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Reba: I asked you to find your father. How about you find a dragon king? chapter 108

Shenlong Island.

All car companies have 4S flagship stores on the island.

The royal family has requested that all testing of the first flying cars be conducted on the island.

In other words, if all car reviewers in the world want to get first-hand data and videos about flying cars, they must be invited by these car companies to conduct tests on Shenlong Island.

Of course, not all car reviewers can be invited.

So far, no car company has invited anyone to fly tests.

Even Longguo brand cars must be tested on the island.

Those domestic car reviewers with background could not get test invitations, which indeed made many car fans a little disappointed.

However, just because they cannot get the right to test does not mean that some people do not.

Our royal princess Chu Xiaoyu has secretly brought her entourage to the factory being tested by BYD.

All major factories are in airtight testing stages.

But if the princess comes to see you, how dare you not open the door?

When BYD executives saw Chu Xiaoyu visiting, they all stepped forward and bowed rudely.。

“Testing? “Chu Xiaoyu watched the staff getting off the flying car with her eyes.

The star had already flown in a small circle.

Several executives smiled and nodded: “To tell the princess, it is indeed a test. ”

Xiaoyu had wanted to try it for a long time. She jumped directly past several senior executives and trotted into the test car.

The attendant was frightened and ran over: “Princess, you can’t do it. ”

The executives were also taken aback.。

“Be careful princess. ”

Chu Xiaoyu can’t even drive, how can he operate the flight system?

If he presses the wrong button and something happens, their factory will be razed to the ground.

Don’t expect to get flight permission.

All the executives here may Everyone will be unemployed.

So, seeing Chu Xiaoyu running into the car, everyone on the scene was anxious. The

company vice president: “Princess, how about this? You can be the co-pilot and our professional testers will take you to fly. Is that okay?”

Chu Xiaoyu: “These look similar to the operation room on a big ship. ” The

attendant smiled bitterly and coaxed her: “Princess, there are still differences. Just listen to them. Can we take the passenger seat?” ”

Seeing that several of the waiters were almost crying.

Xiao Yu had no choice but to give up: “Okay, Mengyao, come up quickly. ”

Guo Mengyao is not as fast as her. Now she is sure to take a test flight, so she quickly finds a seat.

Other staff also opened the door for her personally, and then fastened her seat belt.

The waiter and entourage must accompany her.

The royal family stipulates that, You have to follow the master at all times.

When the car started, there was some vibration.

The booster sent out four flames to provide lift, causing the car to rise parallel.

This made Chu Xiaoyu and Guo Mengyao look very happy. Rich.

After all, this is the first time I feel the charm of flying cars.

This is also the first time in human history that the flight mode has been revolutionized by technology.

If other car enthusiasts come to experience it, I am afraid they will be more excited than the two of them.

The world’s current research on flying cars The news is all over the streets.

The warm-up is ready, and even the stocks of major groups that develop flying cars are constantly rising.

The money invested by those club members began to appreciate continuously.

Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen, which had already collapsed, are getting After technology licensing joined the flying car camp, the stock was renewed and rose steadily.

Many shareholders were sweating.

They were almost killed by high-end players.

Through this incident What happened made the shareholders of the two major automobile groups feel the influence of the Shenlong Club.

Seeing that, as the German Prime Minister said, the Big Three Rockeffield would not mess with them, the shareholder families of the two major groups expressed their disapproval of the Shenlong Royal Family. The positioning became clearer.

When Jack Ma, as the chairman of the board, published in the club’s news event announcement: [German cars join the flying camp], no

one else would even ask.

It would not be because of Germany at all. The tens of billions of dollars in profits that the car earns every year, go against the chairman.

Now many members, including state directors, are very well-behaved.

Under the planetary resource sharing plan, these people are afraid that you will change the state director, or let you Get out of the interest chain.

Therefore, basically no one will touch the royal family’s brow.

They are afraid that the Dragon King will be angry and cancel your state’s planetary resources like he canceled the Childe family, and shut down the teleportation array! Just finish it

off! .

It is one thing to lose your state directorship, but you have also lost the interests of other countries in the same state. It is hard for you to say whether they will do it or not! Like Europe,

there are 5 council members under the club, and 5 of them jointly operate and supply. The global platinum market.

Each family can get at least 80 billion U.S. dollars every year!

After dividing it among other families in neighboring countries, there can also be profits of about 40 billion U.S. dollars.

This is a stable income!

According to the planet’s mining reserves, it can Reserves that supply the earth for hundreds of years!

As long as you follow the royal family, you can ensure the prosperity of your family!

Which force do you think will disobey the royal family?

Watching Princess Chu Xiaoyu test flight, BYD executives took out their mobile phones and called Long Chairman Liu Chuanfu of the national headquarters.

Upon hearing this, he got up from his chair and became a little excited: “Has the princess been to other homes?”

“It seems not, so we found our factory first. ” Executive Report.

