Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 107

Chapter 107 Inspiration to Be an International Mining Thief!!

After understanding this ‘average mineral mining function’, Li Mingxuan recalled in his mind that he saw a certain introduction in his later life.

Talking about kangaroo country Bihe, Samba Tamsui River, John Bull Rio Tinto, the world’s three major iron ore groups.

Extortion on the iron ore of the planter.

And the conspiracy behind this plaster country.

The introduction details that before 2002, the international price of iron ore was very low.

Take the kangaroo country as an example, its mining cost is more than a dozen dollars.

However, its iron ore grade is above 60.

At that time, plaster in China became depressed because of the “Agreement” in the 80s, the bursting of the real estate bubble in the early 90s, and the financial crisis in the late 90s.

Just as Plaster Steel Company 12 was in a mess, they were surprised to find out.

The flower grower is silently ‘smelting steel’.

In 1996, the crude steel production of the flower grower exceeded 100 million tons in history, surpassing the plaster and leaping to the first place in the world.

Therefore, the plaster that was red-eyed and did not want the rapid development of the flower grower began to be laid out in advance, and a secret war of hunting the steel of the flower grower was fought.

The entire plaster domestic began to acquire a large number of world iron ore enterprises, the plaster consortium directly or indirectly owned a large number of local iron ore enterprises interests, and in the 24 major iron ore mines in the kangaroo country, the plaster focused on investing in 8 and participated in 16 shares, so far, the plaster on the global iron ore layout is basically completed.

Therefore, at the time of the rapid development of the planter steel enterprises, the plaster country united with the world’s three major iron ore enterprises BHP Billiton, Samba TamsuiHe, Rio Tinto Group began to promote the soaring price of iron ore, that is, in 2003, the planter replaced the plaster to become the world’s largest importer of iron ore.

Iron ore soared by more than 30% that year alone, and 71.5% in 2005.

After the iron ore went all the way up.

And now that Li Mingxuan has an ‘average mineral mining function’, his idea is to average the iron ore in the kangaroo country to the flower growers.

Li Mingxuan thought about it, he only needed to buy some land close to the big iron ore in the kangaroo country, and then move away the minerals of the big iron ore and hide it under the land he bought.

It doesn’t even need to be mined, and it is directly connected to the planter Huo County or other iron ore mines for mining.

At that time, the iron ore of the kangaroo country is mined less and less, and the iron ore of the flower grower is more and more mined.

If these steel companies were raising prices without Li Mingxuan’s consent, it would be impossible.

However, although the idea is good, the operation still needs to be more detailed and more thoughtful.

For example, you can buy some small iron ore in a third country to disguise it and so on.

Anyway, the average mining power can connect all the minerals and then average them.

Li Mingxuan can buy minerals all over the world and selectively mine them.

If a country has a problem because of policy or peace, he can completely disconnect the average function and let those small iron ore directly return to their original appearance, so that even if it is abandoned, it is not a pity.

As for why Li Mingxuan had a mine when he was mining, but there was no mine when they mined, it was none of his business.

At this time, he had a new goal, no longer to simply eat and wait for the second generation of mines, but to be an international mining thief.

If you have a mine at home, please go and don’t expose it, otherwise, I will definitely patronize.

Back to reality, Li Mingxuan looked at the new changes brought about by this upgrade, especially the restored database.

It says.

“Special memory steel manufacturing technology in the atmosphere of Apocalypse, completeness 80.”

“Fusion Energy Technology, Completeness 5.”



The rest is a bunch of question marks, apparently in a state of complete absence of repair.

Li Mingxuan casually opened the special steel technology in the database, which was a myriad of introductions to this steel.

He casually inquired about the information of the special steel of the flower planter with the office electricity 950 brain.

It was found that the steel of Apocalypse is much more advanced than existing steel in terms of strength, yield strength, ductility, and wear resistance.

In addition, this steel is also a memory metal, which can automatically repair damage.

“Things are good things, but 80 completeness is a bit depressing!”

Li Mingxuan looked at the data on the desktop computer and sighed,

“However, even if I can’t copy this special steel in the original version, as long as I can study it to achieve the general performance estimate of this steel, I should steal the fun!”

Li Mingxuan thought about it and decided to call the second-generation relationship of the imperial capital and ask them if they could find some steel experts, especially top experts.

“It doesn’t matter how much money you have, as long as you can recruit!!”

Although the second generations of the rumors had some doubts, they still decided to try it.

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