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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 147

Of course, compared to the noisy crowd, there are more people who eat melon.

After all, this is a beautiful girl singing, and many people want to hear what level Li Qingyue will be when she opens her voice.

And there were many people who wanted to see her take off her mask, but Li Qingyue didn’t seem to have any intention at all, which made everyone helpless.

In such an atmosphere.

Suddenly, a voice sounded.

It belongs to Li Qingyue。

“There were stops and starts along the way,

following the traces of the boy’s drifting.

The moment before I stepped out of the station,

I hesitated a little. I couldn’t help

but laugh at the timidity of being close to home. It

was still unavoidable.

And the weather in Nagano

was still so warm.

The wind blew. Once upon a time……”

The soft voice is reminiscent of the spring wind, spreading from the ears to the soul.

At this moment, the audience who were still eating were all stunned on the spot.


Just by hearing the opening, everyone was captured!

The girl’s unique voice gave the song a different flavor, and all the discussion stopped at this moment.

Then, everyone burst into incredible sounds!

“Damn it, it’s amazing!”

“Absolutely professional! This sounds so good too!”

“Which star is this? Damn it……”

The crowd was almost shocked!

But they were afraid that their voices would disturb this rare music, so they all talked in low voices.

What was even more surprised was Xiaoyu on the side.

She was originally thinking about how to help Li Qingyue smooth things over, but now, just hearing Li Qingyue’s words, she couldn’t help being shocked.

The control of this kind of sound is definitely at the level of a master!

The song “The Wind Rises” is actually extremely difficult. It sounds like it’s easy to sing, but when you actually sing it, it will most likely be out of tune.

But when Li Qingyue spoke, she only felt one word, steady!

This made her feel incredible.

Even if this young lady is so pretty, is she also such a great singer?


And when the prelude of 170 gradually transformed into a chorus…

Li Qingyue’s voice suddenly changed。

“I was once unable to extricate myself from the vastness of the world? I was also

addicted to it and talked in my sleep. I

couldn’t tell the truth or the false, I struggled, and I wasn’t afraid of jokes.

I once turned my youth into her. I

also had summer popping up at my fingertips.

I just let it go as my heart moved.……”

Damn it!

This is everyone’s inner reaction.


it sounds so good!

Her singing seems to have a unique charm that directly affects the soul. The gradual change from regret to open-mindedness seems to draw people into the emotions brought by the singing at once.

After listening to a song.

Everyone’s expression changed completely.

I used to wonder if there would be any difference if I saw the young lady, but now…

it’s absolutely amazing!

Is this a passer-by level? !

In fact, Xiaoyu sang here for most of the day, which actually attracted many people who liked her singing.

But after Li Qingyue finished singing, everyone immediately rebelled.

This one obviously sounds better!

Especially after the last line of the lyrics, “In the name of love, are you still willing?”

The lingering sound lingers and the aftertaste is endless!

“I do ah ah ah ah! ”

I don’t know who shouted such a sentence.

Everyone started to cheer.

How about the passers-by, let alone the barrage?

At this time, the barrage had completely exploded. Not only was the screen full of question marks, but there were originally only a thousand people. In the live broadcast room, the price suddenly increased tenfold.。

【I give this voice full marks, I give it super full marks! !】

【Where did Xiaoyu find the young lady? It doesn’t matter if you are beautiful, singing is simply cheating!】

【Brothers, I am about to turn around. This young lady, please tell me your dream!】

(cafi) This emotional contagion… is incredible, she has real ability。】

【Doesn’t this sound better than any other country? ?】


Barrages like this kept floating around.

Xiaoyu herself was completely stunned.

When Li Qingyue sang, she wanted to raise the microphone countless times, ready to help with harmonies.

But soon I found…

I couldn’t get a word in!

The difference in strength is too big, and her voice will destroy the atmosphere created by Li Qingyue.

Once you open your voice, the entire song will be ruined by yourself!

This is outrageous!

After all, she herself graduated from a professional music school, but she didn’t expect that the young lady she met randomly on the street would turn to Wang Zha.

This made Xiaoyu couldn’t help scratching his head.

Is this considered just a trick?

So embarrassing…

But at this moment, the barrage suddenly changed。

【Something’s wrong, brothers. Why do I feel like Qingyue the more I listen to it?】

【Damn it, don’t say it, don’t say it! The voice sounds similar, and the back looks similar too!】

【I have been watching Qingyue’s live broadcast for thirty years, and I am certain that she is Qingyue! !】

【What? ? Qingyue doesn’t live broadcast and comes here for a walk? ?】

【Anchor, anchor, hurry up and take off the mask of the young lady, let me take a look at Qingyue!】

【Damn it, why are there so many people suddenly?】


A large number of barrages floated out.

Xiaoyu was even more con


What? (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)


The super top player on your own platform?