Liu Chuanfu: “In this way, you let the princess have enough fun, it is best not to let her go to other homes. After the princess has enough fun, you say we will go back and customize a flying car for her. . ”

When the executive heard this, his eyes lit up, and he knew what the chairman meant.。

“I get it, I get it. Liu

Chuanfu: “Remember to do safety work. The princess must not suffer any losses. Tell the pilot to be steady and don’t scare the princess with any stunts!””

“Okay, Chairman. ”

After hanging up the phone,

Wang Chuanfu’s face looked a little excited and flushed.

Isn’t this the best publicity?

If we can get a limited edition customized model for the princess, then our flying car will be a hit And Hong.

Say we cannot be considered a luxury brand?

We have royal princesses as spokespersons, who dares to say that we are not luxurious?

Which royal family now dares to say that it is more noble than the Shenlong Empire?

“BBA right? In the flying car, we have to fire the first shot! ”


“What is Xiaoyu doing today? ”

In the royal palace,

Reba asked Keke.

Keke smiled bitterly: “I sneaked away to experience flying in the factories of those car companies. ”

Reba is also helpless.

She is in confinement and can no longer control this guy.

After Xiaoyu comes to greet her mother every day, she runs away.

As long as her mother is not with her, those followers don’t care at all. I can’t deal with her.

Let this girl go crazy for a month, and then I’ll take care of her after I get out of seclusion.。

“You haven’t been back to China for more than a year. Do you want to go back to visit relatives? “Reba asked Keke.

Keke shook her head: “No, I’m afraid that my people will always have problems if I’m not here. Princess, you have to lie down now, they are careless. Reba

rolled her eyes: “I am in confinement, not hospitalized. Just pay attention to my food and drink. There are so many problems.”

Keke: “I’m afraid they will have problems with the king when I’m not here. ” ”

In Chu Feng’s office and study room, someone must be watching at all times to change the tea regularly. The water needs to be changed in a few minutes.

Especially when cabinet members come to report frequently, someone needs to do a good job of reception.

Keke is She was afraid that she had only been performing for more than a year and was not qualified to make mistakes. She was afraid that

after she went back, she would suddenly tell her that she would not come.

Then she would not have to cry to death at home?

Reba saw Keke’s worry and rolled her eyes at her. : “Are you afraid that I can’t keep your position as the chief manager? Keke

smiled sheepishly: “The main reason is that I heard that there is a lot of competition now, and I am still a female official. Many people think that I can manage things in an orderly manner without a male manager.”。”

“so what. Reba snorted: “You have been following me for more than ten years, who dares to say anything?” I also gave Sister Mi and their club membership, who dares to say anything?”

“I do not interfere in any external policies, but inte

rnal affairs are the internal affairs of the Chu family. I am the mistress of the Chu family, and I have the final say internally!”

“I will give you a holiday, and you will go back for a few days. I see that you set the alarm clock and get up earlier than everyone else every day. Even if you are tired, I will be tired for you. Reba

patted her arm and said, “Go back and rest and relax for a few days. Leave the affairs here to the people below. It’s been more than a year. If you still can’t do it well, don’t do it!” Keke

wanted to say something more, but Reba pretended to be angry: “This is an order!””

“Well, I’ll go explain it to the people below. “Keke said.

Reba nodded and continued to walk back and forth in her bedroom of several hundred square meters as exercise.

Although Keke got the permission from the princess to approve the leave, she still followed the rules and came over to ask Chu Feng for instructions.

Chu Feng was talking to Ah Cai was talking and saw her standing at the door of the study for a long time.。

“Keke, what’s the matter? Keke

then tiptoed in, bowed, and handed Chu Feng the approval note.

Chu Feng saw that Reba had already approved it.

He smiled and said, “Then go ahead and remember to report back on time.”

Keke was slightly happy: “Thank you, King. ” ”

Then she respectfully exited the study. She

prepared her car and luggage, and

drove to the port.

As the royal housekeeper, she must have been accompanied by an assistant.

She did not need to carry any luggage during the whole process. (Read the cool novel, just Go to Feilu Novel Network!)

got on the yacht and set off to the Dragon Kingdom.

Half an hour later,

all the maids in the entire palace were panicked.

How could the princess who was doing her homework disappear after searching the sky and not seeing it?

It was immediately alarmed. The police station eliminated thousands of guards from searching the carpet on the island.

After Keke received the call, her whole face changed instantly.

Did you do something wrong just after she left?

Just when she was about to teleport to the Dragon Kingdom When the yacht returned, Chu Xiaoyu poked her head out of the cabin: “Aunt Keke, don’t go back. ”

Keke was startled.

Seeing that Chu Xiaoyu and Guo Mengyao didn’t know when they got on the boat with her, she was so exhausted that she quickly called the royal family. Only

then did the search on the island end to find someone.

And the person in charge The two maids on duty who watched the princess were punished.

When they heard that the princess was okay, the two princesses came back to their senses.

They were scared to death.

Compared with this, being deducted from their wages for half a year is just a small matter.。[]

As long as they are not fired, they will be lucky.。

“Tell Sister Xiaobi and Xiaoxia that I will bring them some gifts to complement them when I come back. “Xiao Yu called the other resting maids and asked them to tell the two maids who were punished. This guy would also comfort others. They were not the only ones who were punished.


was also the police station.

