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Reba: I asked you to find your father. How about you find a dragon king? chapter 105

When Chu Feng came over, all the cabinet members and directors gathered around to greet him.

Ordinary members of the capital and entertainment circles could only pay attention in a corner, and did not even have the confidence or qualifications to greet the president.

When the senior management and Chu Feng walked into a separate room at the venue, dead bodyguards immediately closed the door.

Then, stood guard.

No other members are allowed near.

All members outside the venue except the executive level are very knowledgeable.

Because they know that only executive-level or even high-level people can participate in this kind of meeting.

Brother Ma and others were carrying red wine glasses and chatting with Zach Pogue and others.

But from time to time, he would look towards the conference room that was on another level.

Because sitting there, you have a chance to share the cake.

This is also the reason why these members off-site are eager to enter the executive level.

Currently, there are nearly 2,000 members worldwide.

But only executive-level members can participate in what can really drive policies and trends in various countries.

The rest of the ordinary members can only follow and drink the soup.

As for those members of the entertainment industry, they really just want to eat and drink, and then they just need to meet capital bosses who can invest in them and live well in their own industry.

Because they are not eligible for promotion by points.

All they can do is recruit new people and introduce them to the big guys to get demand. Whether it is domestic entertainment or Hollywood, they are all controlled by the capital level above them.

Of course, it doesn’t matter that members in the entertainment industry are inconspicuous here, but if you look at Hollywood, domestic entertainment, or even the global entertainment industry, if you are a member of the Shenlong Club, you are high-end!

It is no less than a dimensionality reduction.

Like Yang Mi now, although her works have decreased, her popularity is not that great.

But his status is high.

Whether it is domestic entertainment or various foreign fashion exhibitions, she is also a guest.

Shenlong Club affects the intricate relationship between global capital. She even dared to say that it would not be unusual to know the chaebol bosses behind big brands like you!

This is what the club is about.

Even though they are at the bottom of the club, in the entertainment industry, they are really killing people randomly.

Domestic entertainment in the Beijing circle is now a thing of the past.

Now it’s around Jiaxing Circle!

At least Yang Mi controls a quarter of the domestic entertainment resources!

“Their membership level is definitely higher than ours. “Yang Mi introduced some of the level systems on site to the three newcomers.。

“After all, we are just a spin-off industry derived from capital at the next level.。”

“But the medical care and benefits they enjoy are the same. At most, they have the opportunity to be promoted to the executive level, but we don’t. ”

The gambling king’s daughter: “What are the benefits of the executive level? Yang

Mi looked at the mysterious conference room and said: 650 “Look at the people who just entered, Joey and the other prime ministers of various countries. These are the executive level. They have the opportunity to become celebrities in various countries. Most of these people are The club is behind the promotion. ”

The three women nodded suddenly, with some fanaticism about the club in their eyes.

The gambling king’s daughter said: “I saw several very familiar people. I have never seen them anywhere before, but it seems that their status is not low. The badges on them Wearing it is the same as other executive-level ones. ”

Yang Mi whispered: “Then you have learned a lot today. It is said that the real plutocrats who control Yingjiang and stand behind Yingjiang are the people from the Rockfield and Child families, as well as the current Belaird and Pioneer families. The manipulator behind the three giant groups!”

“It’s them! ”

Xu Ziqi and Gambling King Qianjin exclaimed: “Are they also members of the club? I always thought they were the boss.

Yang Mi: “That was in the past. The forces led by the three giants have long been weakened and outlawed. Now the three giants are the talkers on one of the seven continents. ”

The gambling king’s daughter called out: “Just a talker from one of the seven continents? ” I remember, wasn’t Aizhou already occupied by them? ”

Yang Mi looked around and said in a low voice: “Don’t talk nonsense. Now the local forces in Aizhou have risen, including the people who are now in office in Xiaoli, they are all puppets of the imperial royal family.

Xu Ziqi: “Which seven major states? ” ”

Yang Mi: “East Central, Pan Asia, South America, Ozhou, North America, and the Ocean. As for Antarctica, it is not considered for the time being. Africa has been incorporated into the East Central sphere of influence and is under the jurisdiction of Salman, so you don’t have Have you seen the smiles on the faces of the kings headed by Salman tonight?

Zhang Xiyu: “How come you know everything? ” Didn’t we agree that our status in the club is the lowest? Yang

Mi took a sip of champagne and hummed: “You don’t even know who I am. I am someone close to the princess. Although I don’t care about anything, people will still sell me my face to give me a chance to eat.” ”

The three women suddenly laughed.

Their circle has really become a fringe crowd. They eat and drink when they should, and then watch the gods fight.

Today, the gods are really about to fight in another conference room. .

Chu Feng sat in the main chief seat, with the two sides sitting separately according to the club’s administrative level. It

was not a long conference table.

Everyone had an independent sofa seat, with a huge carpet in the middle and an exquisite last century decoration on top. oil paintings and huge chandeliers.

Coincidentally, Salman and others from Ozhou were not willing to sit side by side with the three giants of Yingjiang.

Instead, they sat opposite them.

