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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 145

【Little Tam: Genius! !】

【Demon King: Wow? ? This style is too cool, how did Qingyue do it? ?】

【Fu Xiaotuan: Sure enough, beautiful people look good no matter what!】


Everyone here was amazed by Li Qingyue.

At the other end, Gu Yusheng, who was discussing renting a plaza, saw a notification pop up on his phone.

He was pulled into a group by Little Tam.

She was surprised at first, then looked through the chat history, and saw the selfie posted by Li Qingyue。

【Gu Yusheng:? ? ?】

【Gu Yusheng: What is this girl going to do? 】

Because of Gu Yusheng’s arrival, the group became lively again.

But it has nothing to do with Li Qingyue who is out exploring for the time being.

At this time, she was walking on the street.

The volume of Li Qingyue’s hair is already quite amazing. After it is tied into a double ponytail, it has a fluffy and fluffy feel. With the slightly curled ends, it looks like a slightly mature style.

And the clothes are completely different from the previous sweet girl style. The vest and jacket with the skull are in black and white, revealing a corner of the pink shoulders, giving people a bad feeling.

Even though she was wearing a mask, her delicate eyes were like amber, shining with a very cool brilliance. Together with the dark eyeliner, the combination directly increased her charm.

Just walking on the road attracted countless people’s attention.。

“Damn, I’m 19, look at that girl, she’s so beautiful! ”

A person passing by couldn’t help but marvel.

This sentence made people nearby keep turning around.

In fact, a guy who was driving an electric car to deliver food accidentally glanced at Li Qingyue, and his eyes were immediately attracted. .

The result…


With a loud noise, he rode the tram directly into the green belt on the roadside.

But few people paid attention to him.

Because everyone nearby kept peeking at Li Qingyue!

Even though this was Taikoo Li, Chengdu, There is no shortage of Internet celebrity beauties, and it can even be said that top beauties can be seen everywhere.

But when Li Qingyue wearing a mask appeared, everyone was attracted.

There were many Internet celebrities broadcasting nearby, and watching After arriving at Li Qingyue, he couldn’t help but point his cell phone camera at Li Qingyue.。

“Brothers, there are indeed many beauties in Taikoo Li. Look at that!”


Things like this kept happening to Li Qingyue.

Li Qingyue would feel embarrassed about this kind of thing at first, but as time went by, she got used to it.

After all, I have experienced big scenes like comic conventions and airports. After all, I am a person who has seen the world!

But having said that, this neighborhood is really prosperous.

Li Qingyue turned off her cell phone and looked up at her surroundings. The nightlife in Chengdu was quite rich. Even though it was already eight or nine o’clock in the evening, there were still quite a lot of pedestrians on the road.

Everywhere is bustling with entertainment, and you can see many bustling shops, ranging from various gift shops and snack bars.

But how should I investigate it myself?

Li Qingyue thought about it with some confusion. Although it was true that she also had the mission of investigation, at this point, she had no clue.

It would be easier if there was a target or something, but it was really hard to find any noteworthy information around the place where there were either couples coming and going or various internet celebrities who were live streaming.

After looking around curiously, Li Qingyue discovered an interesting phenomenon.

It’s just…

there are so many alleys in Chengdu!

In addition to the bright and bustling high-rise buildings, many small roads seem to change the world as soon as they turn a corner, directly turning into alleys that look a bit like ancient times, and you can also see many bungalows.

This made Li Qingyue a little excited.

Speaking of dark alleys like this, it should be the place where most urban ghost stories happen, right?

How about giving it a try?

Thinking of this, Li Qingyue did not hesitate and walked along the street for a while, then quickly turned and entered a dark alley.

After that, her senses were fully stimulated, and she could easily feel that there were two people following her quietly behind her.。

“oh? ”

Feeling those two figures, Li Qingyue couldn’t help but twitching her lips.

Are they coming?

A classic plot in the movie!

The beautiful girl who was being followed was forced to escape into a dark alley with no way out. What may be coming her way is The robbers may also be people with extraordinary abilities, and then…

in short, it’s the kind of plot that makes your heart beat faster!

When I thought about it, the two figures behind me suddenly moved very fast, almost rushing over directly.

And at this time, Li Qingyue I also saw the two shadows.

One male and one female.。


“What kind of celebrity are you? Miss, I want to take a photo with you! ”

The two people’s shy voices came out at the same time, which made Li Qingyue stunned for a moment. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!) Just, just that simple


After talking for a while…

Li Qingyue finally under

stood. , Fang is really an ordinary person!

