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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 152

【Qingyue: No, no, I’ll just ask.……】

Of course, Li Qingyue wouldn’t say that he wanted to check the ward. He would just find a reason and fool him first.

However, since everyone is live broadcasting, it will be easier to handle.

It’s time to go live!

Because live streaming is also a kind of work in a sense, Li Qingyue bought a laptop when she went out in the morning.

After all, live streaming on a mobile phone is really inconvenient.

After putting down her phone at this time, Li Qingyue directly clicked on her live broadcast room and couldn’t help but smile when she saw that everyone was still chatting.

Changed the name of the live broadcast room slightly。

【Have an event today! 】

Then click Start Broadcasting.

In the originally dark live broadcast room, Li Qingyue suddenly appeared.

This caused the entire live broadcast room to pause.

Immediately afterwards…

barrage suddenly spurted out!

【Damn it, it started airing suddenly? ?】

【Qingyue is becoming more and more elusive!】

【Wow, I thought it was going to be cooing today, but when I came up I saw Qingyue!】

【What cos is this? so cute……】

【Could it be that! Today’s cosplay is Walnut? ?】

【Upstairs, does Qingyue have a cosplay? Appearing without makeup!】

【It’s really bare-faced! Holy shit, I saw Qingyue on camera without makeup!】

【Shock! Qingyue aired without makeup for the first time! !】

【What the hell, Qingyue looks like an anime girl even if she doesn’t cosplay? so cute……】


Looking at the barrage in front of her, Qingyue said hello。

“Good afternoon everyone! ”

After Li Qingyue said this, a bunch of greetings immediately appeared on the barrage, and some people were asking whether Li Qingyue had knocked people out yesterday. Seeing this barrage, Li Qingyue couldn’t help but think of the embarrassing scene yesterday, and couldn’t help

but Said: “Last night was a pure accident. After all, I just came to Chengdu. I wanted to go out and have a look, but I was afraid of causing a commotion, so I put on makeup. The result was……”

“I heard that Qingyue turned into a little succubus… No, that is Dark Wind, definitely not a little succubus! ”

Seeing the little succubus, Li Qingyue felt her eyes darken.

What a painful memory!

Just mentioning the barrage would make her feel embarrassed…

But at this moment, she saw a barrage: “Today Why don’t you cosplay anymore… Well, to be honest, I usually cosplay Bengtie characters, but everyone, Bengtie doesn’t have many characters left for me! We can’t support people as big as Topa and Himeko, right?”

“So I just want to take it slow first, but the new character is ready, and the style should be different from before. ”

When talking about this, Li Qingyue noticed that someone asked him what the title of his live broadcast room meant…

Hey, that’s the right person to ask!

Li Qingyue immediately showed a somewhat excited look: “Everyone, today we are linking a certain sound with a certain fish. , so ward rounds can be conducted! How’s it going? Is there any anchor you want to watch?……”

She hasn’t finished speaking yet.

The number of barrages suddenly increased!

【A certain fish actually wants to link up with a certain sound? This wave is ok, I thought there would be no intersection between these two major platforms.。】

【Damn it, is this music pattern so big?】

【Wuhu! Qingyue actually wants to check the ward? It’s time to give the monkey a shock!】

【Ward rounds are good, hahaha. I have long thought that with so many people in the Qingyue live broadcast room, ward rounds would be interesting.。】

【Is Little Tam here? I want to see Qingyue and Little Tam posting!】

【Xiao Tam: I didn’t start the live broadcast. Hey, the last time I even connected the wheat was a trick by Mi!】

【The house manager actually showed up? But they are all cross-platform, so why not go and see Teacher Ma?……】(To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

【Teacher Ma, yes. Isn’t Teacher Ma holding a music club recently? Qingyue went to give Teacher Ma a little shock!】

【I think Fu Xiaotuan is good!】


The names o

f various anchors appeared on the barrage.

Because viewers who watch the live broadcast also watch other anchors on weekdays, especially many of Li Qingyue’s fans are converted from other anchors, which makes them very interested in Li Qingyue’s ward rounds.

Seeing this, Li Qingyue coughed twice: “Don’t be anxious, everyone, wait until there are more people in the meeting. And there is nothing going on today, so the live broadcast style is also relatively relaxed, plus……”

When talking about this, Li Qingyue saw that someone had rewarded him with ten carnivals, and also left a special effects barrage.

After thanking her first, Li Qingyue said word by word: “Qingyue is super beautiful today. Is this without makeup? She is also very beautiful in her outfit… Yes, because (cbef) makeup is troublesome, so I basically don’t do it on weekdays. Dress up deliberately。”

“As for the clothes, I picked them randomly, usually sweatshirts or something… Want to see what I’m wearing? no problem. ”

After seeing this barrage, Li Qingyue didn’t feel anything.

Although she didn’t think there was anything interesting about the outfit, but everyone should be that kind of person, right? They just want to see the details of the cosplayer’s clothes.

Although she doesn’t have it now. cos, but it’s pretty much the same.

After breaking off the screen of the laptop and adjusting the position of the camera, Li Qingyue took a few steps back and stood up.

She wore simple clothes today, wearing a red hooded sweatshirt on her upper body , with a big cartoon black cat printed on the front.

Because of the combination of cat elements and pockets, the cat’s two little paws extend out like a skirt, just next to the white thighs. The lower body

is A pair of black shorts.

Because they are very short, the hem of the sweatshirt completely covers them, revealing a pair of straight calves.

Speaking of which, this sweatshirt seems to have a bit of Texas elements? It’s the one from “Arknights” The Wolf Girl operator-collaboration style… It wasn’t Li Qingyue who bought it, but Gu Yusheng picked it up while shopping in the morning.

Of course it was said to be a Texas-collaboration style…

However, this piece of clothing has a lot of cat elements. There is also a kitten tail on the back, extending from the back and wrapped around the right thigh. It

is furry and looks like a leg ring.

This makes Li Qingyue look quite cute.

Especially in the loose sweater. After combining with the girl, she looks even more lively and energetic, giving people a very strong visual impact!

Moreover, because her long black hair is not taken care of, it is just draped behind her back so casually. With that kind of feeling, she unexpectedly looks like a wolf girl!

Of course, for Li Qingyue, she usually does a lot of cosplay, and with her unique straight man dullness, she doesn’t have much feeling about her clothes. Turning

in front of the camera He made a circle, and his black hair was dancing in the wind.

Then Li Qingyue looked at the barrage and asked with a smile: “It’s just an ordinary sweater, nothing special… It has a bit of a Texas feel. If you add another ear…an ear? ”

Li Qingyue thought for a while, fox ears and wolf ears should be similar, right?

“Then let me do a magic trick for you? ”

Thinking about the ears that popped out after drinking tea, I was worried that something strange might be discovered before, but now it seems that there is a reasonable explanation? When I saw the barrage and everyone was wondering what kind of magic it was… Li

Qingyue Smiling slightly, he put on the hood of his sweatshirt, like Little Red Riding Hood.。

“Ahem, the big bad wolf is coming! ”

Li Qingyue said this, and then took off his hood.

But the difference is…

a pair of fox ears suddenly popped out from his head.。

“Gah! ”

Made a big bad wolf gesture and imitated the voice, and then Li Qingyue felt a little embarrassed, “How are you doing?……”

Before she could finish her words, the barrage had completely exploded!



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