Anyway, a group of people were in Chu Feng’s One on the left and one on the right.

Seeing that the position of Cafi director of Ouzhou State was vacant, Childe patriarch Ryan said: “Ouzhou is going through the most difficult period now. Comprehensive development and recovery also require a lot of funds, right? He

looked at Chu Feng and suggested: “President, I think I can bring Child’s funds to Ouzhou to help them develop in an all-round way.” ”

Back then, Child went to Eagle Sauce and frantically raised capital, cultivating two local military and political giants, Rockefy and Morgan.

Now that the two dogs have grown stronger, they are a bit displeased with their owners.

They can only take it again. He took his own money and returned to his hometown.

The people here did not agree.

Several other directors headed by Joey sneered: “No need, we think it’s fine. ”

The supply of oil, natural gas, and various industrial materials are all promoted by the royal family.

And they have enough control!

In a short period of time, there is indeed a shortage of money, but it doesn’t have to be like the crazy blood-sucking that was stuck in the hawk sauce before.

Now it’s just a matter of time. What’s more, the royal family’s shipping boost has also led to the development of foreign trade economy and tourism.

Even if Childe doesn’t come, they can still develop. They

are all being treated like dogs, but the royal family gives you everything you want. Moreover, the royal family also does not interfere with the development and operation of the country on land, unlike Yingjiang, who only sucks blood and does not spit out bones! Compare the two, I have to let

you in again, there is something wrong with my brain!

It can be said that the whole The directors of various countries in Aizhou have suffered greatly.

Now they are really afraid that Yingjiang’s hand will reach out again.

Everyone on the scene has a lot of opinions.。

“We can cooperate, but there is really no need to interfere in our respective development across regions.

Chris sneered: “It doesn’t matter whether it crosses the region or not. We respect the opinions of the club and the president. You are short of money in the state and can’t do anything. It will also hinder and affect the cooperative interests of other states. ” The Child family has money and can let you update the version quickly, okay? ”

Rockefey and Morgan also spared no effort to support Childe in order to drive him away.

Morgan and Jerry echoed: “The annual GDP of each of them is only one trillion US dollars, and the fiscal revenue is even more unsightly, and they are still trying to show off! ”

The director of the Gallic Kingdom patted the armrest of his sofa, pointed at the opponent’s nose and cursed: “Then I have to ask what your three giants have done! ”

If they hadn’t been immortal, they wouldn’t have dared to scold him.

Jack Ma raised his eyelids and glanced at Director Gaul.

The latter was so frightened that

he quickly took his hands back and put his hands on the support board obediently.

It can be seen that, Several Aizhou directors were angry.

When everyone saw that Chu Feng was about to open his mouth, they all immediately shut up.

Chu Feng: “Stop arguing. Since both sides are reasonable, let’s vote for the sake of fairness.”。”

“Raise your hands if you support the Child family’s return to the state. ”

The three giants, all the administrative members headed by Yingjiang, more than two dozen people, no matter how low they were sitting, all raised their hands.

After being appointed by the waiter, they reported in Chu Feng’s ear。

“28 votes approved the Child family to serve as Iowa state trustees。”

“Well, those who object raise their hands. ”

As soon as he finished speaking, more than a dozen directors headed by Ouzhou raised their hands.

About 21 votes were cast.

Salman saw that there was something going on and raised his hand.

The five younger brothers from the East and Central royal family who followed him raised their hands one after another. ( To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

The number of votes came to 26.

At this time, Mr. Bai, Zhang Yiming, Wang Jianlin, and Wang Wei raised their hands。

“30 no votes! Chu Feng looked at the Childe family: “What do you say?” ”

Childrian said a little bit: “If���If this is the case, then I will not be able to participate in this big family. ”


The next second.

Ryan’s whole body was blown away by some kind of force. He flew over everyone’s heads, hit the glass hard and spit out a mouthful of blood.

Although he was immortal, he felt A material blow from a high spiritual dimension, very painful!

Severe pain!

The sound of shattering glass triggered the thoughts of other members outside the venue.

Only a deep and deep voice was heard from inside: “If you want to quit, then get out! ”

Ryan’s whole body was trembling and he was vomiting blood. He almost couldn’t raise his head, his head was buzzing. The

rest of the people at the scene were chilling.

A few people, like Chris and Morgan, were laughing.

He dared to quit. The protection of the Dragon King will definitely be swallowed up by other forces! []

But everyone knew that Ryan was just talking in anger.

Representatives of the Roosevelt family who were following Childe quickly came over to support him and

whispered to him to apologize quickly.

Without the qualifications of a predator, you can only be preyed on!

Ryan could only weakly kneel to Chu Feng, and Representative Roosevelt also knelt down to plead for him: “Dragon King, calm down, he just said angry words, we don’t want to Leave the club. ”

Ryan was speechless and could only kneel on the ground to express his apology.

Chu Feng waved his hand and a stream of true energy flew into Ryan’s body through the air. Only then did he see that his complexion improved and he no longer coughed up blood.

Ruien kowtowed quickly . Said: “I’m sorry Dragon King, there will be no next time for me!

