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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 142

Scarf under review.

In addition to the exclamations of fans, there are also all kinds of shocking resentments。

【Why didn’t I see it? ! unfair! !】

【Damn it! ! I originally planned to catch the flight early, but I chose the afternoon flight because I was lying in bed, and ended up missing Qingyue? ?】

【No, can you stay at Qingyue at this airport? Strangers who see Qingyue, I hate you!】

【The photo is so beautiful, folks, I’m going to cut it out and use it as wallpaper!】

【Hahaha, it’s no wonder that I went to sit on the plane early this morning and saw Qingyue in the front row!】

【You deserve to die! !】


Li Qingyue has too many fans.

Although every time Li Qingyue appeared, there were many fans who came to watch.

But there are still more people who have never seen Li Qingyue, which leads to complaints.

But there’s nothing we can do about it…

After all, Li Qingyue can’t clone herself!

Everyone can only watch the live video with regret.

However, when everyone’s attention was focused on Li Qingyue, another hot search also quietly drifted to the end…

Youniao denounced the chaos of the network anchor!

When I clicked on the article, I saw that it was another long article posted by another bird. It probably meant that a popular star like myself could not be as popular as an anchor.

Moreover, the quality of the anchor’s fans was quite poor…

As a result, not long after posting, the number of comments suddenly began to soar.

But what greeted her was not the approval of everyone, but…

a large group of people scolding her!

【Holy shit, who are you? You don’t really think you are a person anymore, do you?】

【Scared, hot sister, if I go to pick you up, will you kick me away?】

【Let’s go pick up Qingyue. Qingyue can be cute for us, but what can you do when we pick you up? A flying kick?】

【170 If you do something stupid, I will kill your whole family! Are you worthy of criticizing others? First see what you are!】

【You’re an outdated old thing and you still want to ride on Qingyue’s popularity, right? You’ve completely ruined your character in variety shows in the past few years, you’re cerebral palsy!】

【Hahaha, let me tell you quietly, Youniao, this idiot, organized more than a dozen bodyguards and hired a bunch of people to pick him up, but he was caught before he even came in.……】

【Is there such a thing? So shameless。】


Another bird bib has nearly 20 million fans.

But no one spoke to her!

What’s more, in addition to Li Qingyue’s fans…

Blade Wolf’s fans are also furious!

The reason is that Blade Wolf recently released a new song called “Rakshasa Haishi”. Although it does not contain any curse words, passers-by can tell who they are scolding as soon as they hear it.

Under such circumstances, fans of Blade Wolf directly took the lead in firing.

So the comments under Youniao’s scarf were even more disgusting and indescribable.。


Meanwhile, on the other side.

Gu Yusheng and others set up a hotel in Chengdu. After a day of running around, she couldn’t help but relax and lay on the bed to rest.

When I turned on my phone out of boredom, the first hot recommendation for scarves appeared.

Another embarrassing moment! Please don’t get goosebumps after reading this!

Such an outrageous title made Gu Yusheng stunned for a moment.

Another bird?

Hot vagina?

“No, why is the hot vagina so hot today? ”

Gu Yusheng was surprised at first, and then clicked in to take a look.

He found that this was a video recorded by a fan. The location was Area B of the Chengdu Airport, just moments before they arrived. La Yin

and his team were quite domineering when they appeared. The swarm of bodyguards wrapped her up tightly, making her look like a tiger when she walked.

As a result, she was disliked even after she was so proud…

Seeing this scene, Gu Yusheng suddenly got goosebumps all over his body.

What’s this? Ah, is this?

It’s so embarrassing!

She could feel the emotion through the screen, and she couldn’t help but pick up the sheets with her toes.

Looking at the comment section again, they were all talking about hot pussy kicking fans away, and there were even some people Directly made it into an emoticon package。


Seeing this scene, Gu Yusheng almost laughed and finally understood the whole story.

No wonder spicy yin is blacklisted by the entire internet, is that so?

And she only knew now that before she and Li Qingyue arrived, La Yin was actually in front of them, and she hadn’t met him before getting off the plane.

But he continued to brush his scarf, and soon Gu Yusheng saw a beautiful picture of Li Qingyue.

This is a photo captured by a netizen. In the picture, Li Qingyue’s cheeks are red and she is doing that cute and cute gesture. The dodge in her eyes is also clearly captured.

Just seeing this picture, Gu Yusheng stood up immediately.

This netizen’s photo was so powerful that it completely restored Li Qingyue’s shyness!

Download and save, Gu Yusheng’s movements are smooth and smooth, without any delay.

