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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 146

“Phew…it’s finally done. ”

At this time, things on Gu Yusheng’s side have finally come to an end.

The square has been rented, and it can accommodate a lot of people, so fans who can’t buy tickets can have a place to stay.


seeing the crowd Everyone here was discussing Li Qingyue’s new style, and Gu Yusheng couldn’t help but be a little confused.

What was this girl doing out so late at night?

But she probably won’t be on the hot search anymore…

After all, she just came to Chengdu, so she had to give everyone a break. Isn’t it God?

As everyone knows, Li Qingyue was also a little confused at this time.

She came to have a meal by herself.

Why was she suddenly invited to sing?

What the hell is this!


she looked in front of her, and the previous system prompt appeared again.。

【Ding! The host triggers a side mission: karaoke invitation, show off your singing voice, girl!】

【Mission Overview: The outing investigation yielded no results, but the incident cannot be avoided. This karaoke may have unexpected gains!】

【Task Overview 2: Accept anchor Xiaoyu’s singing request and sing a random song。】

【Mission reward: 100 universe fragments, all role-playing progress increased by 5%。】

System task suddenly triggered!

Seeing this situation, Li Qingyue frowned at first, but quickly reacted.

Although the rewards of side tasks are not much, they seem to be positively related to your own strength?

Especially since she came into contact with Fox Fairy Xiaoqing’s task of selling tea, there have been more branch lines in the system.

Coupled with the rare and pure robe, every time the side mission is completed, there is a high probability of bringing 100 pieces of universe fragments to Li Qingyue.

So far, Li Qingyue has collected 400 cosmic fragments!

Each time it is completed, it means that her overall damage increases by 16%. If it continues to accumulate like this…

tsk tsk, she doesn’t dare to think about it!

If I get some special items in the future, such as doubling the current cosmic fragments, and then assemble hundreds of thousands of cosmic fragments…can I

destroy the city with just a slap?

It sounds awesome when you think about it.

Such a situation made Li Qingyue couldn’t help but nod.

After all, from her own point of view, she is already very strong, but who would dislike being stronger?

In addition, this task is not difficult at all, it is just like picking it up for free.

This wave of blood profit!


When he was thinking this, Xiaoyu was already very close in front of him.

Originally, many people’s eyes were focused on Xiaoyu, but as she approached Li Qingyue, some eyes also followed Xiaoyu and came directly to Li Qingyue.

Immediately, everyone let out a low cry.


“Let me go, where did this star come from?”

“This figure is really amazing… those long legs are so beautiful!”

“Dark wind? Wow, this look is so cool. Very few people in China can pull off this kind of makeup, right?”

“It’s a pity that I can’t see clearly because I’m wearing a mask.……”

“Even if she is wearing a mask, she can be identified as a super beautiful girl at a glance. I give it a hundred points out of ten!”

“Not necessarily. Who is a good person who wears a mask at night? But the back view is really beautiful.。”

“What happened to wearing a mask? Maybe some kind of celebrity? And I always feel like she looks a little familiar……”


No matter how everyone discussed it, Xiaoyu had already arrived in front of Li Qingyue.

The closer she got, the more she could feel Li Qingyue’s beauty.

It’s simply indescribable!

Especially those eyes. Most people actually feel a little uncomfortable after wearing colored contact lenses, but not the young lady in front of them.

Those amber-like eyes are so smart, and paired with her special eye makeup, just one look at her will make your heart beat faster.

This made Xiaoyu herself feel a little unconfident. She also relied on her appearance to become popular on a certain music channel, but after seeing Li Qingyue, she suddenly began to doubt her appearance.

Are you really beautiful?

It seems totally incomparable…

Of course, no matter how surprised she is inside, she won’t show it on her face, she will just show a friendly smile.。

“Hello, little sister, you are so beautiful and it makes me a little excited. But like I just said, we are currently conducting a random barrage challenge and would like to invite you to sing a song. What do you think, lady?”

“Can you sing anything? ”

Li Qingyue asked first.

If it wasn’t a system task, why would she be singing? She should have refused at this time.

But the situation is different now.

100 universe fragments is a direct 16% improvement!

In addition, we haven’t seen each other for a long time. After passing the role-playing progress, Li Qingyue has made up his mind.

This task must be done!

“Of course anything goes! ”

Seeing that Li Qingyue didn’t refuse immediately, Xiaoyu suddenly felt pleasantly surprised.

Water friends all like beautiful girls, which is understandable.

And a girl as beautiful as Li Qingyue might bring herself unexpected gains.

Thinking like this, she smiled and said: “You can sing whatever you want. We don’t have any specific requirements here. The main th

ing is to score the barrage.”。”

“Score the barrage……”

Li Qingyue took a look at Xiaoyu’s live broadcast room and found that there were over a thousand people.

