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Reba: I asked you to find your father. How about you find a dragon king? chapter 106

Chu Feng left.

However, it will not affect members’ continued stay at the venue for communication.

After the directors from the three regions of Pan Asia, East and Central, South America, North America, and Ozhou came out of the conference room, they were all talking about which planets to focus on as the first planets to exploit resources.

This project excited everyone present.

Because the project the Dragon King mentioned before leaving is obviously a major project related to the development of the human planet!

Many of the earth’s resources, including oil, various metals and elements, actually come from outer space.

They do not belong to the earth in the first place. They are just left as energy sources after colliding with other planets in the history of the earth for hundreds of millions of years.

This is why some resources are non-renewable.

Because it does not belong to the earth, but from outer space.

Once these resources are exhausted, all humans can do is explore aliens to find more similar resources to continue.

But unfortunately, half a century has passed since humans first landed on the moon, and there has actually been no progress in effective technology.

Apart from getting back a small amount of scientific research materials to prove that all the earth’s resources come from outer space, there is nothing you can do.

Even if you know that some materials needed for science exist in outer space, you have no way to mine them and transport them back!

Nowadays, the cost of landing on the moon and transporting mining equipment to the moon is hundreds of millions of dollars.

However, the resources you can get back are very limited and cannot be equal to the cost you invested.

So much so that many countries can only temporarily give up exploring outer space.

But if the Dragon King provides them with the convenience of a round-trip investment, then its value is huge!

Single-element planets like pure silver and pure gold found in the solar system, if you can get the mining rights.

Even if it is only supplied to the world at a low price in the future, it will be a resource that will last for thousands of years!

“No matter which continent among us obtains the mining rights of a certain planet, it will have a monopoly and say in resource supply in this state! Salman

said excitedly.

The issuance of mining rights on this planet is equivalent to greatly increasing the value of the state director in the club! It

is equivalent to completely elevating the state director to a position of authority!

In other words, any state director is randomly selected. After obtaining the mining rights, they have the right to block resources from other disobedient small affiliated countries!

This is a right given to the state directors by the club and will not interfere.

It is also decentralized to allow the state directors to have a say in the entire system.

Example For example, if Salman obtains the mining rights of a planetary mine, and this planet has a large amount of metal energy such as cobalt that he monopolizes, then he has the right to supply it to any subject country, and the disobedient Ah San will not only You can not supply, but you can also unite other countries to impose sanctions on Ah San!

Otherwise, he will cut off energy supplies to other cooperative countries.

Looking around the world, the reserves of cobalt are less than 10 million tons.

And now the rapid development of car batteries , one car costs 7 kilograms of cobalt energy.

Think about it, if he holds the resources of a certain mineral metal, he will play an important role in world trade.

And all the minerals on the outer planet are refined After it came out, it was far more pure than the same type of minerals on the earth!

The more I thought about it, the happier several state directors raised their glasses.

And the directors from other countries were also very happy.

Because, standing in front of the family interests behind the country , the main work of these mineral development must be digested jointly by all the club families in the same continent. At

most, Salman has the right to supply and distribute.

But there must be other member states in the same continent who share the interests together. The family is involved.

So, this is news of a club profiting together!

“Long live the Dragon Club!”

“Respect the Dragon King! ”

The end of the club’s anniversary has created a global trend.

All members have convened the think tank behind the group and capital to analyze which industries will rise in the future and which industries will be eliminated. The company that

took over the Hyundai Heavy Industries Automotive Industry Sanxing Group.

Secretly received a letter from the Rockefey family.

Requesting the automobile to develop a car with flying principles as soon as possible.。

“In the letter, the specific reason was not stated.

The head of Sanxing was puzzled: “They just said that they would give us money and let us just focus on research and development and don’t worry about anything else. ” ”

The family members were also puzzled.。

“Father, is it possible that it has something to do with the recent anniversary celebration of the Shenlong Club? Will there be any big moves? ”

The head of Sanxing sighed: “If this continues, we will always be passive and can only be a tool for others to make money.。”

“Dragon Club! He looked at the candlelight on the table, yearning bursting out of his eyes: “How can I join?” ”

At the same time,

an emergency high-level meeting was held at Tesla Tesla and other GM headquarters.。

“After receiving the notice from above, the government will allocate subsidies for us to develop aircraft and flying cars. ”

Everyone was confused.

In Longguo,

Lei Jun’s rice company suddenly stopped all the rice car projects that were being developed.

He said to the department executives: “Let’s develop flying cars instead. ”

In the conference rooms of other investment banking companies around the world.

The trader said: “Sell the car-related stocks in your hands such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW and so on at the highest level in a short period of time. ”

The analyst below didn’t understand: “But boss, although energy vehicles have a great impact now, the sales of fuel vehicles are still very impressive. What if energy vehicles are just a flash in the pan?