But after she was done, she looked at Li Qingyue on the side and couldn’t help

laughing: “Xiao Qingyue, what were you doing at that time, why are you suddenly acting cute?”

“Sister Gu, don’t remind me of horrible memories! ”

Li Qingyue had already recovered.

Hearing Gu Yusheng’s words, he almost fainted.

A lifetime

of fame was ruined! Although before, because of the live broadcast, he occasionally did some cute actions and even sang. What character’s lines and so on.

But, that was a live broadcast!

Even at the comic exhibition, it can be said that it was to restore the character.

But this time?

Don’t say it offline…

I am still shamelessly acting cute!

Now Li Qingyue doesn’t do it at all I dare to recall the scene at that time, and I don’t even dare to look at the scarf. (To read Baoshuang novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

Every time I see that picture, I feel despair in my heart.

This (bjcj) world, let it be destroyed !

“Hehe, I didn’t think much about it at the time, are you embarrassed now? ”

When Gu Yusheng saw Li Qingyue’s appearance, he couldn’t help but smile, “But the situation at that time was indeed too scary. No wonder you planned to get away with it by being cute. Otherwise, it’s not certain whether we would be able to walk out of the airport in that situation. ”

Thinking about it now, it was thanks to Li Qingyue at that time that he sacrificed his life for justice.

After all, even Gu Yusheng herself was frightened by the situation at that time.

Moreover, before, she was worried about how she would explain to so many fans at the airport.

Because the airport It is a special occasion. If you are there to interact with fans, isn’t it just wasting everyone’s time?

There is so much traffic, even if a large part of them are fans of Li Qingyue, we still have to consider those passengers who have urgent things to do.

If If you want to interact with fans there, the fans’ face will be saved, but what about other passengers?

You can’t let people get stuck in that passage, right?

Think about it, it’s impossible.

But Li Qingyue’s cute behavior solved all the problems, This simple move not only satisfied the fans, but also directly resolved the tense airport order. It

can be said to be a very successful show of cuteness!

Moreover, now Li Qingyue’s reputation has simply risen to a new level.。[]

There is not a single negative comment from the fans who came back from the airport!

The number of fans suddenly surged in just a few hours, and the fans were even more enthusiastic.

You know, there were some fans who were a little anxious because the airport was too hot and crowded.

But after Li Qingyue acted cute…

all his worries were wiped away, and he was resurrected with full blood!

Not to mention being on the radio?

This can be said to be an unprecedented success. Just the number of downloads of one of their songs today has suddenly increased.���two millions.

This made Gu Yusheng sigh. From live broadcast to now, Li Qingyue understands live broadcast more and more!

“Mr. Gu, are you popular today? ”

At this moment, Lan Ying came from outside, followed by a waiter. When

talking about Rongcheng, the first thing that comes to mind is hot pot!

This is what Li Qingyue and Gu Yusheng had discussed from the beginning. According to the traditional concept, when you come to Chengdu, you have to enjoy the local delicacies no matter what.


as soon as she heard the word hot pot, Li Qingyue couldn’t help but quietly raised her head, and said that since winter, the opportunity to eat hot pot has become more and more difficult. It’s very rare, and now…

she hasn’t even eaten much for lunch, and it’s almost midnight. This is a considerable level of torture for a girl with a big stomach!

“Just eat hot pot. ”

Gu Yusheng couldn’t help but smile when he saw Li Qingyue’s appearance, “Xiao Qingyue, don’t be shy, haven’t you been shouting for hot pot? Come and order. ”

Li Qingyue stood up in a hurry and looked at the various delicacies on the menu with burning eyes.

The beautiful girl was not picky about food when ordering. In short…

she wanted this and that!

After everything was settled, Lan Ying sat down In front of the dining table, he suddenly said: “Mr. Gu, I just talked with the venue, and they said that there is a square outside, and there happens to be a big screen there that can broadcast the content of our anniversary celebration. If there are any fans who want to come and see it without buying tickets, you can check it out there……”

“Square? ”

Hearing this, Gu Yusheng frowned. Although this kind of place is not friendly enough for fans, it seems that there is really no other way.

After all, the tickets have been sold out, and this kind of broadcast in the square is just the icing on the cake.

Thinking of this, Gu Yusheng watched Glancing at Li Qingyue, who was immersed in cooking, she couldn’t help but said with a headache: “The square is fine too, let’s discuss cooperation later. Fans must not be allowed to climb trees or stairs this time, and safety measures must be taken. ”

Hearing this, Lan Ying couldn’t help but laugh out loud.。



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