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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 151

Where is the superpower you promised? ?

Li Qingyue sighed in the bathroom, knowing that she shouldn’t have any expectations.

However, it seems that it cannot be completely denied.

After all, Gu Xueqing still has some strange things. For example, she can have so much money at such a young age, and sometimes she doesn’t behave very much like a chuunibyou… Of course, in order to avoid accidents, Li Qingyue still

senses For a moment.

But he soon discovered that not to mention this world, even his own power system was all inherited from Beng Tie’s character abilities.

She can feel her destiny, but she can’t sense the spiritual energy and other things in the novel at all. Of course, Gu Xueqing really has nothing special about it.

Thinking of this, after washing, Li Qingyue pushed open the bathroom door.

Sister Gu Yusheng was silent for a moment.

Then Gu Yusheng looked at Gu Xueqing and said, “Xueqing, you can speak for yourself.”

Seeing this, Li Qingyue couldn’t help but sit by the bed.

She wanted to know what Gu Xueqing wanted to say. Did she really want to live with her?

Li Qingyue has no experience in taking care of little Lolita…

Gu Xueqing thought about it for a while, and then said: “That… that is to say, I want to be with you……”

“Um? ”

Gu Yusheng squinted his eyes and glanced at his sister.

Gu Xueqing quickly changed her words: “I just want to live with my sister these days, so I’m sorry to bother you!”

“Ah, can you please give me more advice in the future? ”

Li Qingyue smiled at her.

The little Lolita was a little unhappy at first. After all, she wanted to live with Li Qingyue…

But when she saw Li Qingyue’s smile, her eyes widened instantly.。

“Please give me more advice! ”

The matter was settled like this.

Gu Yusheng took his sister and taught her a good lesson, and then apologized to Li Qingyue.

It is said that Gu Xueqing was a genius, so she rarely communicated with other children when she was a child. She usually watched anime to relieve her boredom.

Over time, I was attracted by the strange way of talking in it.

Li Qingyue could understand this completely, thinking that she was also in the second grade of middle school.……

“By the way, I don’t have anything to give you when you first meet, so I’ll give you this. ”

Li Qingyue suddenly thought of something and found the Kumamoto bear gift she received yesterday from the bedside.

Because it was obtained through singing, Li Qingyue originally planned to give it to Gu Yusheng.

But since her sister is here, she might as well give it to her directly. Got it。


The little Lolita’s eyes lit up after seeing Xiongbenxiong, “Thank you, sister!”

Even Gu Yusheng didn’t expect that Li Qingyue had prepared a gift, and was immediately startled.

But he soon thought of something and couldn’t help but smile.

It’s great that these two people can get along. She was worried about her sister’s weird personality before, but she didn’t expect that she would become so good in front of Li Qingyue.

This is completely different from the little adult look before.

The few of them had breakfast like this. Because it was rare to meet his sister, Gu Yusheng also took some time today to take Li Qingyue, Lan Ying and his sister to play around in Chengdu.

It was already one o’clock in the afternoon when I came back。


Returning to his hotel again, Li Qingyue lay on the bed with a big letter。

“Ah, it’s so boring. Why don’t you just broadcast it live~~? ”

After rolling around on the bed…

Li Qingyue waited for a while and didn’t hear the system task.。

“Eh? ”

This made her eyes light up.

In the past, when preparing to start broadcasting, either when she was preparing to start broadcasting, or when she had to broadcast live due to various factors, wouldn’t that happen? Ding

~ The main quest has been started or something.

But… …

This time after Li Qingyue tentatively shouted live broadcast, there was no system task!

“Are you still in the system? ”

Li Qingyue asked tentatively.。

【The host call has been detected and the current system task is being detected.……】

【Ding~ There is currently no main quest. 】

No! !

Beautiful girl shocked.JPG.

Although she was used to various system tasks before, there were none this time, which made Li Qingyue a little touched.

Great, I actually feel like I’m off work, the system tasks are finally not so frequent!

Before Li Qingyue could cheer…

her phone vibrated.

When I opened it, I saw it was from Yusheng.。

【Gu Yusheng: I almost forgot to tell you, isn’t our certain sound linked to a certain fish?】

【Gu Yusheng: So you can broadcast that one these days! 】



Li Qingyue blinked.

Then I suddenly thought of something…

That’s right!

Didn’t many anchors reward me when I was live broadcasting before?

At that time, Li Qingyue wanted to find a time to repay the favor, but she put it on hold because she never had the chance.

