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Reba: I asked you to find your father. How about you find a dragon king? chapter 107

In the palace of Shenlong Empire.

Some are happy, some are worried.

Chris drew the Golden Planet.

The Dragon Kingdom got the planet worth tens of trillions of minerals.

Ouzhou has drawn a planet worth 11 trillion US dollars containing mainly platinum.

Later, they changed into astronaut suits.

Chu Feng once again took them to fly to the planet he mined.

Take a look to make sure if the metal minerals they want are actually there.

After reading it, their respective forces prepared a celebration banquet.

It is normal for the East Central State headed by Salman to be a little depressed.

Even if gold, platinum, silver and other precious metals are no longer scarce in the future, as consumables in life increase, you will always have demand and market.

Gold now costs 500 tons per year just for industrial consumption!

This is the amount that must be consumed given the high market price of gold.

The market demand for platinum is one-tenth that of gold, and it is also widely used in daily life.

Even if the unit prices of these metal materials drop in the future, their uses and market demand will increase, thus increasing annual consumption and output.

For example, if one day it replaces part of the market demand for copper and aluminum, the amount consumed every year will definitely be an astronomical figure.

Like copper, global consumption is 30 million tons per year!

In addition to areas such as electrified lines, there are too many market areas where platinum replaces copper.

In the future, even if the price of platinum drops from the current 450 yuan per gram to 1 yuan per gram, it will still be equivalent to 1 million per ton.

Then as long as it accounts for 10 million tons of copper market share, it can realize sales of 10 trillion soft sister coins.

Equivalent to 140 million US dollars!

After deducting the mining costs, there are at least hundreds of billions of net profits.

And if you compare it with the current global consumption market of less than 30 tons, you will find that even if the unit price is 450 yuan per gram, 30 tons per year can sell 13.5 billion soft sister coins!

Compared with the above sales data of “Qiqi San”, there is a huge difference!

If the first option is adopted, the families behind the members of the Ouzhou Club can make tens of billions of dollars in revenue every year!

The key is that the supply of one planet is enough for you to earn slowly.

But diamonds are embarrassing.

There are not many industrial uses for which it can be used.

And it is not as malleable as gold, platinum, palladium, silver, and copper.

Its melting point and hardness are too high, and the cost of design and labor investment is also high!

This means that after Salman and his gang mined it, apart from investing in the jewelry industry every year, there seemed to be no other way to monetize it.

But you know what?

At present, in the global diamond industry, the annual revenue of diamonds from the largest supplier is less than US$8 billion!

This is despite the current high price of diamonds.

If prices collapse in the future, he can’t believe how gloomy it will be.

Therefore, there is a reason why he breaks the defense.

I don’t know which idiot put this planet in the list?

Isn’t this disgusting?

Chris and others patted Salman on the shoulder and comforted him: “It’s okay. When an industrial chain surrounding diamonds will appear in the future, it will be useful.”

Salman glared at the group of people who were gloating about their misfortune . .


I don’t know if I will be a state director in the future.

Who knows who has the big head at that time?

Others can eat enough right away, so they still have to wait and see?

Of course, despite being depressed, Salman and others still knelt down to worship Dragon King Chu Feng before coming out of the palace.

Since Childe was tortured last time, no one dares to beep in front of the Dragon King anymore.

He followed Mr. Bai and said, “Are you interested in mining diamonds together?”

Having one more person can reduce costs a bit.

Mr. Bai smiled and refused: “Forget it, the cost of mining diamonds is much higher than other minerals. Whether it can be mined is still a question.”

He decided not to waste that money and time.

It’s better to hurry up and mine your own planet.

After returning, several council members from each state contributed their efforts, and the talents and machinery industry prepared together.

Including training for aerospace workers.

Then, Chu Feng provided them with 5 passage areas in the Shenlong Empire.

People from various countries are responsible for guarding their own transmission channels. After mining, they are transmitted back and counted by the royal family.

Beware if you have a private hoard of minerals such as helium 3.

Although other countries did not dare, they all complied with Chairman Jack Ma’s proposal.

Jackma allows them to send soldiers from their own country to garrison their teleportation strongholds to prevent other countries from secretly teleporting to your planet for cross-regional mining.

Of course, even your soldiers must abide by the rules of the island!

On the other side, the helium 3 nuclear fuel team formed by Chekov has already entered the laboratory.

They were the first batch to reach the far side of the moon, transported a large number of valuable experimental products, and have been conducting experiments non-stop.

Time flies, and a few months pass.

Princess Reba’s belly is getting bigger day by day.

Princess Chu Xiaoyu, without the restraint of her mother, became more and more naughty and let herself go every day.

this day.

The entire island’s industry heard that the princess was rushed to the royal hospital.

Everyone is waiting for first-hand news.

The news even made headlines around the world.

After all, after the last time the princess was pregnant, the king filtered ocean sewage for everyone in the world to benefit mankind.

This incident made people all over the world have a good impression of the royal family and the princess, and they all sent their blessings for a time.