Damn it…

She exclaimed inwardly, and now she had some thoughts.

She looks super pretty and sings super well…it seems like she does look a lot like him?

But she’s not sure. After all, she also watches Li Qingyue’s live broadcast and is very familiar with Li Qingyue.

Ordinary Li Qingyue has always been a cute girl, but now the girl has a completely different style, and her cool look creates another sense of beauty.

Probably not?

But when she saw the barrage asking her to run over and take off the mask…

Xiaoyu showed a wry smile.。

“You are thinking shit! How dare I? ”

She interacted with the barrage in a low voice.

People must have their own reasons for wearing masks when going out. If you take off the mask properly, isn’t that an illness?

Just pretend you didn’t see it…

Thinking of this, Xiaoyu couldn’t help but look. Xiang Li Qingyue。[]

At this time, Li Qingyue had finished singing and was talking to everyone.

After all…

many people asked her to sing another song.

But it is impossible to sing again, because the task has been completed!

【Ding! Congratulations to the host for completing the side mission, obtaining 100 cosmic fragments, and increasing the full role play level by 5%。】

Another hundred universe fragments!

After hearing the system prompts, Li Qingyue became happy and didn’t feel so hot anymore.

After all, this is a serious 16% improvement. The speed of getting stronger is simply ridiculous. Maybe by then I will really be able to achieve what I imagined and become a super invincible existence.。

“sounds amazing! ! ”

At this moment, Xiaoyu also ran over to the rescue. After all, Li Qingyue was surrounded by the audience. Of course, she was more surprised, “Young lady is so strong, I couldn’t harmonize at all just now!”

“Too polite……”

Li Qingyue waved her hand, and then saw Xiaoyu holding a Kumamon doll and handing it to her.


This made Li Qingyue’s eyes light up. It wasn’t that she liked Kumamon very much, but that she was worried that she had nothing to give to Gu Yusheng. Now it seems that this doll can be given directly as a gift?

What an unexpected surprise。

“Thank you sister, I will go back first! ”

With that said, Li Qingyue was about to say goodbye.

But a voice suddenly appeared in the crowd.。

“Damn it, it’s Qingyue! ”

I don’t know who said such a sentence.

Everyone was stunned at first.


everyone around them seemed to realize something, and they all looked at Li Qingyue.

Then they looked down at their mobile phones and found Li Qingyue. The photos of daily life in the past few days…

the more they looked, the more they looked like each other, and the more they looked like each other, and finally everyone exclaimed.。

“Exactly the same!”

“Qingyue, you hide so deeply!”

“Although I’m not sure yet, I have a hunch that it’s nine out of ten! !”

“Wait a minute, isn’t Qingyue cute? I think……”

“I don’t want what you think, I want what I feel! She really looks like Qingyue!”

“Little sister! ! Can I see your face? ! !”


The crowd’s voices grew louder and louder.

Those eyes stared at Li Qingyue fiercely, and then started to make noises.


what’s even more terrifying is that Li Qingyue is already very well-known and has an almost ridiculous number of fans.

People who were still wandering nearby suddenly couldn’t help but come over after hearing the word Qingyue.。

“I just heard someone calling Qingyue’s name. Is it here?”

“Where is Qingyue? Let me be healthy!”

“ah? Can we still meet Qingyue?”

“Please give way and let me see it too……”

When these people came to ask.

There were gradually more people nearby, and then they saw the girl who stood out in the crowd even though she was wearing a mask.

Damn it!

There was an immediate exclamation.

It sure looks like it!

But compared to the people in the distance, Xiaoyu secretly glanced at Li Qingyue next to her.

Because she was close, she could see Li Qingyue’s reaction clearly at this time. It was probably because of the heat. Li Qingyue’s breathing was already a little rapid, and she could also see that she was sweating a little.

Generally speaking, normal people would take off their masks in this situation, right?

But Li Qingyue didn’t have it at all.

This made Xiaoyu full of questions.

There’s no way…it’s really Li Qingyue, right?

As everyone knows, Li Qingyue is also panicking now.

Can you recognize this?

I’m not, I don’t have it!

When he went out before, he didn’t feel much, but because he walked around a lot and sang songs, Li Qingyue could really feel the horror of this ghostly weather.

It was stuffy and hot, like a steam oven, and it was indeed not covered!

However, now the mask has become her last life-saving straw.

There are more and more people!

If I’m stuck here like this…

I’m afraid.jpg.

It’s time to go back!

With this in mind, Li Qingyue turned around and prepared to leave.

But just at this time……

【Ding! Detecting the host triggers today’s last side mission: Come on, let’s say hello to the fans!】

【Mission Overview: At this point, it is a foregone conclusion that the identity has been revealed. In this case, why not say hello happily!】

【Mission reward: Random blessing. 】

System, you deserve to die!



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