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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 148

Sure enough, I was still pestered by fans!

In this situation, Li Qingyue was quite helpless.

But with so many people suffering from heat stroke…

I can’t just let it go, right?

After buying some water for everyone, Li Qingyue was asked by fans to sign autographs and take photos.

Although I don’t know why many people like signatures so much, they still do it.

By the time we finish the journey and go back…

it’s almost nine o’clock!

“so tired! ”

As soon as Li Qingyue returned to the hotel, she threw herself directly on the bed.

I didn’t expect that today’s outing would turn into this situation.

What was the original intention of going out?

It seemed to be to find extraordinary events…

But Why does it turn into singing out of nowhere!

However, even though I think so,

the harvest seems to be good.

Putting aside the debris of the universe, Li Qingyue received another blessing.

Its name is: Feihong Kills Chisel Teeth!

Same as before . Different from the one-star Little Karami Blessing, this time the blessing is actually a two-star one, and it’s also hunting!

The effect is that as long as you kill an enemy target, you can recover 35% of your maximum life limit.

This description seems a bit It’s subtle. After all, in the game, Li Qingyue can see the health bar of the master character, “Nine Seven Seven”, so the so-called restored health can be clearly seen. But this is reality, what kind of life bar is there? It’s just that he was


. degree, whether the defense will be broken, etc.……

“And when destroying enemy targets…does the destruction of everything count? ”

Li Qingyue touched her chin.

All she had obtained before were entries about increasing speed, but now a new mechanism suddenly popped up, making her a little eager to try it.

What does the enemy target refer to?

Do flies count?

If so. If so, then when you choose the second echo of fate, you will get the effect of instantly recharging energy when you kill an enemy unit…

can you kill some flies, ants and the like during a fight? To recharge quickly?

It seems very possible!

“Try it! ”

Thinking of this situation, Li Qingyue suddenly felt exhausted.

Although it is very unseemly to use super powers to swat flies… I’m sorry, there are no other enemies nearby! He

sat up and compared his fingers to a gun. Shape, Li Qingyue quickly found the target.

Quantum attack, launch!

With a soft sound, the little fly suddenly exploded and died.

And Li Qingyue also felt some subtle changes……

“Well, this… seems… somewhat useful? ”

Li Qingyue fell into deep thought.

Let’s treat this recovery of health as recovery of injuries.

But the problem is that he was not injured, so it is not clear whether it was triggered or not.

At this moment…


The phone vibrated. A few times.

Li Qingyue picked up her phone and took a look. She found that her group chat was constantly vibrating. Many people were chatting with her.。

【Little Tam: Qingyue, Qingyue, you made such a big fuss when you left the house?】

【Demon King: Wow, how did you achieve this expression? It’s so sexy! !】

【Gu Yusheng: No, in just such a short time, even the ambulance passed by? ? Qingyue】


Seeing the information in the group, Li Qingyue tilted her head and couldn’t help but have some doubts in her eyes.

It’s not about the fact that I’m on the hot search list.


why did Sister Gu join this group?

And we don’t know about the ambulance. Li Qingyue remembered that after she took off her mask, many people suffered from heatstroke.

She could understand this kind of thing. After all, the weather was so hot and there were a group of people gathered together. It would be strange if it wasn’t hot.

But just when she was about to get excited, Li Qingyue saw a hot search for scarves forwarded by Gu Yusheng.

The words above are quite exaggerated –

Qingyue appears in Taikoo Li! The streets were empty, a large number of people fainted for unknown reasons, and ambulances were alerted!

The hot search index for this scarf reached nearly 10 million in a short period of time.

After clicking in, there is also a picture.

It seems to have been filmed with a drone. From a bird’s-eye view, you can see a large group of people lying on the ground in a mess, and a large number of ambulances parked next to them to start emergency rescue.

Just seeing this scene, Li Qingyue felt a little numb.

Could this really be the work of some succubus?

But I didn’t feel anything at the time.……

【Gu Yusheng: Qingyue, what’s going on? ]

Li Qingyue was slightly silent.


【Qingyue: The doctor said it was heatstroke.……】

【Gu Yusheng: Then what’s going on with that expression! 】

She sent another photo, which was the perspective of Li Qingyue captured by passers-by.

In the picture, when Li Qingyue unwraps the mask, it’s like untying the seal. Her red face looks a little shy.

Originally it was indeed because of the heat.

But I don’t know why, combined with Li Qingyue’s eye makeup, she looked particularly dazzling, especially those red eyes, which were simply hard to grasp.

And when the picture came out, the group went crazy!