Now, this child is about to be born.

The world is still paying more attention to it.

Chu Xiaoyu heard that her mother entered the operating room and did not attend class, so she ran to the hospital with Guo Mengyao.

He saw Chu Feng also waiting on the sofa in the corridor, with all the ministers around him.

When they saw the princess, they were all rude.

Xiaoyu ran to her father and looked at the situation in the delivery room, feeling a little nervous and expectant: “Is your brother coming out?”

The royal family had already seen the gender of the child earlier.

It’s a boy.

Chu Xiaoyu knew that she would have a younger brother soon.

Chu Feng rubbed his daughter’s head.

Has grown tall.

It’s already up to his own arm.

Seeing that her father was silent, Chu Xiaoyu comforted him and said, “Father, don’t be nervous. My mother gave birth to me and has experience.”

Chu Feng couldn’t laugh or cry.

He hugged his daughter’s head and said, “You understand.”

Xiaoyu smiled, and a loud cry of a baby immediately sounded inside.

All the ministers were overjoyed and bowed one after another: “Congratulations to the king, congratulations to the king!”

Chu Feng stopped and waited anxiously for the ward door to open.

Soon, the female nurse who delivered the baby smiled and hugged the infant baby and said with a smile: “Congratulations to the king, the prince is fine in every condition, and the princess is also healthy.” Can you not build it


If even one of them goes wrong, all the doctors delivering babies will be doomed!

Chu Feng picked up his newborn son。

“Show me my brother. “Chu Xiaoyu jumped up to take a look.

After Chu Feng knelt down and gave her a look, Chu Xiaoyu looked disgusted: “It’s so ugly. ”

It’s normal for babies to be crepey when they are born.

After a month, they will grow into a cute little ball.。

“If the notice continues, the entire island will be tax-free for half a year! All current employees of the royal family are awarded three months’ salary. “Chu Feng ordered Jack Ma.

Then, he took his daughter to the next room. Reba, who had been treated, was lying there. When she saw her husband and daughter coming in,

she opened her eyes weakly, revealing that she was ten months pregnant. It was a smile that completed the task.

Chu Feng handed the child to her, and then kissed Reba on her forehead.

Reba looked at the child and her smile melted.。

“It’s a pity that I couldn’t meet my parents-in-law and tell them that the Chu family has an heir. Reba smiled.

Chu Feng smiled and said, “I can replace my parents to thank you for adding a child to the Chu family. If you want any reward, tell your husband.” Reba’s haggard yet be

autiful face

wore a happy smile: “As a reward, you must love me forever!””

“Huh. “The slim Chu Xiaoyu next to her made an excited expression with disgust on her face.

Obviously, she is no longer an ignorant girl. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

“My mother was shy and acted coquettishly with my father. Reba

forgot that this guy was next to her. After closing her eyes, she opened them again and transformed into a strict mother: “What are you doing here when you’re not in class?””

“Look at my brother. Chu Xiaoyu said confidently: “Honestly, children will recognize whoever they see the first time. I have to let him know clearly that he has a sister like me!””

“Don’t worry, Mom and Dad. She looked like she was hugging me: “Leave your brother to me from now on, you just take care of the children, I will take care of them.” ”

Let them feel how your sister and I survived the difficult years of the royal family.

Chu Feng and Reba looked at each other, smiling at each other. Xiaoyu

interjected: “Mom, Dad, what’s your brother’s name?

Chu Feng: “Your brother’s name is Chu Yuncheng. “。”

“It doesn’t sound as smooth as my name. “Chu Xiaoyu raised her head and looked at Reba: “Mom, I have a lot to say to my brother. ”

Reba knows what she is going to fart.。

“Stop talking, leave it to your brother in the future when he grows up, you go to class with me now。”

“Eh. “Chu Xiaoyu sighed: “This may be the fate that a second child should have as a first child. ”

After saying that, before her mother could slap her with the slippers on the floor, Chu Xiaoyu quickly got up and ran away. At the

same time, the Chekhov team from the laboratory also sent good news to the royal family and the princess.

After ten years of research and development , Months later, all the world’s top cutting-edge scientists gathered together, and finally fulfilled their mission and developed a helium-3 nuclear fuel experiment! As soon as the news was

announced, it caused a global shock.

From Volkswagen, and Mercedes-Benz German Car Group Only then did we realize why ten months ago, all other automobile groups announced the development of flying cars and aircraft.。

“Fortunately, we also saved a hand and secretly developed flying cars. ”

The boss of Mercedes-Benz showed a sly smile.

In terms of research and development progress, they are no slower than other companies!

If nuclear fuel power can be decentralized to the automotive field, then they can also launch their own flying car brand and not be eliminated!

But let them never be eliminated Unexpectedly, other car brands around the world, including Lianlong Guochang, went to Shenlong Island in Chengdu to obtain technology authorization supplies, but only their Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz and other German cars went there, but were turned down. The Shenlong Academy of Science’s explanation is

: “Production is insufficient, please wait for notification. ”

Then, General Motors also obtained the nuclear fuel booster technology authorization…

Then, Xiaori and Touguo Automobile Company also obtained authorization!

