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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 143

after eating.

Gu Yusheng and Lan Ying went out.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Li Qingyue began to check the system rewards.

Sure enough, 100 universe fragments have been obtained!

“It’s not worth my efforts to be cute.……-”

Li Qingyue looked at the meager reward and felt mixed for a moment.

Although I feel a little embarrassed when I act cute, but looking at the reward…

well, it smells so good!

Now that 300 cosmic fragments have been accumulated, the damage bonus alone has reached 48%, which is equivalent to Li Qingyue’s strength being directly increased by 1.5 times. Calculated this way, it is simply too strong!

Just don’t know what strength you have now?

Li Qingyue touched her chin and began to make secret calculations.

From the time I traveled to the present, the places I have visited are not many, but I have visited half of the Demon City.

Now I came to Chengdu again. From the airport to the hotel, I barely visited Chengdu.

But I have never met a person with super powers.。

“It shouldn’t be. In terms of my perception, it’s just like a small radar.……”

Li Qingyue couldn’t help but frown. As her strength became stronger, her current perception was really terrifying.

Just like now, even if she is sitting in a hotel, she can clearly grasp the dynamics within a hundred meters radius. This is Li Qingyue’s perception ability when she is restrained.

If the firepower is fully activated… the range can easily be expanded to one thousand meters, or even more!

But the strange thing is that Li Qingyue didn’t feel anything strange about everyone he met.

We are really just ordinary people!

“Could it be that I am the only one with super powers in this world? ”

Thinking of this possibility, Li Qingyue suddenly became energetic.

This hypothesis is very possible!

That fox fairy Xiaoqing has been able to rule out the option of being a human being. He is just a tool for special events. Apart from her, Li Qingyue is really She has never encountered any extraordinary events.

This made Li Qingyue understand her current situation better.

In this world… she is probably the only person with super powers!

When she thought of this, she was not happy at first, but It feels…

a bit stressful.

After all, I also have the task of saving the world. After all, it should be pretty good to have some teammates, right?

“……But think about it carefully, if you compare me to Ultraman, there seems to be only one Ultraman in the world? ”

Li Qingyue rolled around on the bed.

Ultraman’s fight against the little monsters is in a sense a script to save the world, and there is really only one Ultraman. Even those who help are all from the Victory Team. Everyone relies on technology. .

If you think about it this way…

could it be this kind of script that you got?

Well, it’s very possible. You should write this down.。

“But the problem is, Ultraman can also encounter little monsters, and I’ve never even seen a little monster! ”

Li Qingyue suddenly thought of this, she couldn’t help but pick up the pillow and threw it hard!

Save this crazy world!

So far, there is no sense of crisis at all!

“Forget it, it’s rare to come to Chengdu, or just go out and investigate! ”

Thinking of this, Li Qingyue stood up to cheer herself up.

Generally speaking, if you suddenly change to a strange city, and the girl goes out alone at night, and goes to some dark alley… the

incident will happen quickly. !

However, just when Li Qingyue was about to take action, the system suddenly appeared。

【Ding! It is detected that the host has not yet opened a new character template. Do you want to conduct a lottery? 】


Has the system finally noticed?

I thought I wouldn’t have to do live broadcasts recently!

When Li Qingyue heard the system prompt, she picked up the pillow that she had just dropped and had an idea.


She wants to see what character she can draw this time。

【Congratulations to the host for unlocking the mirror flow template. 】


Mirror flow?

Only one?

Li Qingyue raised her eyebrows when she saw the character panel that appeared in the system.

White hair and red eyes, crazy about beauties!

It seems like this is the first time you have unlocked a character with this kind of personality, right?

I remember that Kage-ryu’s personality is quite good, but he can’t stand the demonic shadow. Once the blindfold is removed and the seal is lifted, a different personality will be presented to everyone.

Li Qingyue jumped out of bed, walked to the hotel bathroom in slippers, found the big mirror, and then made a very handsome pose。

“Transform! ”

Incandescent light emerged, and the magical girl completed the transformation in 0.1 seconds.

In the mirror, Li Qingyue saw her current appearance. Her

long white hair was briefly tied up with a blue bow ribbon, and the rest of her long hair looked like It is draped behind you like a waterfall, all the way to the waist, giving you a sense of elegance like a swordsman.