Chu Feng: “Sit back to your seat. ” Representative Roosevelt

quickly helped Ryan back to his sofa.

Chu Feng glanced at all the members: “Next time, whoever wants to quit the club, tell Jack Ma directly, I will deprive you of your abilities, but if you encounter someone in the future What’s the matter? Don’t come to the club to ask for mercy! ”

Everyone swallowed their saliva.。

“This is over. “Chu Feng said: “Now, while everyone is here, I will announce something.。”

“I have read reports from members in our scientific field, saying that helium-3 is the most effective fuel for nuclear fusion. It can trigger nuclear power and develop spacecraft? ”

As an agent in the field of science, he raised his hand and said: “Yes, Dragon King, helium 3 is the purest nuclear fuel. With this material, we can indeed develop a spacecraft that can carry gravity.。”

“However, the earth’s helium-3 element is all leftover from the solar storm after the Big Bang. It is the second lightest element in the universe. As a result, a small amount of it exists in the atmosphere and cannot fall to the land. It is difficult for us to mine it, and the earth Less than 500 kilograms of these elements are present in the ocean, making effective and sustained research difficult.

Chu Feng: “I heard that this element is found on the back of the moon, right? ”

Scientist: “Yes, there are at least thousands of tons of granulated helium 3 on the back of the moon. If we can mine it, it can supply the earth with flight fuel for at least a thousand years! ” ”

Mr. Bai explained: “This is why several countries have been scrambling to land on the moon in recent years. The scientist

continued: “We currently do not have the ability to send mining equipment to the back of the moon, and there is no way to carry out industrial mining and transportation back!” ”

Chris: “Now we can only get the samples back and put them into the research stage. There is no way to mine and transport them.

Chu Feng: “Why can this element become nuclear fuel? ”

Scientist: “Because it is formed from the energy of the sun’s core and can release 1.5 million times the explosive force. The energy it burns can help many aircraft achieve anti-gravity. ” Chu Feng looked at the scientist: ”

What’s your name?” The

scientist general agent was overjoyed: “Dragon King, my name is Chekov, and I am currently the general agent in the global scientific field. Chu

Feng: “Well, you will come to the empire tomorrow as the chief scientific research engineer, and from now on you will be responsible for helping me with the research and development of the aircraft.”

Chekov smiled bitterly: “Dragon King, but this helium 3 element……”

Chu Feng: “I will send you to the back of the moon. I will send you all the mining equipment there, and I can ensure that you return to the earth!”

Everyone at the scene looked at Chu Feng in astonishment.

Jack Ma reacted: “Dragon King, can you go……”

Chu Feng nodded: “I can teleport you to any galaxy, and I can also create a teleportation array to send you back.。”

“What I want to say is that the helium-3 element will be supplied to you by the royal family in the future and meet global demand. Other metal minerals can be divided among the directors of the major states, but for the sake of fairness, each state representative will be randomly selected to determine which planet they are drawn to. You are responsible for mining the resources of which planet. ”

The eyes of several state directors and state representatives at the scene lit up.

They were all ecstatic.。

“Your states can let your observatories and scientific research teams select 2 planets. Currently, the 5 states can select a total of 10 planets. After they are determined, come over and randomly select the planets that you can mine. ”

Chu Feng paused, glanced at everyone and said, “I’m going to say something ugly first. Whoever draws a certain planet must recognize it!”

“If you make me angry like you did today again, get out of the club and play whatever you want from now on!”

“Also, the Child family director position is temporarily suspended for half a year and will not be allowed to participate in any club profit distribution. Let me review it carefully! ”

After saying that, Chu Feng stood up.

Everyone immediately stood up and respectfully saw him

off. Jack Ma and the cabinet members went to see Chu

Feng off one after another. The people who stayed behind looked at Childrian, a little gloating.

Chris was a little sad . He swallowed hard. He was not as disobedient as Ryan at the beginning, otherwise the Dragon King would probably have to destroy him! He was not allowed to

participate in the club’s profit distribution for half a year!

This is very hurtful.

In other words, all the groups controlled by the Child family Its high-end products will be restricted from entering the market on some platforms around the world within half a year.

This is equivalent to the Ocean Group blocking the circulation of your group’s products!

It is expected to lose nearly 100 billion US dollars in revenue!

Those members outside the market do not know what is happening inside. What.

But when I felt the president’s angry departure, everyone bowed and didn’t dare to breathe. The

aura was too depressing.

After Jackma and others sent people back to the conference room, he walked up to Ryan and asked: “How about it? Ryan

smiled bitterly: “Chairman, please help me, I just got carried away!” ”

This has begun to allocate resources from alien planets. Childe can’t let himself down and must make amends.

Jack Ma breathed a sigh of relief: “Let’s talk about it now. The Dragon King is angry now. You should confine yourself first and take the punishment. , come to the island to find me when the time comes. Ryan was grateful: ”

Thank you, Chairman.” ”

Jackma looked at Chekov: “You will report to the Empire tomorrow. Chekov

was very excited and bowed and said: “Okay, Chairman, thank you Dragon King for trusting me. Once I get the materials, I will definitely develop an aircraft for the royal family.”。”。


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