced at it faintly.

The world can make people fall down, that is, women, money and power.

Many people end up with a tragic end because of these three things.

Don’t look at Li Mingxuan is only less than 20 years old, but the age in his heart is already 40 years old, after so much news and news in the future, it can be said that he has never seen anything.

In his opinion, as soon as he put up this battle, it must be an ulterior motive, and once he can’t control the lower body, it must be himself who suffers.

Therefore, Li Mingxuan did not care about these women at all, only a fool would know that it was a trap and drilled into it.

Seeing that the other party was not moved, Gui Yicheng was a little disappointed.

He waved, and one by one the women left the room.

“Since Li Shao doesn’t like words, then there is no need for these, come, as our first meeting, how about a drink!”

With that, Gui Yicheng got up slightly and poured a cup for Li Mingxuan with a blue and white wine jug

However, Li Mingxuan did not come here to drink, he said with his hand covering the wine glass.

“I think Gui Ye invited me here, not to drink, let’s talk quickly, what can you say first, and then I will decide whether to drink this glass of wine!”

As soon as this remark came out, Gui Yicheng frowned slightly, and then he said with a smile.

“Li Shao, can’t we young people contact each other with each other?” Did Li Shao get along well with Wang Shao and others in Dibu that day? ”

“That’s because they don’t have ulterior motives, but Gui Shao may not!”

Li Mingxuan said lightly.

The more harmless the other party seemed to be, the more Li Mingxuan felt that this guy looked like a poisonous snake.

A glass of serpent toast! Is that something you can drink?

Hearing Li Mingxuan say this, even the viper who had been standing next to him looked slightly sideways.

“Oh, Li Shao really can joke, well, since Li Shao wants to showdown, I don’t hide it anymore.”

Gui Yicheng put down his wine glass and said, “I heard that Li Shao got seven coal mines from the Shen family for 300 million yuan, and I am ready to buy these coal mines for 500 million yuan, I want to earn 200 million yuan in a month, Li Shao will not suffer losses!” ”

However, hearing him say this, Li Mingxuan showed a sneering smile.

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