The trader shook his head: “I don’t care about energy vehicles or fuel vehicles. As long as the car companies on the list I just mentioned, I will sell them immediately. “。”

“Just do it and don’t ask! ”

In the Wall Street stock market, the stocks of several group companies that suddenly announced the development of aircraft and flying cars suddenly rose. General Motors

, Hyundai, Fengtian, and several Yidali and British Empire Automobile Groups all announced the development of flying cars at the same time.

Then the stocks all were bought in large quantities.

And the stocks of some other traditional luxury car brands in BBA were suddenly sold maliciously.

Even if sales and financial reports clearly remained unchanged, the stock price could not be prevented from falling.。

“This is so good, why are the stock prices of these car companies with good sales falling? “In BYD Automobile Company, a director asked the boss Wang Chuanfu in confusion.

Mr. Wang drank coffee and said: “There are too many automobile companies, and some of them have to be eliminated.

Director: “But why these big brands? “”

“The only reason to blame is that they are not part of a certain group. “As a member who just attended the annual meeting, Wang Chuanfu is very aware that several announcements have been made in the club’s news events. The

trading harvest in the automotive field has officially begun!

Among them, BBA belongs to the group industry of any member camp, and will It will be the first to cause the stock selling of all members.

Because these companies that are blocked from information will soon be eliminated from the flying car trend! At

this time, sell at the highest point, and buy at the lowest point of other companies entering the research and development of flying cars. The company’s stocks can maximize the benefits of all members’ investment!

Vice Chairman Wang is glad that he has joined the club. Otherwise, he would not know how he would be killed by this wave of global capital raids.

Others are not engaged in the automobile industry Members, such as Xiao Ma, who are pitchers, are caught in the trouble of happiness.

There are so many car companies in the global membership industry, which one do they want to hold more of?

Although they know that flying cars are coming.

But they don’t know that among these companies that have entered into research and development at the same time, who will develop flight balance technology first?

This is related to the problem of whoever eats the crab first will get the best!

The royal family’s helium 3 nuc

lear fuel energy is a way to provide you with flight The power of the booster!

And you are also responsible for developing the flight balance and operating system.

Therefore, on the same starting line, the most difficult nuclear power fuel is available, and there are only side pieces of technology that you need to overcome.

Who can Whoever conquers it first will win, and whoever invests successfully will get the maximum rate of return!

“Let’s buy some first, try to get a ticket first, and then we will gradually increase our holdings based on the progress of research and development. ”

Xiao Ma said.

The German country

found that venture capital companies that had held their own equity for a long time were selling off their stocks.

This made several automobile companies suspicious.。

“Why do I have a bad feeling? ”

In the Volkswagen Board of Directors, several directors were somewhat alert: “Why did the original Rolls-Royce team suddenly sell their equity in Rolls-Royce? ”

Why did the Rolls-Royce family, which once manufactured cars for the royal family as a royal family, have to exit?

Although Volkswagen was the majority shareholder after Rolls-Royce was acquired by Volkswagen,

a small part of the shares is still in the hands of the original team boss.

Moreover, They have always been hands-off in management over the years.

The stubborn boss of the team suddenly wants to sell his shares, which is a big problem!

People from the Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz families have found the Prime Minister of Germany.

Asked if there has been any news recently What’s the trouble? Or is it that other countries have found out that they have faked their displacement?

The Prime Minister smiled bitterly and wanted to save this important industrial pillar of his country!

After all, the German race has always been the pride of the nation! (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novels Net!)

But he had no choice: “Have you ever rejected applications from other venture capital companies to invest in you? ”

The two bosses nodded.。

“We are not short of money, we don’t need money for research and development, we also have market share, and we don’t need to cooperate with anyone to launch new markets, so we will definitely refuse, because whoever comes in now will not be of any help to us!

The Prime Minister interrupted the two bosses: “You are wrong! “”

“They can’t provide you with any sales help, but if you refuse them, they can destroy you!”

“You missed an opportunity to serve it!

The two bosses asked: “Is it related to the aircraft? ” ”

They are not stupid. At the same time, all the major car companies in the world publicly announced the development of flying cars.

But they know very well that it is a waste of time and money.

It is worse than the current electric car!

“Are countries around the world planning to implement any emission policies? Or should we support flying cars? If so, we can look into that too!”

“Yes, we can do our own research. We have tens of billions of dollars in reserves and we don’t need others to buy shares!

The Prime Minister looked at their arrogance and said solemnly: “It’s useless even if you also develop flying cars. Let me ask you, what is the most difficult technical part of flying cars? ” ”

0 Asking for Flowers

The two said in unison: “Lift and thrust!”[]

“A flying car can only be equipped with a propeller to provide lift, and then a tail to provide thrust, and both must be output at the same time.