General Ah Cai was wearing a military uniform. When he walked into the police headquarters domineeringly, the director and the other eight district chiefs stood in a row timidly.

Looking at General Ah Cai sitting in front of them, they all lowered their heads and held their breath, daring not to say anything.。

“How much money has been allocated to you by the finance department? Why are all cities not covered by surveillance? “Ah Cai looked at the form of Internet funds invested by the urban police station in his hand, and said sadly:

“The princess got into the housekeeper’s car from the palace and went all the way to the port. Logically speaking, she and Princess Mengyao got off the car together at the port, so they should be able to capture the image of the two of them, but why was it missed? ”

After saying that, he raised his eyelids and looked at the people standing in a row in front of him.

These people were all those who transferred to logistics and were responsible for public security work in the urban area after the ghost training failed.

All the navy and urban police on the island All affairs are under the jurisdiction of Ah Cai’s headquarters.

To be honest, Ah Cai has been helping the king to control the military for such a long time. Even when he was fighting with bayonets, he had never been so derelict in his duties! The princess was sitting in confinement and heard that the

princess If you disappear, how can you feel better physically and mentally?

“If this were in the past, I would drag you directly to feed the fish! ”

Ah Cai suddenly smashed the appropriation book on the table and roared out.

Everyone in front of him was so frightened that

if he had made such a big mistake in the pirate days, it would have been enough for them to die and apologize. Yes!

The discipline requirements at that time were stricter than now.。

“I think you should be very clear about the problems exposed by this oversight. Ah Cai looked at the dozen or so senior police officers with a sullen face: “Shenlong Island will be the center of the world now and in the future. Whether it is public security, population, or diversity and inclusiveness, this place will be a mixed bag.” The metropolis!”

“I hope this is the last mistake you make. From now on, whenever I ask you to catch a fly and you dare to let it go, the fish mouth in Houhai will be your destination! ”

After Ah Cai finished speaking, the eyelids of the dozen or so people in front of him jumped sharply.

They bowed one after another: “General, please rest assured that we will definitely make up for all the hidden dangers! ”

Acai then stood up and walked into the elevator of the General Administration without looking back.

Behind him were more than a dozen ghost dead soldiers!

The aura made the director almost lose his breath.

As soon as they left, the director kicked them The heads of several jurisdictions,

especially the one in charge of Keke’s landing port, were scolded by him: “If you don’t want to do it, just tell me. Do you want everyone to be buried with you for such a big matter involving the princess?”

The director roared angrily: “Everyone, please go back and check the public places in your jurisdiction all over again to ensure that the security network is covered without any blind spots! ” ”

Keke obviously came to relax on vacation.

But now she is followed by two followers. She

is still a princess who cannot be beaten or scolded.

So she has to take her with her wherever she goes.

The two of them don’t go anywhere.

Guo Mengyao is afraid of being scolded by her grandfather when she goes home. Xiaoyu, Keke is worried about letting her go elsewhere.

In the end, Keke spends most of her vacation working with the amusement park.

She is a thirty-year-old woman and has to accompany her children on the merry-go-round.

She wants to go to a bar to drink and relax. People said they were not allowed to bring minors.

In the end, they had to open a private room, and then the two princesses transformed into Maiba and sang like crazy.

The key is to have fun as long as you want. Can you not sing too old?

Outside the private room, Xiaoqi came over, After being searched by the guards,

she was let in.

Xiaoqi finally saw Keke, the head of the royal family’s internal affairs, and immediately threw herself into Keke’s arms when she entered.。

“Sister Keke, as long as you are rich and noble, don’t forget each other. ”

Keke picked up the filled wine and handed it to her.

After Xiaoqi took it, she drank it in one gulp.

Then, she excitedly pulled Keke and said, “Sister Keke, let’s open a nightclub in Shanghai. , very profitable now。”

“OK. “Keke has money in her hands. It doesn’t matter what she drives, as long as her friends and sisters like it.

Anyway, she doesn’t have time to manage money. She has stayed in the royal family for most of her life.。

“How much does it cost?

Xiaoqi smiled slightly: “I will pay you, and I will give you the shares. ”

Keke suddenly looked at her: “Need my help? ”

Xiaoqi nodded: “I can’t reach the Magistrate’s side of the Demon City. ”

Keke: “Then you can go to Shenlong Island to drive. ” ”

Xiao Qi smiled coquettishly: “I have no money. Every inch of land on Shenlong Island is more expensive than the rent in Magic City. Moreover, I heard that there are many major capitals there. It’s a joke to small-scale investors like me.

Keke: “How much money have you saved? ”

Xiaoqi: “Half a small goal! ” Ke

Ke looked at it with admiration: “Okay, I have saved so much in more than a year!””

“How can I compare with you. “Xiao Qi said modestly and embarrassedly: “I already know that you have 800 million soft sister coins a year!

Keke: “You really don’t want me to invest money? ” Your capital is obviously not enough. ”

Xiao Qi immediately refilled her glass with wine and saluted: “I have investors, and I just need you to say hello.。”。


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