Reborn Shenhao Miner Chapter 100

Chapter 100 Payroll First!!

“Stop, stop!”

Wei Xiaosi shouted at the miners who were still carrying coal.

At this time, Old Liu was also on the side, pointing at Li Mingxuan and shouting: “This is Boss Li who succeeds Boss Shen, what requirements can be asked to the boss to mention, but coal cannot be moved, it is property belonging to the mine.” ”

As soon as these words came out, the miners were stunned one by one and temporarily stopped the movements in their hands.

Then one of the miners said, “Does the new boss pay our previous wages?” If you don’t pay, we don’t do it! ”

“Yes, the surname Shen owes me three months’ salary, and the family can’t open the pot.”

“If you want us not to move, take the money.”

Listen to the miners shouting.

Li Mingxuan found a coal mound and stood up, and said loudly: “Hello, I am the new boss of Shengshi Minerals, Li Mingxuan!” ”

He paused and looked at the quiet miners.

“Logically, the money owed to you by the Shen family should have been paid by the Shen family, right?” Just when the miners were in a commotion. Li Mingxuan’s words turned sharply. ”

“However, I have always felt that it is not easy for the miner brothers, getting up early every day and going dark, digging out a cart of coal in the hot and humid mine, in order to earn that little money, many families are counting on this to live and send their children to school… So as long as the Shen family owes you money, it will be borne by me! ”

As soon as this statement came out, many miners were shocked.

Many people did not expect that the new boss, who was not very old and seemed to be unreliable, would say such a sentence.

For these ordinary miners, the boss of the mine is an absolute big man

It is hard to imagine that such a big person can know their suffering.

“Are you really willing to give the Shen family the money they owe us?”

A miner asked suspiciously

In the face of his questioning, Li Mingxuan smiled and nodded: “Of course, as long as you don’t take the coal on the mine, and then wait for the financial audit to get the money!” ”

Speaking of this, Li Mingxuan said to the doorman Lao Liu: “Do you know the financial phone number?” Call them all…”

Old Liu heard the words and nodded his head immediately with a happy face.

Although he is only a janitor, he can only continue to get paid if the mine is booming.

Once the mine really falls, who will pay him back?

So he left for the doorman’s room, ready to call the finances.

However, part of the original finance of Shengshi Minerals was due to false accounts, tax evasion and tax evasion, and the rest were some small pawns.

Just as Old Liu went to the guard’s room, Li Mingxuan called Wei Xiaosi: “Fourth brother, you take Liu Mao, Wang Kui drove to the county seat, first take 200,000 emergency!” ”

Hearing this, Wei Xiaosi nodded, and then left with two security guards

Seeing that Li Mingxuan really wanted to send them money, the miners who loaded coal stopped one by one.

In fact, how could they not know that stealing coal from the mine was illegal, and if the new boss called the police, they would not be able to achieve any benefit. Moreover, the coal they take and sells it in the county and urban areas is very low.

Not even a third of the normal price.

Because Brother Long, who collected these coals, also said that these coals were stolen, he was very troublesome to deal with, and the price naturally could not be high.

However, now that the bosses have agreed to pay wages, why should they sell coal at a low price to Longge in a county town.

Suddenly, one by one, there was no coal, and they stood where they were, waiting.

After about half an hour, the first thing that came was finance.

Is a middle-aged big sister, her name is Wu Fang, the general people in the mine call her Sister Wu

Because she did not involve financial and tax issues during the prosperous mining period, she was a relatively clean person in finances, so she was not affected.

When Sister Wu heard that the new boss had come to the mine, she immediately rushed from home. After all, Shengshi Mining was seized, and she basically belonged to the state of unemployment at home.

Originally, Sister Wu was going to find another job.

But I didn’t expect the peak circuit to turn, so soon Shengshi Mining had a new boss.

After a brief introduction of herself, Wu Fang heard Li Mingxuan’s request and immediately nodded her head.

“No problem, boss, the financial room keeps the historical payroll of these miners and can be audited!”

“Well, then you should open the financial room and pay the money you owed before to the workers present!”

Li Mingxuan said

Soon, the door to the finance room was opened.

