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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 153

【I go! ! This time I am really going to bleed!】

【That hat even comes with a pair of ears? Wow, furry……】

【This expression! ! Qingyue, are you really unaware of your own lethality? At least consider people with weak resistance!】

【No wonder hot searches said that many people were so cute that they fainted. I almost couldn’t stand it just watching the live broadcast.~!】

【Qingyue, please let me touch your ears! !】


The barrage was completely blown up!

She probably didn’t expect that Li Qingyue would suddenly have cute fox ears… Well, let’s just think of them as wolf ears.

Coupled with the super kawaii gah~

many people exclaimed and couldn’t stand it.

Seeing these barrages, what Li Qingyue wanted to say was suddenly blocked.

Is it that explosive?

She touched her ears and found them furry and still moving.

It seems that since I drank tea last time, these ears and fox tail are like the ability to transform, and I can use them at will.

Of course it’s not a decoration, but something that can really improve your hearing.

At the beginning, you will hear all kinds of noise, but as you get used to it, you seem to have more control. You can hear what you want to hear or not hear what you don’t want to hear.

All in all, it’s a very convenient thing.

And as Li Qingyue became confused…

there were more barrages, and a lot of words like “I’m really going to get a nosebleed” appeared.”,“I need an ambulance or something.”

Seeing this scene, Li Qingyue couldn’t help but said: “Hey, is it that exaggerated? It’s obviously just a simple act of cuteness! And the clothes are very ordinary, just the kind you can buy casually on the street, except for the ears……”

“Having said that, would anyone really get a nosebleed after seeing a beautiful girl? Are you sure it’s not heat stroke? ”

This is what Li Qingyue is most confused about!

I didn’t think anything was wrong at first…

But as time goes by, I don’t know if everyone’s resistance has become weaker or for other reasons. I can often see various kinds of things gradually starting to happen. Someone who really had a nosebleed.

What the hell is this?

However, the barrage told Li Qingyue with certainty。

【Qingyue, you don’t even understand how beautiful you are! !】

【Yes, yes, forget about all kinds of cosplay, now you still have cute ears, who can resist this! ?】

【I can testify! Nosebleeds are only mild symptoms, but it is really easy to faint after being excited!】


Seeing the reply to the barrage…

Li Qingyue held her forehead helplessly.

How could she believe such a thing!

However, just when Li Qingyue was about to say something…

the live broadcast room, which was already flooded with various gift effects, suddenly started to show up with a lot of carnivals!

【Qingyue is my wife who rewarded the anchor carnival*10】

【Qingyue is my wife who rewarded the anchor carnival*10】


The carnival is like free money, it keeps accumulating and stacking up like crazy.

Then it went all the way…

and the accumulation directly reached 2,000! !

So many carnivals suddenly filled the screen that Li Qingyue couldn’t help but exclaim.

And her performance is so…

let alone a live broadcast room?

A total of two thousand carnivals, which is a full six million!

Moreover, this exaggerated special effect keeps blooming!

Now, because Li Qingyue has just started broadcasting not long ago, there are not many viewers in the live broadcast room, and the real audience is actually only two million.

Of course, it is only compared to Li Qingyue’s peak live broadcast.

But even so, she has nearly 1.2 million new tipping users today.

And when these people saw this sudden carnival, they were all stunned!

The 1,314 last time was not enough, but this time it soared by 2,000?

……Super awesome?


because of the linkage between a certain sound and a certain fish today, the reward from a certain sound has also started to be announced on a certain fish.

Originally, they were still wondering where this carnival came from.

But as soon as I saw it was Li Qingyue’s live broadcast room, I immediately understood。

“Thank you, Qingyue, for the two thousand carnivals given by my wife… But what is my sister doing? So many gifts suddenly……”

After Li Qingyue saw the ID, she immediately understood that it was Gu Xueqing’s fault.

After getting along today, she finally understood some of the characteristics of this little loli.

In reality and online, she is a completely different person!

When shopping during the day, Gu Xueqing gave the impression of being a well-behaved, somewhat shy little loli. She even blushed a little when trying on clothes.

But after adding prestige, you can feel the full second-class atmosphere, especially in the circle of friends, which can almost be embarrassing to the point of shame.

And after hearing Li Qingyue’s doubts…

Gu Xueqing’s barrage instantly appeared on the screen.。

【Qingyue is my wife: Hum, Qingyue, wife, just accept it with doubts! I have my own plans tomorrow! 】

Sure enough, it was still this familiar style of


Some black lines appeared on Li Qingyue’s head. She was obviously just an eleven-year-old girl, but she seemed so mature when speaking online!