However, the black ey


“Wait, how can I see clearly with a blindfold on? ”

Li Qingyue touched her chin, looked at the mirror again, and then discovered a terrifying thing.

She was clearly wearing an eyepatch in the mirror, but she could still see her surroundings clearly!

Could this be the legendary mind’s eye?

It was as if he had suddenly gained extraordinary abilities!

While thinking this, Li Qingyue noticed the details of the eyepatch. Although the whole thing was black, there was an upside-down silver moon in the middle, making her look more mysterious.

Not only that, when Li Qingyue looked down, the

tight-fitting top that looked like armor outlined an astonishing arc in front of her body, which made Li Qingyue subconsciously exclaim.

She is actually so big!

But so. That’s not right. This size is just relative to the previous one. After all, there is always a squeeze for this

kind of thing. But if you are like Himeko Topa, you won’t be able to transform into your first form. , you have to use the second form. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Moreover, it seems that thanks to this, Li Qingyue now looks like he has a different temperament.

How can I put it ? ?

Just like that kind of Chinese-style beauty, giving people a calm and ethereal aura, which looks unique.

But there is more than just this kind of mirror flow, for example…

when Li Qingyue took off the eye mask, revealing those red eyes .

But with a casual glance, the jewel-like eyes seemed to have a little murderous intent, what a crazy beauty!

“Wow, the cuteness is about to happen! ”

Just looking at it, Li Qingyue couldn’t help but exclaimed.

This kind of temperament is really powerful, even she can’t help it.

The most important thing is that Jingliu has a girl’s body shape, but she gives people the feeling of a big sister This feeling of freshness really made Li Qingyue unable to control it!

After admiring it in the mirror, Li Qingyue walked out of the live broadcast room.

But the corners of her mouth could not help but rise.。

“I’m so handsome! ”

Compared with Yinlang’s cyber-style coolness, Jingliu is the kind of handsome guy who kills decisively. It’s rare for Li Qingyue to find some confidence.。[]

Sure enough, compared to any cute style, this is more in line with her fantasy!


after releasing the transformation, Li Qingyue lowered her head and glanced at herself.

It seems like it’s really getting bigger?

But because it was her own body, it was difficult for her to see the changes…

Scratching her head, Li Qingyue quietly waited for the system task.

Generally speaking, after you transform, the system tasks of the relevant characters will appear.

But this time…

Li Qingyue looked around and saw that there were no computers in the hotel. After all, it was not her own room.

If it’s a live broadcast, you should use a mobile phone, right?

It feels quite troublesome, and I even sent out a scarf today saying that I won’t be doing live broadcasts.

Forget it, since there are no system tasks, let’s continue with the original plan.

Go out and investigate!

When Li Qingyue thought so……

【Ding! It is detected that the host has a new mission, and you have triggered a side plot: You have to go out anyway, so why not dress up!】

【Mission Overview: When you arrive in Chengdu for the first time and go out for the first time, be sure to change your style!】

【Task Overview 2: The host can randomly choose one of the following styles to dress up, namely: little devil, yandere, hot girl, crazy beauty。】

【Mission reward: Cosmic fragments*100, and there is a probability of receiving random rewards later。】

【Task tip: This is an outing for investigation, and no cosplay is required. But the host can adapt to the new style in advance~]


This system…

also uses a tilde? ?

You deserve to die! !

Li Qingyue looked at the system tasks and couldn’t help but fell into deep thought.

The first thing to make clear is that she really doesn’t know anything about dressing up…

On weekdays, she either goes out without makeup, or relies on her ability to transform to complete cosplay.

Dressing up and stuff…

She can’t even tell the lipstick shade, she’s so dressed up!

And take a look at the styles given by the system, which are bullshit, little devil, yandere hottie, and crazy beauties…

Can you be a person?

“Wait, the system said I was going out the door…it didn’t seem to tell me how far out the door I was going to go, right? ”

Li Qingyue suddenly noticed something, and his eyes couldn’t help but light up.

Although the dressing up and other things are quite outrageous, but this can be put aside first.

The key is the conditions.

If you go out…

does it count as going out if you step out of the room?

It seems to count. Stay!

Okay, okay, there are loopholes to exploit!

As for dressing up, Li Qingyue has a trick!

Turning on her phone, she directly found the female anchor group.

Come out, my friends!



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