Prime Minister: “Isn’t there another thing called a booster? ” ”

The two bosses laughed at the same time.。

“Do you know how much power a booster needs to push? Unless it is nuclear power, and with current technology, nuclear power only has propulsion, which is not enough to achieve an anti-gravity level explosion.” The

Prime Minister did not care: “How did I hear that using the booster at the bottom of the car to push the car to the ground? The aircraft levitates and then uses the propulsion from the tail to control the speed? ”

Two bosses: “That’s true, but the most difficult thing is the booster technology. No country can develop it! ”

The Prime Minister smiled, and was too lazy to save these two arrogant guys.

When your stock price collapses, we will enter the market to reorganize the group!

A few days later,

countries around the world are already preparing for the processing of large-scale mining equipment.

But in Before that, five state directors came to Shenlong Island in person.

They put on astronaut uniforms.

As Chu Feng waved his hand, they disappeared into the room.

Next, they appeared on the moon.

Several state directors were frightened. He lost control and his legs went weak to the ground.

Unlike them, Chu Feng did not wear any astronaut clothes. He just

stood on the surface of the moon, walking back and forth.

He didn’t feel as weightless as some of them.

Even breathing was so natural.

Sa Man and Mr. Bai held hands with each other and really felt what outer space is.

Especially looking at other huge planets in the distance really scared a few of them.

But fortunately, at least it proved that the Dragon King has the ability to teleport everyone Transporting back and forth.

After Chu Feng waved his hand again, Chris and others returned to the conference room of the palace. One by one, they found the trash can and vomited wildly.


Jack Ma took a box filled with 10 table tennis balls and placed it on the table. Go up.

Let them randomly draw.

These 10 balls represent the mining rights of 10 planets.

These are the 2 planets that everyone jointly selected after they went back.

As for whether there are any good things on that planet, everyone can only judge by themselves. Domestic astronomers came to evaluate the results.

After all, no one has actually landed on other planets except the moon.

It’s just a gamble anyway.

Let’s see who has better luck.

Other directors came to the scene and

sat on the sofa next to them. , when they saw the planet drawing session, everyone covered their mouths with their hands.

If you say you are not nervous, you would be lying!

Among so many planets, the value of mineral resources on each planet is different.

Asteroid 241 serial number.

It has a large amount of minerals, According to statistics by many astronomers, the value of the entire planet is estimated to be 90 trillion U.S. dollars!

Asteroid 158!

Has a platinum mine worth 11 trillion U.S. dollars!

K. Cancer!

has 100 billion tons of gold, equivalent to 1 million times the earth’s gold reserves !

There are also planets such as Diamond Star.

The value of minerals is different from other planets.

In short, let’s see who gets which one.。

“Numbers are required first, followed by size. “Chu Feng said.

Salman, Chris and others nodded.

Use a sieve to determine the order of priority.

Because the later people are, the fewer balls they can draw.

So the order is very important.

People from other families and powers from various countries present are very interested. Nervous.

Because it is related to the interests of their common miners and the development destiny of other surrounding countries.

Mr. Bai shook the number 2.

He was speechless and could only go to his seat first.

Joey temporarily replaced the director of Ouzhou State and smoked Reached the biggest 6! He

became the first person to draw the box.

He swallowed, reached into the hole, shook the ball, and took out one.

First he knelt down to Chu Feng.

Prove that now The god he knelt down devoutly was no longer God, but the Dragon King! The

Dragon King blessed him with a good planet!

Opening the box, there was a small paper ball inside.

Jack Ma read out: “Asteroid 158! Has a platinum mine worth $11 trillion!”

“yeah! ”

In the offices of other prime ministers in Ouzhou, watching the live broadcast broadcasted by other members, several prime ministers waved their fists! Similarly

, the rich man in the east and middle of the country in the white turban also watched the live broadcast, scratching his head, nervously Staring at Salman.

They, who have never been short of money, are also very nervous at this time.

Because compared to the entire industry of the royal family, which is only 3 trillion, it is obvious that the mineral resources of a planet are richer and more valuable!

After all, scarce resources can be obtained Here, you have the right to speak!

Jack Ma unfolded the paper: “Diamond Star: Lacey! ”

A group of people in white turbans wanted to die.

Other state directors laughed out loud. Diamonds are not as widely used in the industrial field as other mining industries.。

“Who chose this galaxy? “Salman broke his defense.

Apart from high-hardness instruments and drill bits and aerospace applications, diamonds are really not popular in a wide range of social fields.

The most important thing is that they can be cultivated artificially!


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