But now what Gu Yusheng sa

id about the daily activities made Li Qingyue think of something, and she immediately started replying on her mobile phone.。

【Qingyue: I understand, it’s a ward round!】

【Gu Yusheng: That’s right! ! It’s up to you, girl! 】


At this time, Li Qingyue was still a little happy. After all, it felt good to return favors as soon as possible.

But when she turned on the phone, she felt something was not right. (To read cool novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

If two ordinary people are in love…then what should I charge?

In a certain video, live broadcast rewards are made using DouBin, while a certain fish uses shark fins. Will these two platforms be interoperable?

When thinking like this…

Li Qingyue suddenly felt so stupid.

If you want to reward a certain fish, use shark fins. If you want to reward a certain music platform, use TikTok coins. Just treat yourself as an audience!

Thinking of this, Li Qingyue immediately opened a certain fish account and started to recharge it.

As for how much to recharge, Li Qingyue had considered it. In fact, if it was to repay a favor, he could naturally recharge a lot at once. After all, he was very rich.

But sometimes the more money you give in rewards, the better. Imagine that you suddenly gave each of your friends 100 million. Favors are repaid, but it is inevitably too exaggerated.

Others might be frightened!

On the contrary, just swiping it a few times as if it were a small gift can be a good reciprocity, the kind that can make the other party happy without being too exaggerated.

Just do it!

Thinking about this, Li Qingyue has already charged more than one million yuan. This money seems to be quite a lot, but when converted into rockets and carnivals, it is actually not much.。

“But for things like ward rounds, you still have to do it when the other party doesn’t know it~”

After paying the money, Li Qingyue couldn’t help but shake her legs.

She had wanted to do this for a long time! [] She

used to do it when watching the live broadcast. There will be that feeling. After a big anchor rounds the room, the traffic of the anchor being inspected suddenly increases sharply, and then there are all kinds of shocked and surprised expressions. Furthermore, even the empty dialogue

like that between PDD and JJ is quite interesting.

This kind of Of course, Li Qingyue couldn’t let go of the secret of live broadcast!

So before the broadcast started, she went to the large linked anchor group to observe and see if other people were broadcasting.

But at this time, everyone was also chatting.。

【Wuhu Da Sima: Has the old prostitute left? And what about Daxu?】

【PDD: How about tomorrow’s flight?】

【Baby Xuxu: Me too tomorrow。】

【Wuhu Da Sima: Damn, you guys are really not in a hurry. The hotels near Taikoo Li are almost full. It’s probably too late to book a hotel tomorrow.。】


【Baby Xuxu: What happened? ? Suddenly full?】

【Dai Xiaomei: I know, because Qingyue appeared in Taikoo Li and became a hot search topic. Everyone has booked a lot of hotels nearby.。】

【Fu Xiaotuan: It’s not me who said that the number of people celebrating this anniversary may be more exaggerated than you think.……】

【Demon King: I have some bad news for you. All nearby hotels are fully booked!】

【PDD: Damn it!】

【Baby Xuxu: Damn it!】

【Wuhu Da Sima: What should we do?】

【Demon King: There is also good news. A certain voice has contracted a hotel for us, so the host’s place to live is fine for the time being.。】


Everyone was singing together, and Li Qingyue couldn’t help but smile.

Sometimes it’s fun to watch everyone chatting (with money)?

However, as everyone slowly discussed…

the topic soon ended, and the group became silent and indifferent again.

Seeing this scene, Li Qingyue felt that she could not wait any longer. After all, she peeked at the screen to see if everyone was live broadcasting.

After all, it is a ward inspection…

If you start the broadcast, and no one is on the live broadcast, then why do you still check the wards?

【Qingyue: Moxi Moxi, is there anyone live broadcasting at this point? 】

Aite looked at everyone.

The group chat that had gradually calmed down, the next second…

a huge number of message bubbles suddenly popped up!

【Hippo Saidong: Who did I see? It’s Qingyue! !】

【Demon King: Qingyue, my sister will come over to you soon!】

【Dumb girl: Take me one! Qingyue is already on TV, so rua will definitely be more flavorful!】

【PDD: Calm down, calm down! Please take a look at what they said first… I’m here first, I’m getting ready to start broadcasting. it】

【Wuhu Da Sima: I usually prepare to start broadcasting at this point。】

【Xuxu Baby: Have you started broadcasting? Then I’ll start broadcasting too。】

【Nvliu 66: Since Brother Bao has started broadcasting, then I will start broadcasting too。】

【Fu Xiaotuan: …Enough with the repeaters! Qingyue, what’s the matter with Qingyue?】



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