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Playing Fu Xuan at the beginning, I made the whole network fall in love chapter 141

Gu Yusheng, who was standing behind him, gradually widened his eyes.

Did Xiao Qingyue originally have this kind of character?

Originally, she was also doubting how Li Qingyue would say hello.

But now, Gu Yusheng suddenly realized.

Was this the original solution? !

Although he was surprised at first, Gu Yusheng had to admit it when he saw Li Qingyue now.

This expression is so cute!

Especially that action, accompanied by the sound of “Nico Nico Ni”, is simply addictive!

No wonder even the Demon King couldn’t help but slap him when he saw Li Qingyue, and even she couldn’t help it!

However, isn’t this scene too spectacular?

There are so many people here!

And, she looks so cute when she blushes!

Thinking of this, Gu Yusheng took out his mobile phone and kept taking pictures of Li Qingyue.

You must know that Li Qingyue’s original appearance is already at the top level. Just standing in the crowd is enough to attract everyone’s attention.

Now there are also the side effects of Alicia…

even if you don’t do anything every day, your skin and body will get better and better.

When she started to act cute, the effect was as cute as a nuclear bomb, making the whole audience look cute!

Even people standing on the second floor who can’t hear the sound can still see her details!

In an instant, the entire airport reception hall…


“So cute!”

“I’m so young, can I see Nicole here? What year is it today!”

“ohhhhhhhhh! !”

“This is not a live broadcast, Qingyue, I can’t stand it anymore! !”

“Qingyue! Qingyue! Qingyue!”


The entire fandom in Area B is in a state of shock!

No one expected that Li Qingyue would suddenly show such a cute scene, and everyone’s voice was hoarse!

These terrifying sounds gradually converged, and eventually they all turned into the word “Qingyue”, which became extremely penetrating. Even the people on the other side of A heard it!

Moreover, because the fans in the front row were so excited, they couldn’t hold the cordon, and everyone almost broke through the red cordon.

Originally, the security guard’s job should be to stop these people…

But after they saw Li Qingyue, they were a little distracted for a while, and Li Qingyue’s cute actions just now gradually appeared in their minds.

This caused a group of fans to suddenly cross the cordon, surround Li Qingyue, and start sending flowers and various small gifts one by one.


the fans were excited, but after seeing Li Qingyue, they still stood very politely one meter away. After all, she is so beautiful!

After getting really close, not to mention boys, even girls can’t help but blush and feel like they have to be careful when breathing.

This is simply an angel!

Similarly, Leader Zhang, who was still on the second floor, also saw Li Qingyue’s Nicole Nicole, and couldn’t help but be so cute.

No wonder so many people support Li Qingyue so much. She is obviously shy herself, but she still acts cute to everyone…

In other words, Li Qingyue doesn’t regard herself as a star at all. She does it in her own way from beginning to end. Give back to everyone!

But at this moment, Leader Zhang suddenly felt that his communicator began to vibrate crazily, and a panicked voice appeared.。

“Leader, something is wrong! Our cordon outside can no longer be maintained! ~! ”

When the staff said this,

Leader Zhang could hear all kinds of shouts coming from over there.。

“Give way to those in front, let us also take a look at Qingyue!”

“I beg you to make way. The child has been squatting for a long time. His lifelong wish is to see Qingyue!”

“Qingyue ah ah ah! How can I live without seeing Qingyue?”

“I am a college student, can you please let me lean forward first? ?”


Sounds like this kept coming.

So much so that the staff screamed.


Leader Zhang looked down and saw a large group of people appearing at the entrance of Area B.

Both of their eyes are red!

And the pace is extremely fast!

As soon as he rushed in, he was like a shark entering a flock of sheep, directly disturbing the original balance!

“Damn it, zombies! ? ”

Seeing this scene, even Leader Zhang couldn’t help but feel numb. This is so terrifying. Are everyone crazy?

Although if he puts himself in his shoes, if he knew that Li Qingyue was at the same airport as him, , but if I couldn’t see it, I might be so crazy.


this is an airport!

The crowd density is so high, are you not afraid of being suffocated by this group of people?

“Hurry up and increase ventilation for me. Open the vents of the air conditioner to the maximum and run it at full capacity! ”

Leader Zhang gave instructions quickly.