Wu Fang took out a thick pay slip from the office cabinet and began to check it.

Li Mingxuan sat aside and asked, “Sister Wu, why did that person with the surname Shen owe money to the miners before, and is the business in the mine not good?” ”

Hearing this question, Wu Fang, who was wearing glasses, was stunned for a moment before saying: “It is not that the business in the mine is not good, but that Elder Shen… The surname Shen is not a thing, he said not to give too much money, can be pressed, then you can use various names to deduct, and then at a certain time can also be fired, this part of the money does not need to be paid again. ”


Li Mingxuan was stunned to hear it.

Unexpectedly, Shen Jiaming was obviously a rich man in Jindi, but he played such a trick for this little money.

Isn’t this the same as those black-hearted enterprises in later generations who use the probation period as a pretext to deceive the recruited workers with extremely low wages, and then open up after a period of time?

After waiting for a while, Wei Xiaosi and the three of them finally came to the finance room carrying a black plastic bag.

“Xiao Xuan, a total of 200,000, a lot of points!”

Wei Xiaosi still had the money on the desk in the finance room.

“The financial cost-effectiveness here is basically completed!”

Wu Fang was relieved to see the money piled up on the table into a small hill.

Although the money is much worse than the money owed to the workers, as long as the new boss is willing to take the money, it means that the coal mine will soon be able to start.

And she doesn’t have to look for a new job.

After sorting out the two hundred thousand, after registering the names of the miners waiting to be paid, the money was paid.

“Duan Gui!”

A sound sounded as the finance room sounded.


A dark man in his forties was excited at the door of the finance room and raised his hand.

So he was the first to enter the finance room.

Wu Fang glanced at him, and then found Duan Gui’s name on the original payroll.

“A total of three months of salary is owed to you, deduct sick leave, etc., a total of 2932 yuan, you see if there is a problem, if there is no problem, press a fingerprint here.”

“No, no!”

Duan Gui said with a happy face.

At this time, Li Mingxuan said from the side: “Get the money to buy something good for your family, don’t treat your family badly!” ”

“Yes, boss, you are such a good boss!”

Duan Gui’s eyes were red, and God knows that he had been tired like a dog every day for the past three months, but he couldn’t get a penny but had to borrow money to live in pain.

It was not the first time he had asked for a salary on the mine, but every time the mine said to wait, the mine was difficult.

Finally, the mine was seized.

I thought that my salary would be adrift for a few months, so I could only take some worthless coal to sell and barely make ends meet.

Unexpectedly, a young new boss had just arrived at the mine and immediately sent down the money he had previously owed.

Even Duan Gui, who has no culture, knows that in a private coal mine, there is no need for the new boss to pay for the debts of the previous boss.

However, people are benevolent and righteous, atmospheric.

Without saying a word, first settle the salary.

Looking at Duan Gui’s choked face, Li Mingxuan smiled and said, “Can I come to work tomorrow?” Salaries can be settled every day! ”

“No problem, I will definitely come tomorrow, but I don’t need to end the day, I believe in the boss you!”

Duan Gui didn’t count much with a handful of money, so he put it in his pocket and left the finance room.

Next, about a few dozen people received their full salaries.

Of course, these people all happened to come to the mine, and many people did not know the situation.

However, as these people received their salaries, the news would soon spread The next day, Li Mingxuan made an appointment of 2 million yuan from the bank and stacked them in the financial room.

The bank is also specially equipped with armed escorts for this purpose.

Sure enough, in the morning, hundreds of miners came to the mine.

The whole day is spent in payroll.

The mine has about 890 workers, most of whom are owed wages.

More than two million were almost all paid in the end.

However, with the money spent out.

Li Mingxuan has a good evaluation in the hearts of these miners.

Compared to Shen Shifang, who had been cursed every day before, it was much better.

Soon, production began to resume at the mine.

Basically the departments of safety, finance, drilling rigs, coal mining, etc. have all returned to normal operation.

In fact, the mine has only been sealed off for half a month.

Except for some who were taken away by the patrol, most of them did not find new jobs so quickly.

So production resumed quickly.

However, Li Mingxuan was happy, but some people were unhappy.

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