【Demon King: Oh my god! ! This expression is so awesome, I want to keep it as a family heirlo

om! !】

【Xiao Tam: No wonder someone called me a succubus when I watched the live video. Qingyue Qingyue really turned into a little succubus? ?】

【Fu Xiaotuan:? ? ?】

【Female stream 66: Wow, my eyes are going to be drawn. Sure enough, Qingyue is so beautiful that she can carry out any style.。】

【Kono Hana: Next time we meet, please look at me like this!】

【Gu Yusheng: Did you see that you know nothing about your own charm? ! Qingyue】


Seeing the news from everyone, Li Qingyue couldn’t help but clenched her fists.

In fact…

she knows it all!

Everyone might look away from him or get excited. Li Qingyue could understand this kind of reaction.

Even if everyone suddenly fainted today, she vaguely knew that it was her doing it.


as a straight man, she just didn’t want to admit this! !

To be honest, Li Qingyue really had no other thoughts at the time, it was all because of the heat. (If you want to read cool novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

That kind of expression…

isn’t it normal?

But why is it so bitter when it is placed on myself?

My whole life of fame is completely over!

Li Qingyue was lying on the bed, looking at the photo of herself, and slowly fell into deep thought.

Although she wanted to deny Gu Yusheng’s point of view.


there is no way.

Even she had to admit that that photo was indeed very lethal.。

“Damn it! ! ”

After rolling around on the bed,

Li Qingyue managed to calm down.

That’s it.

Never mind!

【Qingyue: …I will definitely pay attention next time。】[]

【Gu Yusheng: No, actually I can’t blame you… The reason why I say this is mainly because I am worried about your safety. After all, it is still too dangerous to go out alone in the evening.。】

【Gu Yusheng: If you don’t talk about this, have you gone back?】

【Qingyue: arrived safely。】

【Kawano Hana: Hehe, maybe the Demon King is drooling over the photo of Qingyue.。】

【Little Tam: She will also smile like a crazy girl。】

【Demon King:? ? ? Why are you so angry with me all of a sudden? And you two must have saved it too, right?】

【Gu Yusheng: Ahem. Anyway, Qingyue just pay attention next time. Although there is nothing wrong with being on trending searches, safety comes first.。】

【Gu Yusheng: Later, Lan Ying and I may go back later. You can go to bed first. If you are hungry, there is a buffet on the first floor of the hotel. You can eat whatever you want. 】

Looking at the group chat, Li Qingyue couldn’t help but smile. After replying “Hello” to Gu Yusheng, he closed the group chat.

Although I slept in the morning, my schedule does need to be adjusted.

After yawning and taking a shower, it was already ten o’clock in the evening.



On the other end…

Gu Yusheng, Lan Ying and others actually rented a temporary office.

After all, as the director of operations of a certain music company, she has too many things to deal with, and she still has to work even if she is on a business trip.

Fortunately, the matter in the square has been dealt with, and I can still take a look at the scarf now.

In fact, in addition to Li Qingyue’s first scarf, there are several other scarves related to Li Qingyue that have also been on the hot search list.


the unknown side of a girl. Have you ever seen Qingyue who is so worried about her fans?

After clicking it, Gu Yusheng couldn’t help but smile.

In the video, after the fan fainted, Li Qingyue was the first to care about her, and her handling afterwards was also quite impressive, not only buying water for everyone before and after.

Even more worried, he squatted aside to fan some fans to relieve heatstroke.

This scene directly caused an explosion of comments on Weibo. All kinds of envious, jealous and hateful comments appeared, and some wished they could lie on the ground instead of those girls.

Another hot 0.0 search is about anniversary celebrations.

The title is simpler.

The anniversary celebration of Youyin is about to begin, are you ready?

Gu Yusheng’s heart tightened after seeing that the anniversary celebration was also on the hot search.

I quickly clicked on the comments and read them, and then I was completely disappointed.。

【Am I ready? I’m going to prepare some chicken feathers, but I can’t buy a ticket at all!】

【I heard that even the surrounding trees have been plowed this time? Youyin, you don’t do human affairs!】

【Tsk, tsk, tsk, a bunch of losers, they won’t go even if they don’t get tickets? The air ticket has been purchased, let me camp directly on site!】

【What you said above is right. As for Qingyue’s performance today, she can make such a large group of people look stupid. Even if I try to sell everything, I still want to see Qingyue!】

【I missed the last comic exhibition, and this time… I have to consider whether it is the only opportunity in my life! Qingyue, here I come! 】

The highest like is a special comment。

【If you want to go to the anniversary celebration without buying a ticket, just give me a thumbs up. 】

Although it is a comment that fakes likes, but it is such a ridiculous statement, but it has a hundred thousand likes!

This made Gu Yusheng a little dizzy.

Their music venue is not that big. What will happen then?




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