But thinking that the other party should be staying with Gu Yusheng now, the reward… must have been approved by Gu Yusheng?

Thinking of this, Li Qingyue nodded slowly: “Okay, thank you sister.”

The reason why he called me sister Gu Xueqing was mainly because the other party’s ID was not easy to pronounce, but it was not good to call the name directly. After all, it was In the live broadcast room.

So Li Qingyue incidentally used Gu Xueqing’s previous title.

And the barrage saw the conversation between the two…

all kinds of curious voices came one after another.。

【younger sister? Is she Qingyue’s sister? ?】

【Probably not, but did Qingyue and her sister have sex?】

【Wow, this tone seems to be really too gay, I’m so envious! ! 】(To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

【Sister, don’t leave, go and secretly take some photos of Qingyue! !】


Everyone was talking.

And Gu Xueqing’s barrage also appeared again。

【Qingyue is my wife: Hey hey, you finally discovered your blind spot! Let me tell you the truth, I am living with Qingyue now, she smells great and is super cute!】


【Holy shit, the plot is progressing so fast?】

【Is this the power of a rich woman?】

【I also want to smell Qingyue!】

【I’m so envious! !】

【real or fake?】


The barrage exploded.


Li Qingyue was also confused.。[]

What is this!

Living together or something. Although Gu Xueqing had that intention in the morning, she was interrupted by Gu Yusheng before she could ask…

And what the hell is that sweet smell on her body?

Gu Xueqing is just a little lolita herself, why is she so concerned about herself?

Seeing various envy and jealousy barrages, Li Qingyue interrupted: “Wait a minute, don’t you guess why I called her sister? In fact, her age is……”

When it comes to this.

Gu Xueqing’s barrage immediately floated out。

【Qingyue is my wife: Sister Qingyue, don’t expose my age, please! And I’m sorry everyone. Actually, I live with Sister Gu. I just said this because I wanted to show off. I’m sorry! ! 】

Li Qingyue: …

It turns out that I can speak normally on the Internet!

But this also made Li Qingyue smile. She was still having a headache how to deal with Gu Xueqing before, but now it seems that she cares so much about her age.

Take advantage!

The barrage also raised questions again, and then countless people began to care about Gu Xueqing’s age.

There are also various barrages, such as “You are a little rich woman, how can you be so cowardly?””,“The middle school rich woman is also so cute”,“”Rich woman, I can handle the steel ball, can you please” and the like.

Li Qingyue almost laughed out loud.

However, seeing that the number of viewers in the live broadcast room had reached nearly three million, she said seriously: “Okay everyone, we were just here Just kidding, don’t pay attention. Now that we are all here, I have something to tell you.。”

“That is, there were a lot of people coming to pick us up yesterday, a lot! Because I didn’t expect that I would be so popular before I came here, so I might not be ready and I don’t know how to say thank you.。”

“And because I was at the airport, I didn’t dare to interact with everyone, so I had to muddle through. I’m really sorry for that.。”

“I originally wanted to send a scarf to express my gratitude to everyone, but a scarf doesn’t feel so formal, so I’ll take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who came to pick me up that day.。”

“And today… Qingyue doesn’t need to apologize, she’s so cute when she acts cute.……”

After seeing this barrage, Li Qingyue was startled.

Then I suddenly thought of what I looked like yesterday…

The shameful memory suddenly came to my mind!

This made Li Qingyue blush all of a sudden, and she said with a stammer in her voice: “That’s right, it’s just a cute fool who passed the test, because I really don’t know how to solve it, so… Qingyue doesn’t have to feel guilty, just do it again. Yeah, this is the greatest gift…eh?”

When I noticed this barrage.

The live broadcast room is already full of screens. Let’s do it again.

What about “Qiuri Cream”? It’s so cute that I want to watch it again even if I die.”,“It would be better to say that I regret not going to the airport. Please Qingyue restore the situation at that time.”,“”You can’t wait until I die with my eyes closed” and so on…

Seeing everyone’s intentions…

Li Qingyue’s ears are getting redder and redder.

Although, he really hasn’t prepared any way to express his gratitude?

How about satisfying the fans a little?

Anyway, it seems that anything that can be cute is not difficult…

Thinking of this…

Li Qingyue raised her hands slightly, put them gently against her cheeks, and looked at the camera with her bright eyes evasively: “Nicole Nicole~”

After finishing .

She lowered her head suddenly. She

almost turned into a steam girl!



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