The comments on the barrage at this time were all about “Got a girl?””、“The voice sounds nice, and it feels like a professional”、“Anchor, please show us what the girl looks like” and the like.

There are also some harsh comments.。

“I’ll leave it at that, I’m a professional at listening to music, and no matter how good-looking my sister is, she won’t be allowed to break my appreciation of music!”

“That’s right, good looks are not a bonus, I have very high requirements for the sound of the songs! ”


As soon as Li Qingyue came over. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

The direction of the barrage changed instantly.。

“Damn, super beautiful girl!”

“Full marks, full marks for this!”

“I knew as soon as she appeared that I would give this ten points!”

“This style is so cool, can you please add a v to it?”

“Anchor, don’t let her go, leave her contact information first! !”

“There are indeed many beauties in Chengdu. Brothers, I am going to Taikoo Li too!”


Li Qingyue couldn’t help but smile slightly when she saw this. These barrages were really interesting.

But what song to sing…


Li Qingyue thought for a while and said to Xiaoyu: “How about counting ducks?”

Children’s songs are simple, convenient and short in time!

After all, I just wanted to complete the task and sing… and I didn’t say to what extent I wanted to sing.

So, just cope with it, right? [ ]

Li Qingyue thought so.

But Xiaoyu was stunned.。

“Children’s songs? ”

She was a little confused.

Are children’s songs also okay?

However, Li Qingyue saw her reaction and knew that this request was a bit unreasonable. After all, they were live broadcasting.

It was like a passionate battle show. Everyone was seriously fighting against the enemy, but suddenly the result A cameo came, and the painting style changed directly into a cat and mouse…

Thinking about it, it feels abnormal!

Let’s be normal.

Thinking of this, Li Qingyue quickly waved her hands: “I just want to say, just sing that, get up The wind blows。”

“Huh, young lady, you are so good at this, you really got it just now. ”

Xiaoyu couldn’t help but smile, but after hearing that Li Qingyue was going to sing the wind, she couldn’t help but be even more surprised.。

《The song “The Wind Rises” doesn’t seem to have any high notes, and it’s easy to listen to at first glance. However, I don’t know how many people discovered something was wrong after ordering this song at KTV.

Either I can’t sing the right flavor and it turns into howling like ghosts, or my lung capacity can’t keep up.

In fact, this is because the song “The Wind Rises” has very high requirements for switching between real and false voices!

Then there is the issue of pitch, because the chorus frequently jumps into a perfect fourth. This span is not too big or too small, but it just jumps horizontally repeatedly.

Many people can’t get back to the high notes or the low notes while singing.

It can be said to be a novice’s nightmare, a version trap, and many people overturn it!

“Would you like to sing with me, little sister? ”

Xiaoyu looked at Li Qingyue and added: “This song is a bit difficult.。”

“Eh? ”

Li Qingyue was a little surprised. After all, it seems that it is not difficult for her to have real and false voices?

Because her voice can easily imitate the character’s original voice when cosplaying, so she never paid much attention to it.……

“Then thank you sister. ”

However, Li Qingyue did not refuse the other party’s help. After all, she only knew some vocal music, but not much. To be

honest, the system had given rewards in this area, but Li Qingyue didn’t know what the specific level was.。

“You’re welcome, let’s do our best together! ”

Xiaoyu handed Li Qingyue a microphone, and then the sound engineer had already found the accompaniment of The Wind Rises.


Xiaoyu was still waiting for Li Qingyue to take off his mask. After waiting for a long time, he found that Li Qingyue didn’t mean that, and couldn’t help but be surprised: ” Isn’t it hot, young lady? ”

There was a hint in her voice.

Although Li Qingyue understood, the lesson from the last time was still here, so she had to shake her head. But it’s not just

hot, Chengdu is stuffy and hot!

Unfortunately, taking off the mask is not possible!

Xiaoyu It was a bit surprising, but thinking that Li Qingyue might have his own difficulties, even if he didn’t say anything anymore. And… there were


and more people nearby.

The appearance of beautiful girls is always eye-catching, especially when the beautiful girls sing. …

Almost all the viewers who were watching others before now involuntarily gathered next to Li Qingyue.

One by one, they stared at Li Qingyue.

She was so dazzling!

Even if she was wearing a mask, people couldn’t take their eyes away. .And

some people feel more and more familiar the more they look at it, especially those almost perfect legs.。

“Feeling like Qingyue? ”

Suddenly, someone said something.

But it was quickly refuted.。

“impossible! Qingyue is so cute! ”

Then they started arguing.。



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