The two major German cars reacted and had no choice but to visit the German Prime Minister again.

The Prime Minister took a rare break and met with the two at his manor and said: “I said it from the beginning, even if you develop a flying car, it will be useless!”

“If you carefully study the backgrounds of car companies that currently have technology licenses around the world, they all have one common characteristic.。”

“I can give you a heads up。”

“Who is behind GM?”[]

Representatives of the two companies: “Rockfield!”

The Prime Minister: “Then who is in charge of Hyundai Sanxing?”

“Rockefy too! The two bosses were puzzled: “But the others are not theirs. Long Guo’s Changcheng, Biadi and Ji Li are not from the Rockefey family.”

Prime Minister: “Then let me ask you two, which force does Rockefy belong to now? ” ”

The two bosses looked at each other, and then their pupils dilated: “Dragon Club?”

“right! The Prime Minister exhaled a breath of cigar: “There is one thing in common behind these cars. They all come from the same club!””

“Although the BBA Porsches, Rolls-Royces, etc. in your hands are representatives of luxury cars in the automotive industry, your pedigree and background are lowly in front of the club.。”

”Now only members of the Shenlong royal family have the noblest bloodline, and members of the Shenlong Club are the truly noble upper class.

The two bosses squinted their eyes: “Including you! ”

The Prime Minister smiled proudly and nodded: “Yes, I am also a member of the club. ”

The two bosses said: “Is there any way to save myself? ”

Prime Minister: “If you dilute your equity and join our camp, you can apply to the royal family for a booster technology authorization. ” ”

Two bosses: “You? Anyone else besides you?

Prime Minister: “Of course I alone don’t have such a big voice to protect you. Depending on your sincerity, we will have four families here to jointly eat the share you spit out. Only in this way can we keep you in the club camp in the future! ” ”

Behind his back, he must also give some food to the families of members of the Council Member Club such as Joey, Gaul, and Yidali.

Otherwise, it will be very ugly for him as a director to take over two companies with a market value of hundreds of billions of dollars. Something happened!

The two bosses were shocked。

“Can a person of your level ensure our protection without having a say in the club?

The Prime Minister smiled contemptuously: “You underestimate the club too much! “”

“For a person of my level, the club can replace someone with any personnel changes! ”

Now everyone in the club is trying to get extraterrestrial resources around the Dragon King.

Who are you, the Prime Minister of a country?

If you move your interests, you can change it!

“Think about it carefully and give you a few days to respond quickly before your stocks completely collapse.。”

“There are only so many markets in the initial market list prepared by the club. We suddenly recruited your two groups to squeeze in, and we also risked verbal disputes with other members. To be honest, if it weren’t for the fact that you are a big brand company, I really wouldn’t I am willing to face other members for you.

The two bosses gritted their teeth and said, “Please give me a clear path. ” ”

The Prime Minister cut off the unfinished cigar.

He sat up straight and

said to the two of them: “Take out 30% of your share.。”

“And the most important thing is to remove the Rolls-Royce brand from your 5.2 group and send it to the Shenlong Royal Family.。”

“This latter point is your only bargaining chip to save yourself. From the moment Rolls took over the creation of royal cars, this brand should not be in your hands. You cannot control it!”

“If you don’t send it over, even if we want to protect you, you will be strangled by other members!”

“If there is a high probability that you will not pass the vote, we have no way to guarantee that you will be admitted!”

“As long as you do what I say and submit the Rolls brand to the royal family, other members will shut up obediently!”

“It doesn’t even need a vote to pass! The two bosses said solemnly: ”

Rockfield won’t crack down?” The Prime

Minister smiled: “Don’t talk about Rockefy, even if the three giants Child and Mogen came, they wouldn’t dare to fart!””

“Listen to me, invite the original team back, and then give the entire Les brand to the Shenlong royal family. After this step is completed, we will talk about the next thing. ”

The two bosses looked at each other.

Even though they didn’t believe that the three giants would be afraid of the royal family, they still did as the prime minister said. They asked the

original team of Rolls to return, and then split the brand independently and sent it to the royal family.

The prime minister took The two went to Shenlong Island and

met Jack Ma.

The Prime Minister smiled and handed the equity certificate to Jack Ma: “The two of them felt that the brand of the royal car was hot in their hands and wanted to return it to its owner. ”

Jie Kema smiled.

Because in the equity transfer document bag, there is also a copy of the contract for the directors of the states to acquire the equity of two major German automobile groups. I

want to tell Jack Ma that I hope the royal family will interfere with the directors of other states to show their noble hands.。

“OK, got it. Jack Ma smiled and said, “Take them to sign the technology licensing contract.”。”

“Thank you, Chairman, thank you, Chairman! “The Prime Minister hurriedly bowed and thanked.

The two bosses were stunned!

After all, he is the Prime Minister of our country, how can he be so humble?.


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