But because he had such a good temperament, he mistakenly thought he was some kind of celebrity, so he rushed over to ask for an autograph.

This made Li Qingyue dumbfounded, but at the same time, she was even more certain of one thing.

I’m afraid Except for myself, no one else really has any superpowers, and I probably have never even heard of it.

It seems that the first investigation outside the wall ended in failure.。

“I’m hopeless……”

After taking a photo with the young couple, Li Qingyue couldn’t help but hold her forehead.

There really isn’t a clue at all.

It seems that it is better to give up and just go shopping like this.

Then I’ll buy some small gifts for Gu Yusheng and Lan Ying, and that’s it.

Returning to Taikoo Li, Li Qingyue started walking around with her hands behind her back.

Because this neighborhood is quite famous, you can see a group of anchors conducting outdoor live broadcasts from far away.

Especially those who dance subject three, they will bring a sound system and then dance in front of a group of people.。[]

This scene was quite interesting, especially when the other party danced, his body would sway like a seaweed, which made Li Qingyue couldn’t help laughing.

However, she had to lament that this kind of psychological quality was too strong. She asked herself, if it were her own words, she would definitely not be able to let go. This would be too embarrassing.

Of course, not everyone is like this. In addition to dancing, the most popular ones are store-visiting anchors and singing anchors.

During this period, Li Qingyue also saw a man wearing red short-sleeves and a little black hat. He went up and threw 200 yuan in order for the store to serve food.

Everyone seemed accustomed to these anchors or bloggers and didn’t react much at all.

It seems that with the development of the Internet, everyone has become accustomed to live broadcasts. Obviously live broadcasts were a new thing a few years ago.

When Li Qingyue came to Times Square, the situation was a little different.

There are so many music anchors!

Moreover, everyone was watching in one of the places. Seeing this, Li Qingyue also blended into the crowd. The tune immediately let her know what the other person was singing.

It’s “Fireworks”, a Japanese song that suddenly became popular for a while, because the female anchor sang it so explosively… It was

like there were real fireworks blooming!

“I miss you so much. ”

Li Qingyue stood aside and sighed. When “Fire the Fireworks” became popular, she was still browsing Bilibili. It was also the time when she listened to Japanese songs the most. However, after she saw clearly that there was a sign with a certain sound hanging behind the other party

. , Li Qingyue couldn’t help being surprised.

He was also the anchor of a certain sound!

On the sign with the certain sound’s logo, there was written the other party’s ID [Xiaoyu]. Li Qingyue had never heard of this name. Of course,

although 253 said that everyone was in the same place platform, but there are too many anchors of a certain music channel, and they are divided into those who are contracted and those who are not, as well as those who are contracted by institutions and individuals. In short, it has

no impact.

But judging from the other party’s level, it should be pretty good. At least Li Qingyue thinks it is very good.

When the other party came to the end of the song, Li Qingyue also applauded,

and many people nearby were cheering. When Xiaoyu saw this, she bowed repeatedly to express her gratitude, and then picked up the microphone: “Thank you everyone for the applause! But just now, I received a challenge from Danmaku, randomly selecting a passerby to sing。”

“The selected friends, if they sing well, will receive a mysterious prize~”

When she said this, Xiaoyu couldn’t help but smile and look at the surrounding audience.

Barrage challenges and the like are all fake.

After all , There is a script for outdoor live broadcasts like hers!

There is nothing we can do about it. Live broadcasts these days have to use some tricks, mainly to retain the audience, so the script is indispensable.

Of course, you don’t have to follow the script . The direction can be carried out half-truly.

For example, she is now looking for an audience to sing, which is the core.

But before that, she first finds a few passers-by to perform tentatively. If the other party refuses, she will find a supporter herself. That’s good.

When she thought this, Xiaoyu started to look for people in the crowd. According to her plan, it was best to find children at the beginning. After all, children are relatively kind. But as soon as she

looked at the crowd, her eyes were instantly attracted to Li Qingyue. .

Although she was wearing a mask, her temperament was particularly attractive.

Where did this dark wind lady come from?

So beautiful!

Immediately, her eyes lit up, she could no longer see anyone else, and she looked directly towards Li Qingyue walk over。

“Miss, you are so handsome, can you please sing a song? ”

A question mark appeared on Li Qingyue’s head as she was applauding.




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