A group of people crowded together can easily cause various things, and the air is also very lethal to people. It is very likely that one will suffocate if he is not careful! Similar

things happened at previous concerts. , if this happened at the airport…


I can’t imagine it.。

“Also, notify me of all available employees to join the security force! You can go see other people if you want, but you have to line up and be at least half a meter apart from each other! If you can’t do that, you’re not allowed to watch! After saying this

, Leader Zhang added: “By the way, employees are prohibited from asking Li Qingyue for autographs and photos!” ”

After the command was completed, Leader Zhang couldn’t help but look at the dense crowd.

There were only two words in his mind.


I didn’t expect that I would be worried about the safety of the airport when I was about to retire.

It was so scary!

Not long after. (To read exciting novels, go to Feilu Novel Network!)

“An urgent news break. At 12:00 noon today, Chengdu Airport was temporarily paralyzed due to the arrival of Qingyue Aki, the host of a certain music platform, due to the excessive number of fans.……”

“What’s interesting is that these fans who call themselves the Qingyue Knights are of very high quality. Not only do they strongly cooperate with security to actively clear traffic, they are even responsible for picking up garbage on the ground.……”

“Such a scene is simply magical, so let me broadcast the scene at that time……”

On the Chengdu Urban Channel.

The news reporter was reporting the situation with a smile.

Then the camera turned and a fan appeared in front of the camera.

The reporter picked up the microphone, thought about what he was going to say, and then said: “Excuse me……”

A fan suddenly said: “Mi Huyou, hurry up and make Fu Xuan!!”

Another person picked up the trash and came over: “Brothers, I watched it for you, Qingyue is 10,000 times more beautiful than the live broadcast!”

Immediately afterwards, others People also swarmed up。

“I say she is the most beautiful in the world. Who agrees and who disagrees?”

“Damn it, I… I will die with no regrets in this life!”

“mom! ! I’m on my way! I’m on TV! !”

“Can this be shown on TV? Ahem, thanks to my parents, my alma mater, and Chengdu Airport for allowing me to see Qingyue today.……”

“.For those of you who haven’t seen Qingyue yet, please wait until I post the photos online! ! She is a true angel! !”[]

“I’m sorry to everyone, because I really wanted to see Qingyue so I caused a commotion at the airport. I will clean up the place! !”


The picture was too messy and it was quickly cut back after a while.

The two hosts had tight smiles on their faces, and the corners of their mouths couldn’t help but rise.

Although the scene is a bit exaggerated…

but this situation of fans spontaneously organizing to clean the airport is very consistent with positive energy.

Especially if it involves a place like the airport, it is worth publicizing.

After all…

neither Leader Zhang nor Wang Chengren at the time expected that this group of fans would be so easy to manage!

Although I was a little excited at the time, once the fans calmed down, their enthusiasm was simply exaggerated!

And thankfully, no incident occurred!

This can be regarded as making the two leaders’ tense hearts fall.。


Interestingly, with the development of the times, basically no one watched TV.

Even if there are people watching, they are usually the elderly and children, bored at home.

After all, who can watch TV these days with access to the Internet?

But when Chengdu TV Station reported Li Qingyue’s incident as news…

the ratings suddenly soared.

The TV station also specially included many live scenes shot by netizens. The overwhelming power of the crowds of people made those who didn’t know the situation… Netizens who eat melons were also confused.

Is this a concert?

And when the camera suddenly jumped to Li Qingyue, her perfect face with no blind spots in all directions was even more shocking.

Especially, when the cute and cute Nicole Nicole appeared…

netizens couldn’t sit still!

I immediately started searching for the original video online, planning to watch it a few more times.

This series of spread directly led to the hot searches on major websites that day, all of which were occupied by the word Li Qingyue.

From some music videos to neck scarves, Bilibili, Xiaohongshu and Zhihu… they

are all Li Qingyue’s hot searches!

Li Qingyue’s cute moments, how explosive the girl’s cuteness is!

The airport was besieged by zombies, and the truth turned out to be her!

Nicole Nicole is popular all over the Internet? Qingyue turned out to be an old two-dimensional person!

Super shocking scene at Chengdu Airport! How explosive can it be if thousands of people shout for Li Qingyue?

Super stunning appearance! Did a certain beauty’s own beauty cover up Qingyue’s halo? No

matter how much fans regret not going to Chengdu…

when their scarves are filled with Li Qingyue’s hot searches.

Fans who couldn’t make it to the scene were immediately shocked!



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